At the heart of successful hypnobirthing is a focus on reducing underlying levels of anxiety as much as possible.  This prevents the body's 'fight, flight or freeze' stress response from taking over the show, so you are able to completely relax and allow your body to perform the natural, instinctive process of birthing exactly as it is designed to do.  


Your birth experience can be easier, faster and more comfortable with hypnotherapy - and we can help you feel great in pregnancy and postnatally, too.

Personalised, private sessions unique to you and the

birth experience you'd love to create

I like to work on a one-to-one basis with my Hypnobirthing clients and couples.  This way we can work through things that are relevant to your own pregnancy and your personal thoughts and questions about birth, at a comfortable pace.


Working together one-to-one also means we can tackle any other areas of life which may be contributing to underlying stress.  This makes for an easier pregnancy and recovery, and additionally gives you skills to future-proof your mental wellbeing for the postnatal period and beyond.

You'll find you sleep better, have more energy and feel fully prepared to welcome your baby in a wonderful, calm way!

Postnatal Support & help with Past Trauma

I am a fully qualified and registered Psychotherapist &

Clinical Hypnotherapist - HPD DSFH AfSFH(reg) NCH(reg)

This means that as well as Hypnobirthing I can help you if you've previously had a traumatic birth experience, or with any number of other physical and mental conditions.

I am also especially interested in prevention and therapy for Postnatal Depression and Anxiety.  The skills you learn during our time together will help you cope postnatally, and after the birth if you feel like you need additional support, we can arrange further sessions.

When Should I Start?

We work entirely at your pace - whether you're hypnobirthing in a hurry or you'd like support every step of the way.


We can start working together at any stage of pregnancy (even very late on), although I usually recommend the earlier the better - this is purely because most women find that starting earlier on allows them to relax and enjoy the rest of their pregnancy more.


I want you to be 100% happy you've chosen the right person to guide you through this special journey, so please come for an initial consultation or call me for a free chat before feeling you have to commit.


I only work one-to-one rather than running group sessions, so spaces are limited.  

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