• Feeling empty, sad or worthless

  • Losing interest in even the things you used to enjoy

  • Finding it hard to see the point

  • Struggling to find the energy to do anything

  • Lost appetite

  • Sleeping badly, oversleeping or waking up exhausted

Depression can be a very lonely place.  We can be surrounded by people but if you're suffering from depression, it often feels like you're somehow cut off from it all.  You might feel numb, hopeless and unable to see a way out, much as you might want to.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you escape that place.  We work on building new pathways in the brain to permanently 'rewire' it and allow you to begin to experience the good side of life again.  In time our brains can learn to use these new pathways rather than the old, well-worn paths of depressive thinking.  

Rather than relying on a 'quick fix' we help your brain learn to generate its own antidepressant mood-boosting chemicals - getting the real you back in business.

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If you've always struggled with confidence I know it can be painful and frustrating - but it needn't be forever.  I'd love to help you become the you that you've always wanted to be!

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