A new direction (but not really)

So I’ve decided to be brave, bold and do everything I encourage my clients to do.

I’m going there! I'm doing my thing - boldly stepping into ALL the places I’ve been told I shouldn’t step. Away from a solid niche. Away from a tangible, super-structured service.

And away from declaring myself a ‘mindset coach’, ‘money coach’, ‘business coach’, ‘imposter syndrome’ coach or any kind of coach at all.

I’m simplifying. I’m expanding. I’m unleashing everything that’s been bottled up, crying to get out. And I’m stoked to share this with you.

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I want to talk today about some changes and realisations that are going on for me in my business at the moment and talk about where I’m planning to take things over the next few months.

So if you’ve been following my journey for some time, you’ll have noticed I have very much focused my work on helping entrepreneurs and business owners and that kind of morphed into this hybrid of business and mindset and productivity coaching, which has been working really well and which I love doing.

And it led me on this weird, convoluted journey where I veered off in many different directions, trying on different hats for size (imposter syndrome coach, money mindset coach, business coach…) and I learned so much from all those different experiences and working with clients on various different challenges.

I always say this to anyone who’s starting out - you have to try different things and experiment to find the cap that really fits, understand who your dream clients really are and work out how you want your business to run.

There are almost as many gurus and different methods out there as there are stars in the sky and most things WORK - it’s just a case of finding the thing that works for you!

And earlier on in my business I was influenced a lot by other people’s thoughts around what I should be doing - some of the advice I had just complicated my thinking even further and sent me off down rabbit holes that weren’t really right for me.

But recently I’ve been feeling SO settled and just loving doing things my own way, it’s felt SO good. And that’s allowed me to start to expand my thinking and really connect with my true path. So rather than trying to pigeonhole things and force a direction, I’ve opened up to new opportunities that have come my way and I’ve been open-minded about exploring things that I’ve been curious about, or that have appealed to me.

Things like building the Flow & Flourish Business Academy, a business mentoring and mindset space where my wonderful friend Sarah Coulson and I get to support other therapists, coaches and service-based businesses in our own unique way, including making Sarah’s wonderful Reiki energetic work and my hypnotherapy and mindset work a core element, alongside the usual strategic business mentoring you’d find in a membership.

It’s also led me to running an incredible challenge with Sarah over the past couple of weeks, our Client Manifestation Extravaganza - and bringing my knowledge around creating a new reality to that rather than shying away from it because it didn’t quite conform to the straight-laced and serious business coach image I felt like I had to fit.

It’s been really exciting and interesting to explore manifestation recently and I’ve had this realisation - which now seems blindingly obvious, as all the best ones do!

For ages I really steered clear of any kind of manifesting and more spiritual talk in my marketing, because I felt like wanted everything I did to be very grounded, very science-based, very easy to evidence and substantiate. Not that I had anything against woo - I was always actually really curious and I’ve been exploring it over the past few months, as you may know if you’ve listened to my 3 Months of Manifesting episode! But just because it felt like safe and comfortable territory to me.

But I’ve gradually allowed myself to go there and explore manifestation instead of putting up this wall against it and staying firmly in my corner - and through doing that the penny eventually dropped that the way I work basically IS manifesting - just in a very intentional, strategic, scientific way! More and more I’ve come to the realisation that what I thought were two polar opposites are actually one and the same, and that’s SO exciting and fascinating. Manifestation is such a misunderstood phenomenon and I think unfortunately that’s exacerbated by a lot of the information that’s out there on creating what you want being - shall we say - about making it look like magic and not about building firm foundations people can really use to get the results - I’m sure that’s not intentional but it’s very much regarded as this ‘out there’ concept, of just asking the Universe and hoping for the best - when really there’s a LOT of great neuroscience behind it and it’s actually much more process-driven than it’s given credit for. Very often you get half a picture, rather than the full story and all the things you need to do to manifest successfully.

So applying my own method and manifesting £50k back at the start of the year was a really big shift for me and I thought - holy crap, I need to do something with this to help other people tap into this stuff. So I’ve been kind of putting the wheels in motion over the last couple of months, fine-tuning that process and deciding exactly how I’m going to integrate it into everything I’m doing to make sure my clients know exactly what they need to do to manifest whatever they want.

So bloody exciting! So I’m now determined to spread the word about how people can really make this work for themselves and their lives - not just by clutching crystals and hoping, but by implementing solid routines and techniques and taking the actions that will lead to creating what you want.

If you’re interested in finding out more, it’s called The Conscious Creation Formula and I’ve just put up a video on my website as well as a PDF download to explain more about it - linked in the show notes.

The final thing that’s been shifting for me is that I’ve really reconnected with where my true ‘zone of genius’ lies.

Now I say ‘zone of genius’ because I’ve recently re-read Gay Hendricks’ wonderful book, The Big Leap - which I highly recommend for anyone who’s into personal development and living their best life!

And it got me just thinking again - what IS my real genius?

I realised that although I LOVE helping entrepreneurs and business owners and that’s not something I want to stop - something’s been feeling a little off there. Because what really lights me up and what’s always, always, always been the thing I’m brilliant at and that I really love to do - even before I set foot in the world of hypnotherapy and coaching - is helping people connect with their true selves and the direction they should be taking to live their most brilliant, fantastic, deeply fulfilling lives. My training and experience has just built on that and helped me get them past all the blocks which are preventing them from doing that. Sometimes that process of growth has involved growing their businesses.

But actually I’ve had a few clients who have been convinced that growing their business is the thing they need to focus on and they’ve been desperately clinging to that as being the thing they need to do to generate the income they want and feel happy - and it’s been making them miserable - and as a result of working together, we’ve found ways for them to create that life they want without the stress and struggle of running a business. And that’s been the best thing for them!

So what I’ve realised is that I’m not just about growing a business and making that a success - it’s a big part of what I can do - but I’m much more about the whole person, the holistic experience and creating a fabulously wonderful and wealthy life - in terms of happiness, financial freedom, time freedom, wellbeing - everything! And that’s what matters to me.

So I’ll be shifting my focus a little from here on in. Don’t worry if you were looking forward to the book - that is STILL coming because it’s still a major part of the puzzle and something I think is going to be really valuable to so many people.

It’s just £2.99 for preorders if you want to get in there now, by the way! So before I go today I just want to let you know that I’m planning on taking a little break from the podcast over the summer while I do a bit of wealth creation of my own - spending time with my family and actually enjoying life. Because that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it?

I’ll be back next week with one more episode and then it’ll be a bit of a break for me until September - when I’m going to come back ready and raring to go with all sorts of awesome new insights and tips for you on living your very best life and building true success.

In the meantime, have a fab week and take care!

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Get 10 Steps to Consciously Creating Your Dream Life here!

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And of course, if I can help with anything else then just reach out: abi@abigail-rogers.com

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