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Just Want a Breakthrough?

Let's blast through your biggest subconscious blocks and emotional barriers -

so you feel fired up and ready to take calm, confident, decisive action to immediately uplevel your life and business.

Are you showing up as you want to at the moment?
Or are you...

  • Wanting to grow - but struggling to actually get anything done and constantly beating yourself up for your lack of productivity?

  • Feeling like you're wading through emotional or motivational treacle?

  • A little OVER kicking yourself every day for NOT taking the action you know you need to take?

  • Hiding in the background rather than stepping up and confidently claiming your authority?

  • Finding every reason you can to avoid being seen, being heard or having those awkward conversations?

  • Lying awake worrying about money, instead of taking action to make more and manage it better?

  • Ready to FEEL like the confident leader you've been trying to embody?

But you don't have TIME to mess around with complicated programmes or containers.


You just want some 1:1 support from somebody who KNOWS how to work with the mind - quickly, effectively and painlessly.


Support that DOESN'T cost the earth.


That you get to access as and when you like.

Support that works!


I hear you.  Done.

I know what it's like!  Life is constantly demanding.  Constantly challenging.


And building success brings us up against the deepest and most resistant parts of our subconscious mind, day after day.

The parts that WANT to play small.  The parts that aren't READY for this (and convince us we never will be - if we listen to them).  The parts that are afraid of what will happen if we make the money, achieve the success and - heaven forbid - create a life that feels easy and joyful.

The thing is, we can choose to listen to those parts of us and have them dictate how we show up in every moment of our lives and businesses...

... or we can choose to make some changes and set our OWN agenda for ease, success and flow.

Because all that determines how you think, feel and behave every day is the way you've learned to think, feel and behave in the past... combined with how much of a hold your emotional, anxiety-driven brain has over you.

And by rapidly reprogramming the emotional and identity imprints you've picked up along the way...

... and feeling into the future version of yourself that you want to create...

... we can bring a whole new way of thinking, feeling and behaving to life that supports the way you want to show up - and puts your best, most Unstoppable self instantly in control.

Pick Your Breakthrough...

The Queen of Confidence

Stop feeling the fear around getting visible, quit hiding away - and discover what it feels like to show up with cool, collected confidence and ease

rather than a knot in your stomach!

The Wise, Wealthy Woman

Leave financial anxiety and money blocks behind and build unshakeable self-worth - so you can focus on receiving and growing the wealth you desire and deserve!


The Serene CEO

Say goodbye to procrastination, self-doubt and anxiety over your decisions - and connect with your creative flow, so you can wake up every day, feeling fired up, focused and ready to make a difference.

The Goddess of Calm

Step out of anxiety, panic and overwhelm and discover what it's like to wake up every day feeling calm and in control - so you can start smiling, stop feeling ruled by stress, and take the small steps that will lead to those big, beautiful leaps.

... or design your own

You know yourself best, after all!

  • Bespoke 60 min 1:1 sessions

  • Email or voice message support between sessions

  • Tailored hypnosis audios & supporting resources

  • Powerful, permanent shifts in your thoughts, feelings & behaviours - entirely at your pace

JUST £125 per session


Then my Mastermind might be PERFECT for you.


Prices start from just £379 per month (min 3 month subscription)

Even within 30 minutes, Abi helped me to reframe the main the blocker holding me back

and our conversation spurred me on to get my ass in gear and take action on something

that I'd been procrastinating on.


I came away feeling energised and positive about taking my next step forward in my business"

Tamsin Williamson

"I'm taking action in my business that I've been putting off for years.  I'm making decisive changes.  I'm excited about my business again because I'm not bogged down anymore and have clear plans to grow to the next level - and I'm bringing in more leads than ever before!


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Abi to anyone needing a complete mindset overhaul -

it's the best money I've ever spent"

- C.B.

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