What Is Hypnotherapy?

This is a question that's come up many times since I began training as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. Friends, family and clients have been intrigued but I'd have to say at times a little apprehensive as to what it's all about, how it works and whether I'm about to implant embarrassing suggestions in their minds if they let me near them!

The good news is, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a far cry from the antics of stage hypnosis - so no need to worry - not an involuntary chicken impression in sight.

But you're going to put me in a trance?

Yes - but not as you might imagine. The great thing is, you remain completely in control throughout and aware of the whole process. You'll be familiar with the trance state because you already go into a trance many times a day! For example, when you're on 'autopilot' driving a car, watching TV, exercising and so on. You can only go as deep as you choose to go (some people even fall asleep, but that's fine!).

Isn't it basically mind control?

No, but I will make suggestions which you can choose to act on or completely ignore. Whilst you are in the relaxed trance state, we can make suggestions to your subconscious mind to help you to think and act more positively afterwards - but only if you choose to accept them.

Will it change me?

Not in terms of changing who you fundamentally are. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy simply helps you to become a better and happier version of yourself - using the natural resources which are already part of your personality but which are sometimes hidden or blocked by negative thought processes and anxiety. This is why people often find they have hypnotherapy to help with one thing and notice a whole host of additional benefits - increased confidence, improvement in the physical symptoms of stress, sleeping better, being more in control - it can be quite a revelation.

So how does it work?

During Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions we focus on getting your mind to operate from the intellectual, positive part of the brain (the left prefrontal cortex) by discussing how you want things to be and envisaging positive future outcomes. When we use this part of the brain we are encouraged to think rationally and calmly and come up with positive solutions to improve our lives and wellbeing. The trance part of the session then helps reinforce these positive pathways so you are equipped to continue thinking more positively afterwards.

We don't ask you to go over past experiences, as research shows that dwelling on old negative experiences tends to reinforce them and makes us more inclined to continue to use the negative, primitive parts of our brain - so we can become trapped in a vicious cycle of anxiety, depression, anger or unwanted behavioural patterns. The aim of hypnotherapy is quite the opposite - to help you move forward in a positive way and to train your mind to cope better with situations you have previously found difficult.

Could it help me?

If you have areas of your life you would like to improve, then yes! Please get in touch if you would like to ask any questions. Or you can click to learn more about hypnotherapy and the conditions I can help with.

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