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10 Tips for Better Time Management

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough time in the day? “We all have the same 24 hours in the day…”, do you feel like YOUR 24 hours are so much shorter than everyone else’s? Here are my top tips to help you regain control of the clock, take back those seconds which just seem to slip away and tackle your week feeling way less swamped. Join my FREE 21 day e-course Worthy, Wealthy & Wise - and learn MORE secrets of self-mastery, ease and abundance!

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Listen & subscribe on Apple, Google podcasts, Spotify, YouTube - or search ‘Purpose, Peace & Profit’ on your favourite podcast platform!

Here’s a summary of my top 10 tips to get your brain and your business working in beautiful harmony! To hear the in-depth info, check out the podcast. It might just be the best 30 minutes you ever spend!

1. Getting clear on what you want to achieve - without a clear goal we will just faff about. Often we give ourselves a hard time for lack of motivation - whereas what we’re really missing is clarity about where we want to go.

2. Focus on what’s actually going to help grow your business and move you towards those goals.

  1. Working on your ideal client & offers

  2. Getting your marketing out there consistently - social, email, whatever

  3. Growing your audience

  4. Having conversations with the right people & generating leads

  5. Getting your products out there, sales pages written etc.

Those are the things you need to be dedicating regular time to. The rest is padding - nice to have but it’s not going to support your development.

3. Prioritise. Break things down into date order or order of importance - or both!

So you can do that however you like - it might be by giving things timelines and going with date order. It might be by looking at what’s going to bring you the best results in terms of getting clients, developing your business or earning money.

The podcast episode contains a brilliant, super-effective way to do this so you can clearly SEE where your priorities should lie!

4. Get your to do list clear and check in with it regularly. Organise things in order of importance so you can see exactly what you need to do and not waste time faffing.

I love Trello* for this

5. Break your tasks down into small, manageable steps rather than putting an enormous project as one item on your to do list. This is way too overwhelming to your brain! Ask yourself - what do I need to focus on NOW to move forward on this? You don’t have to have the whole journey planned out, just the first steps.

6. Recognising the temptation of shiny object syndrome and asking what is REALLY needed and what’s just distraction - challenges etc.

Check out my top tip for how to do this effectively in the podcast! 7. Learn to say no, not now or refer to someone else. Your time is SO precious - set clear boundaries to use it wisely.

How can you provide value to others whilst benefiting your business as well?

Awesome content can go a long way towards really helping others without sucking your valuable time.

8. Put clear boundaries in place and treat social media as ‘work time’.

9. Invest in support where it’s needed.

A VA, bookkeeper, business coach… all have been SO beneficial to me in my business, despite feeling like a real stretch when I first took them on. Outsourcing and getting the right help is a complete gamechanger.

I also love Dubsado* - I use it to schedule all my appointments, send invoices, contracts and documents - and I’ve set up workflows so I never have to do more than send a link and the whole onboarding process is done automatically! You can get 20% off your first year or month of Dubsado using this affiliate link*.

10. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, get away. Genuinely there are times when we just have too much on our minds to even be able to sit down and plan properly - our brains NEED a break.

It’s not all about using every second fully - it’s about using it wisely. And taking a break can actually really enhance your productivity, focus and so much more!

If you struggle to switch off check out this podcast & blog I made especially for you.

So those are my top 10 tips! And they will help you make some serious progress in managing your time and energy, which will help you create more wealth and freedom in your life.

Now, as a final, bonus tip, if you really habitually struggle with overwhelm and time management is a real struggle for you, it might be that you need a little more support in getting your subconscious mind on board - because sometimes no matter what we do our mind is locked in patterns of behaviour that sabotage our best efforts to get organised.

Read more about how you can minimise anxiety for more success in your business: download 3 free chapters of The Path to Purpose, Peace & Profit now! (P.S. Links with an * are affiliate links, for which I will receive a small commission. Just so you know!).


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