Food can be a constant battle in so many ways.  


We want to be in control of our eating rather than it controlling our lives, but it can so easily start to take over - whether that's endless diets, calorie counting, uncontrollable binges or losing the desire to eat altogether.

Had enough?

Well you'll be pleased to hear you can thrown away the complicated eating plans - the key to a healthy, controlled relationship with food and weight is in the mind.


We know that diets don't work - maybe they give us a feeling of control and some short-term changes.  In the long-term though, if the mind isn't fully on board you'll default back to your old habits and end up in a vicious circle, feeling worse (and probably repeating those old habits even more).  


That's right - your own brain sabotages the process.  Sound familiar?

So how does hypnotherapy help?

To help you successfully make long-term changes in your eating patterns, we need to seize back control from the part of your brain that encourages this primitive default response - and retrain your brain to respond rationally to food.


By working with the brain's stress response we are also able to influence important chemicals (such as Cortisol) which govern appetite and desire for food. When we do that the magic happens! 


You'll start to find it easy to make manageable, sustainable changes in your eating choices and lifestyle which will get you where you want to be with food - for good. In fact, clients often find they don't even have to think about food after a few sessions - things just start to happen naturally!  


Food can become a pleasure again rather than the enemy.  Doesn't that sound better?

Food can be a constant battle for many
A healthy relationship with food & eating

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