OCD and compulsive behaviour can manifest itself in many ways and can affect almost any aspect of life.  You may experience anything from a repeated urge to keep checking things around the house; doing things a certain way, or constantly checking emails and social media - through to intrusive, sometimes distressing thoughts that you just can't shake.

However you're affected, OCD is very real and can be very hard or even destructive to live with.  If it's starting to get in the way of your enjoyment of life, you'll be pleased to know we can do something about it.  


OCD happens because of our normal response to danger going into overdrive - for some of us this is very easily triggered.  Obsession and a constant perception of threat are just our natural, normal responses getting too much airtime and finding a focus.  

Through Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy we can calm this 'fight or flight' response down and give the rational, conscious part of the brain greater influence, so in time it can take over and silence those nagging thoughts - putting you back in control of your mind, rather than your mind controlling you.

Constant checking of social media & OCD

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