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10 Quick Strategies to Calm Anxiety (and create better outcomes in your business)

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

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Last week I spoke about dealing with anxiety as a business owner and gave you some background into why anxiety is such a big deal in your business. Just to quickly dive into that a little bit more before we get going on my 10 tips, anxiety is the driver behind pretty much every mindset block and barrier to success that you might experience in business.

From imposter syndrome to money mindset, procrastination, perfectionism, comparison, fear of visibility, overworking, overwhelm, self-doubt…

ALL of these things are caused by, or heightened by, anxiety. We hardly ever struggle with one in isolation, which is why I don’t really believe you CAN tackle one area and suddenly expect things to ease up. For example, tackling your limiting beliefs around money (which I always come back to because it’s such a big thing right now) - you can work through all the money beliefs and blocks you’ve ever had, but STILL find you don’t feel good enough to go out there and earn that higher income, or find that when you do earn it you still don’t feel happy and like you belong there. You have to deal with the anxiety as well.

So that's exactly what happens in my supported e-course, So Much More Than Money Mindset. Now longer-term it is absolutely possible to reduce anxiety to a minimum.

I believe we’re all wired for anxiety - our subconscious primitive brains are basically negativity and overthinking machines - and a lot of us are programmed into anxiety being the given norm through our upbringing and societal conditioning. BUT - it’s absolutely possible to rewire our brains - we know there’s this amazing thing called neuroplasticity, which basically means the neural pathways in our brain can be reconfigured and rewired over time and with repeatedly thinking a different way.

So it is totally possible to programme in positivity and calm! That takes time and involves things like optimising sleep and gradually reframing the world, so unfortunately I can’t tackle that in a podcast for you, though I’d love to! But I CAN give you some simple strategies to calm anxiety in the moment, for those times you’re feeling particularly stressed.

A lot of people use strategies like EFT - an anchoring and reframing technique, which can work well for some people - but I think it’s always good to have alternatives and to make sure whatever you do works for YOU.

You should also definitely check out my bundle of relaxation audios which are just EPIC for dealing down your anxiety while you sleep. If you’d like something to help you start that journey to reprogramming your anxiety, creating more money and success while you sleep then grab them here and start using them regularly!

There’s one for abundance, success, resilience, sleep, confidence and control and they get rave reviews from everyone that buys them.

Right, let’s get going!

FYI, for in-depth coverage of each of these 10 points you'll want to check out the podcast episode (above).

1. Breathe - the right way. Making sure your out-breath is longer than your in-breath works wonders - for full details of why, listen to the podcast episode (above).

2. Body scan - mentally scan your body top to toe, notice and release any muscle tension. Check out power poses for a quick boost of confidence-building Serotonin.

3. Step away from the stimulus - it sounds obvious, but find a bit of peace and get away from whatever's triggering you! Detach from your phone. Walk away for 5 minutes and focus on something completely different.

4. Exercise - movement is wonderful for busting Cortisol (stress hormone) and pumping our brain and body full of feel good, coping chemicals. Plus it sharpens our creative intellectual and problem-solving capacity, too!

5. Music - there's nothing like getting lost in wonderful sounds to transport your mind to a completely different time and place - and away from your worries.

6. Stimulate your vagus nerve - anything that causes vibration in the chest area will do this. Sing, hum, chant, gargle (yes, really!)... whatever works for you!

7. Focus on something grounding and distracting - I love a good distraction technique like counting the blue objects in the room. Or counting backwards from 100 in units of, for example, 7!

8. Evoke memories - anything that sends you on a trip down memory lane and out of your present concerns boosts happy hormones and breaks the overthinking loop. Favourite smells, scrolling through photos... anything goes.

9. Literally cool off! Cooling your skin down will help stimulate the vagus nerve and the 'rest and restore' parasympathetic nervous system - counteracting your fight/flight/freeze response. You can't do both at once!

10. Focus on one thing you can do right now - bring your thoughts back to the present moment - what can you control? When you're lost in anxiety, your imagination is dictating your feelings - it’s focusing you in the past or the future, rather than practical, problem-solving now.

Even something as simple as making a cup of tea can help you feel more grounded. You can also tell yourself you choose to be calm - using a grounding affirmation such as 'I am calm and in control'. An affirmation, said with feeling, works wonders!

I hope those are helpful!

Of course, they're all short-term ways to reduce anxiety in the moment and are unlikely to be a great way of managing things in the long-term. Improving your anxiety levels is really about retraining your brain to see the world differently - and letting go of the subconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck in it.

So if you need a little help with that longer-term anxiety, you’re sick of feeling stressed and overwhelmed in your business and you just need to be able to think clearly, take action and make more money, I can help you through my 1:1 and group programmes.

Here are the current ways to Work With Me

Join my FREE 21 day e-course Worthy, Wealthy & Wise - and learn MORE secrets of self-mastery, ease and abundance!

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