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    Ultimate Freedom

My commitment to you-11.png

"The Limitless Life Lab was, without doubt, THE BEST money I've ever invested in myself and has changed all areas of my life, not just my business.

I'm taking action that I've been putting off for years.


I don't agonise over things anywhere near as much as I used to.

I'm much better able to communicate with everyone in my life, whether in business or personal relationships.


Even writing content for social media is so much easier now!"

- Caroline Brown

Hey unstoppable entrepreneur-in-waiting, I'm so pleased to see you here!  

You're ready to get out of your own way, take action and finally create the life and business of your dreams.

You've had it with feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed by your business and downtrodden by doubt - and you want to feel the sort of passion and joy that has you springing out of bed every single morning, raring to get stuck in.

My friend, this is EXACTLY where you need to be.

Together we are going to make magic happen in your life and business.

  • More money

  • More time

  • More freedom

  • More joy...

... and none of the stress, the sleepless nights, or constant, niggling self doubt.




You're going to learn what it's like to:


  • Live with quiet, unshakeable confidence

  • Feel focused and motivated AF

  • Be super-clear on your next steps

  • Believe in yourself completely.

Oh yes.

You'll be able to take aligned, soul-led action like never before.


You'll expand that comfort zone not through feeling the fear - but without even noticing -

and suddenly you'll find you feel confident doing things you never would have dreamed of!

You'll start showing up as that kick-ass entrepreneur you've always known you really ARE, ready to make some serious money and make your dreams come true.  Easily, effortlessly... expanding what's possible for you.


Are you ready?


One week in and already worth every penny!  A brilliant way to work with a fabulous person, sort out your inner voice and make it work FOR you"

- Anna

It's finally time for you to go all in on discovering your super-confident,

wealthy, worthy, independent, totally fulfilled & happy self.

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  • You've had enough of living in the shadows.

  • You know exactly what you want and you work so hard to create it - but you never quite feel like you're good enough or believe in yourself enough to carry it off.

  • You're sick and tired of watching others succeed while you seem to be busy doing ALL the things but getting nowhere!  

  • You have the passion and drive of all those high profile, wealthy women you admire - but you wonder how it comes so effortlessly to some and not to you!

  • You've had enough of sleepless nights, juggling a million and one things, working TOO many hours, reading endless books on business and mindset... and still not seeing the rewards and lifestyle you hoped for.

It's like everyone else has some sort of secret they're not letting you in on that makes

business easy for them - while for some reason you're constantly struggling uphill.

I absolutely get it. 

My first business nearly broke me.

It was doing well enough - turning over multi 6 figures every year - but I was seeing very little

of that despite putting in ALL the hours and all the effort.


I was a chronic people-pleaser and struggled with crippling self-consciousness and social anxiety -

so I couldn't say no, couldn't advocate for what I really wanted and needed others to do -

and couldn't stand up for myself when it came to dealing with finances,

spending or getting paid what I was worth.  

I was terrified of selling, terrified of having all my clients & staff desert me - and although I knew what I needed to do to market my business better, I avoided it like the plague!


I was super-stressed, overwhelmed - and really grew to resent my business.  I was DESPERATE to make it a success, but I felt so trapped by it and so unsure how to do that

- I couldn't ask for help.

I would say I was 'fine', but I had mini-meltdowns in the bathroom and panic attacks between clients.

I flirted with burnout for a long time.

I couldn't imagine ever being able to cut down my hours or back off from the business enough to start a family.


I thought nothing and no-one could help me - this was just how it had to be.


I felt so alone.

I just didn't realise...

that I HAD all the answers, all along.


The problems I was experiencing were ENTIRELY down to my lack of confidence.


Then one day - everything changed.


I discovered how to master my subconscious mind and overcome anxiety.

And it changed my life

(I'll tell you the story some time!).





By making my anxiety just melt away.


By building my confidence, bit by bit, so gently that I surprised myself with the things I was suddenly able to do!


And by reprogramming all those doubts, fears and insecurities that had kept me stuck,

scared and overwhelmed for so long.

So that I could make the decisions that would change my life and my business completely.


So that I KNEW my value and could finally ask for it.


So that I could show up, fearlessly, as myself for the first time ever - look people in the eye and calmly ask for what I wanted.


So that I was no longer afraid, alone and a prisoner in my own mind.

So that I didn't need anything else to validate me before I took action.


Helping others transform their confidence,

build the future of their dreams and live their lives to the full

has been my absolute passion ever since.


My life is now full of fun, ease and abundance.


I do what I love, with the people I love.  I wake up every day excited about my business, my clients and the future I'm building.


I have bags of enthusiasm, ideas, energy and time to enjoy doing the things that light me up.


And I want that for you too!


I want you to wake up EVERY day trusting yourself, knowing you can create whatever you want for yourself - and LOVING every minute of your precious, precious life.


I want you to go out there and smash the world of business, fearlessly, easily and joyfully!

And I want you to earn more money, have more time and enjoy the freedom you deserve -

without it ever causing you a sleepless night or a stressful conversation again.

"Whilst working with Abi I had my highest income month to date

and completely turned my business around to fit around mine and my family's needs,

working less hours with only dream clients".

- Siobhan

Here's how I'll help you

The Limitless Life Lab is a high-touch exclusive 1:1 mentoring & transformational experience, based on my unique signature method, The Conscious Creation Formula®.


It's designed to help you access your highest level insight and build bulletproof focus, confidence and motivation using sound neuroscience, psychology and the power of conscious creation.


You'll find you transform from within, without even really trying - and suddenly you'll be showing up consistently as your most empowered CEO self and creating the future you really want - that's the future you were born for, my love.


How I'll help you
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We'll create an in-depth vision for your business and your personal future that completely aligns with you and your values, and set clear, heart-led goals and aspirations - so you can start taking effective, aligned action immediately.

We'll build & lock in balance in both your business and personal life, so you are always recharged and ready to give your business your all - AND to ensure you get to actually enjoy the journey and your loved ones, too!

We'll set you up for minimum stress, maximum energy permanently - so you are always operating with maximum ‘you’ and minimum ‘imposter’ - free to enjoy your higher knowledge and insight rather than getting caught up in worry and distracted by things that don’t serve you.

Untitled design-9.png

We'll maximise your confidence so you feel ready to tackle any challenges that come your way - and so that you feel inspired to regularly step outside of your comfort zone and push your boundaries further than you ever dreamed possible - with absolute ease!

Untitled design-13.png

We'll make sure your money mindset and empowerment is second-to-none, so you can be sure you’ll make financial decisions which completely support your future wealth.

Untitled design-10.png

We'll create clear boundaries around other people and situations and give you the tools to assert them with calm, easy confidence to always ensure the best outcome for all.

Untitled design-14.png

We'll fill you with the confidence to take aligned high-income actions such as raising your prices, selling with ease and integrity, spending and investing your money wisely - or whatever aligns with you.

Untitled design-12.png

We'll build a support network of bespoke success hacks for you - to ensure you are reinforcing everything you want to achieve through your environment and the language you use with yourself and others, rather than subconsciously sabotaging yourself.

Untitled design-15.png

We'll build healthy habits and thought processes which allow you to become the empowered, passionate woman you have always wanted to be, free from negative self-talk and limiting beliefs and behaviours.

My commitment to you-5.png

We'll make procrastination and analysis paralysis history so you can become decisive, effective and take huge leaps forward, rather than sitting on things for months. 

Untitled design-16.png

And we'll hold you accountable, keep you motivated and make sure you’re taking laser-focused action in your business so you make progress as quickly as possible.

"Abi has transformed my mindset from a place of negativity and worry, and has helped me reach a place where I am able to do what I'm passionate about with confidence that I am in control, I am capable and I am worthy of the successful business I have built".

- Zoe Whitman

The 6 Figure Bookkeeper

The Conscious Creation Formula® is my unique blend of hypnotherapy, deep-dive mindset work and business mentoring - crafted to help you create your ultimate breakthroughs in business, wealth & bliss.


And it's at the heart of our work together in The Limitless Life Lab.

It represents the culmination of 15 years' experience owning and growing businesses -overcoming deep personal struggles with money, confidence & self-worth along the way...


...combined with 6 years' experience in clinical hypnotherapy & psychotherapy, helping other fiercely ambitious people - my kind of people - to overcome

anxiety, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs to live THEIR best lives.

It brings me so much joy to help others realise they DON'T have to struggle any more and they CAN wake up each day and look forward to a life and business they absolutely love.  I can't wait to share it with you!

"I was at a loss - I'd already spent a small fortune on business coaching programmes - but all that had happened was that my bank balance got smaller and smaller.  Nothing was helping me get more clients or make more money.  


Abi helped me see that the root cause of my issues wasn't lack of business knowledge or skills, but my own mindset getting in the way of my success.


Almost as a side effect of the work we did on my general anxiety, I started to become more confident in my business.  I was able to put myself out there more, become more visible and attract the clients I'd been lacking".

- Sarah C.

Women's Health Expert

Here's What You'll Get

We'll spend an intensive 9 months working 1:1, building all the tools you need to

effortlessly and permanently uplevel your mindset, thoughts, feelings & beliefs.


It starts with an in-depth Business & Mindset Audit, designed to get you clear

on exactly where you are and where you want to be and to give us the foundations to

create a blueprint for your dream business.


We then have a half day session, over Zoom, to Ignite Your Vision

(all other sessions 60 mins).


We create your personal vision for the future in detail.

We then break down step by step the exact actions you need to take to start

working towards your desired future, and the micro-actions

you can take now that will start the ball rolling.


We’ll end the session with a powerful reframing visualisation which I’ll record for you

to keep and use regularly to reaffirm your vision.

We then meet twice a month for powerful transformational mindset work &

business mentoring, PLUS you have on-call access to me

throughout the programme. 


During our time together we'll cover:


Brain, balance & resilience building.


We explore how you can optimise your brain chemistry through

powerful subconscious & energetic practices  - and together create a

tailored plan for regular reinforcement that fits in seamlessly with your personal

and professional life.

Override your Imposter

We'll dive deep into what's REALLY going on to fuel those feelings of inadequacy

and the need to please, explore your personal barriers to visibility and empowerment

and help you rewrite the narrative to fully support and enable yourself.


Building boundaries & reinforcing positive, supportive beliefs


We look at whether your current boundaries and beliefs are supporting

or compromising your potential to achieve excellence and help you

reframe any situations that are currently sabotaging your potential -

so you can handle them with ease.


We also explore how your environment and habits are negatively impacting everything

you’re trying to achieve, so you can make changes that support your journey.


Money beliefs, self-worth & wealth wisdom


We uncover your existing money beliefs and carefully craft a set of helpful new beliefs

that will lead to an easier flow of money, a greater sense of self-belief and confidence in taking aligned actions that will support your journey and unlock your true earning potential.


Habits & structure


We’ll look at your existing routine, things you like and dislike about your habits

and behaviours and work through how you can shift your behaviour on a subconscious

level, to step into the empowered entrepreneur you truly want to be -

completely in control of your body, life and relationships.


Motivation, focus & fire!


Nothing is more important to achieving your goals than being able to stay on track,

stay focused and motivated - even when life has other plans!  We’ll build a toolkit to help you

keep your mindset optimised for success, whatever happens.


You’ll emerge focused, confident and empowered to show up consistently

as your highest self - personally and professionally.


And you'll finally feel the confidence & have the self-belief to go out there and

achieve everything you’ve been waiting for!

And there's more...

My commitment to you-6.png

Bespoke personalised audios to reprogram your MONEY & SELF-WORTH stories and limiting beliefs effortlessly while you sleep!

Sleep better and wake up feeling relaxed, calm and in control.

On-call access to me between sessions

For S.O.S. - or troubleshooting your life & biz!  Messenger, email or Zoom.

Free lifetime membership ​of my exclusive networking & peer support VIP community

For ladies who are launching & living their limitless dreams.

Even within 30 minutes, Abi helped me to reframe the main the blocker holding me back

and our conversation spurred me on to get my ass in gear and take action on something

that I'd been procrastinating on.


I came away feeling energised and positive about taking my next step forward in my business"

Tamsin Williamson

Is this for you?

It's a big YES if:

  • You're serious about creating limitless wealth and abundance in your life & business

  • You've done all the things, learned plenty of strategy, probably have an inbox full of incomplete courses and you've realised it's working on yourself that's going to make the difference.  

  • You're a bit sick of those platitudes and positivity quotes you see everywhere (don't worry, none of that here!).

  • No matter how much you work on your mindset, you still seem to come up against invisible barriers around charging more, selling or generating income easily - such as imposter syndrome, perfectionism, procrastination and self-doubt.

  • You have a to do list as long as your arm but it's hard getting up the motivation to make a dent in it.

  • Likewise it can be a real struggle to keep 'showing up' consistently.

  • You find yourself comparing your success to others' and wondering what their secret is!

  • Maybe you're outwardly successful and confident in your business but you still frequently doubt yourself and feel like you could do SO much more.

  • You're ready to embrace your most confident self, skyrocket your earning potential and create a life that brings you freedom and joy!


But NOT if:

  • You're not ready to seriously invest in working 1:1 with someone (payment plans are available).

  • You aren't REALLY in love with what you do or just want to build wealth without being a nice human being

  • You don't have any knowledge around how to market your business - this is for more established entrepreneurs who have spent significant time (and probably money) learning the ropes but realise they're getting in their own way.

So, still on board?

Fancy a chat?

"A good wellbeing coach listens and allows the client to come up with their own solutions.  A good business coach helps create a solid strategy & plan.  Abi manages to bring both of these elements together - so I was left feeling like I had a solid plan and I was invested in it.

I'm now able to move forward with certainty and am taking action,

rather than wasting time and energy on something that consumed me!" 

- Heather Keats
Fitness coach

My commitment to you

My commitment to you.png

This programme is only for women who are READY to make significant changes in their self-worth and net worth.

I've invested hundreds of HOURS in professional training and thousands of pounds in personal & business development to enable me to create this life-changing, transformational experience - and help you get the results you want!


And I absolutely believe you will - as long as you:

* Show up

* Do the work

* Engage with willing, enthusiasm and commitment

Untitled design-17.png

That might mean making time specifically to focus on the challenges & tasks I set you.

It might mean being open and honest in communicating anything that's troubling you.

It will NEVER mean doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, that doesn't entirely align with who you are and what you stand for or that isn't what you signed up for.

Hypnotherapy is an entirely safe, permissive form of therapy - permissive meaning it can only ever help you change in ways you want to change.


You set the boundaries for your transformation.

You get to decide how high you want to fly.

You put the work in where I ask you to.

And I'll do the rest.

If you do all of the above and there are no significant

improvements by the end of the programme, you'll be refunded in full

(subject to my Terms & Conditions).

"I've made more progress in my business with you in 30 minutes than

I have by myself in the last 2 and a half years!"

- Anon

Why work with me?

Abi Rogers - Branding shoot 113.jpg

  • I don't make you do any awkward, uncomfortable sh*t. No digging into past traumas or events that you find upsetting or anxiety-inducing - we simply don't need to. We'll just rewrite your future rather than getting lost in the past.

  • I won't make you 'feel the fear and do it anyway'. There is NO NEED to feel fear to make progress - instead, we'll gently expand your comfort zone in a way that feels easy and barely even noticeable.

  • You'll notice your new-found confidence & certainty spilling out into all sorts of areas of life!  Previous clients have stopped feeling anxious driving, have been able to leave the house for the first time in months, have started making healthier choices without even thinking about it, have found their relationships have got SO much easier - and have suddenly found ideas and inspiration just spilling out of them!

  • I won't have you doing endless hours of journaling (no need!), tapping or chanting.  Nothing against those techniques - you'll just find you don't need them!

  • I won't quote clichés at you, like "Done is better than perfect" or "Fake it 'til you make it".  Instead we'll just get you taking the action you want without even trying!

  • I won't tell you what to do in your business, but I will give you my expertise and guidance to help you identify YOUR soul-aligned path.  Why?  Because we never take effective action when we're subconsciously resisting - it's got to come from YOU!​

My commitment to you-4.png

  • I've run a multi 6-figure business and I can tell you, I've seen almost everything!

  • I'm a wonderful listening ear, a judgment-free zone and I believe in doing everything with integrity, honesty and great communication.

  • I'm a passionate, slightly obsessive neurodivergent brain & business nerd and I can tell you pretty much everything there is to know about your mind and how to make it work for you.  In fact I literally am writing the book...

  • I am all about equality, diversity, respect and understanding.

"I'm really grateful for the work we did together.  I haven't cried over my business since!


I was ready to give up, close up and accept failure and I'm now booked with more clients

than I'd ever hoped.  I don't think I'd have got here without you".  



Pilates instructor & health coach

So here's the money bit

(btw... do you always hate those conversations?

Working together will make that super-easy for you too).


In total, this level of support is worth £39,899

(and that's before we even factor in what your mindset

is costing you every month in terms of lost business,

time & opportunities...)

9 months of intensive 1:1 sessions (worth £4500)

Business & Mindset Audit (worth £379)

Half-day Ignite Your Vision call (worth £550)

Access to me for S.O.S., support

and troubleshooting throughout

(worth £3580 per month - but priceless!)

Custom-recorded audios to help you

reprogramme your limiting beliefs

and de-stress you while you sleep

(you'll sleep a lot better, too! - Worth £450) 

Lifetime membership of

my exclusive VIP community

(worth £1800 per year)

Your investment: just £595 per month

(or pay in full and receive £356 discount)

You can also choose to accelerate your progress over 6 months

if you prefer (with 3 x 1:1 sessions per month) at £850 per month.

To get started all you need to do is hit the big button below

and complete the application.



We'll arrange a quick call or email exchange just to make sure we're both completely on board, I'll answer any questions you have -

then we'll book you in and get going!

"I'm actively working on 4 big projects - all of which excite me and have the potential

to make my business soar.


I'm organised.  I'm not fearful.  I'm enjoying every moment.

And that's all down to working with you".  


-Sarah C.

Women's health coach

I absolutely cannot wait to speak with you -

I just know this is going to change your life and business and bring you SO much more wealth in every way!

I work with a maximum of five 1:1 clients at any one time so if this has your name on it, make sure you apply now and get on the list!

Abi x

"I'm taking action in my business that I've been putting off for years.  I'm making decisive changes.  I'm excited about my business again because I'm not bogged down anymore and have clear plans to grow to the next level - and I'm bringing in more leads than ever before!


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Abi to anyone needing a complete mindset overhaul -

it's the best money I've ever spent"

- Caroline B.


Abi Rogers is a mindset coach (though she prefers Jedi), hypnotherapist and business coach who helps fiercely ambitious entrepreneurs & business owners go from stressed, anxious and underpaid to owning their worth, building their wealth and embracing life to the full!


A former multi 6 figure business owner with 15 years’ business experience, Abi embraced her own pure passion in 2017 - helping others create more success, less stress and a joyful life on their terms through the wonders of subconscious mind mastery.  


She is founder of the Ultimate Freedom Framework, presenter of the much-loved ‘Purpose, Peace & Profit’ podcast, and author of The Path to Purpose, Peace & Profit.  She works with clients internationally and has regularly featured as a guest expert for The 6 Figure Bookkeeper.


Abi lives in beautiful Bristol, UK with her husband and 2 gorgeous little nonsense-boxes.  She loves to climb, eat, escape to the mountains or coast with her beloved camera and sings everything from Old Macdonald to opera.

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