​Reducing stress and anxiety can make a huge difference to how our bodies respond physically throughout every stage of pregnancy - from conception through to birth - as well as affecting how well we cope during pregnancy and postnatally.


Struggling to conceive can of course be enormously stressful in itself - and unfortunately the more stressed and anxious we are, the less likely we are to conceive.  Hypnotherapy can help you reduce your underlying levels of anxiety, so that your body is able to respond optimally, improving your chances of things happening naturally.

Pregnancy & Hypnobirthing

The use of hypnosis during pregnancy has been shown in many cases to:

  • help women sleep better 

  • make pregnancy more enjoyable 

  • reduce the perception of pain 

  • reduce the length of labour 

  • reduce the need for pain relief and intervention during labour

  • reduce the likelihood of postnatal depression 

  • result in calmer babies, which sleep and feed better


Having used self-hypnosis and hypnobirthing throughout pregnancy myself, I can very highly recommend it - I found I felt extremely calm and prepared throughout pregnancy (in fact everyone else I knew was more stressed than me!) and I was able to look forward excitedly to the birth.

We can start working together at any stage of pregnancy although I usually recommend the earlier the better!  This is purely because most women find that starting earlier on allows them to relax and enjoy the rest of their pregnancy more.

Coping Postnatally

Birth often brings with it huge expectations and enormous changes in our lives, not to mention its own special brand of sleep deprivation and hormonal changes. Much as we might be looking forward to this new chapter, it can prove very stressful and many women find they struggle with postnatal depression or anxiety.  If you're struggling, please get in touch and let's help you get back to your old self again.

Hypnosis for fertility, pregnancy, birth & beyond
Hypnosis for fertility, pregnancy, birth and postnatal

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