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A simple strategy for taking action

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Have you ever found yourself just not moving forward with something you KNOW you want to get out there for your business to thrive?

Procrastination, right?

Not always. So what’s actually going on - and how can you pull your proverbial finger out?

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So this week the clue is in the title!

It’s all about simplifying. And this comes from my own experience, which I’ll go into in a moment.

But I think there’s a real tendency for us to do what we think we SHOULD be doing in business, rather than listening to our intuition and doing what really works for us.

And often we blame procrastination or we tell ourselves stories about our own mindset that are only half true.

What if there was really nothing much wrong with your mindset - and you were just making things too big and too complicated?

I think that’s certainly been true for me in my business and I see it a lot with clients as well.

We see other people creating things and putting them out into the world and what happens is we automatically assume we have to do things the way we’ve seen them done.

That might be masterminds, it might be courses, it might be 1:1 programmes, it might be the way you write your blog or your emails!

We are SO naturally driven to copy others subconsciously. That’s why there are so many 12 week programmes out there!

And when we’re creating our ‘thing’, we start to cross-reference with this big mental checklist we’ve got of how everyone else has done things before.

And it’s literally EVERYONE else. We add in the bits and pieces from everyone else’s stuff that we think need to be included - because adding more will make our programme or our content better.

If we’re offering SO much then surely it’s going to be the biggest and best programme ever! Right?

Not necessarily so.

So I’m going to give you an example from my own experience.

I decided in 2021 to launch a group programme.

I wanted to scale my business and support more people than I could just working 1:1, plus I’d seen the power of group coaching in my own membership (where we do monthly group coaching sessions).

But what happened? I looked at my group programme and started measuring it up against the mastermind programmes I’d been on and what I’d seen advertised.

And it started to feel overwhelming. It felt like I would need to create a lot of content and I think deep down I was panicking that I wouldn’t have the time to do that and the time to deliver it as well as I wanted.

I was basing what I thought a mastermind had to be on everyone else’s programmes - not on what felt right for me.

Yes - even mindset coaches aren’t immune to overthinking things!

SO I put together a bit of info and had some interest but to be honest, I just wasn’t as in to it as I should have been and watched myself making excuses not to move forward with it.

Now, I could have ‘mindset coached’ myself through that and told myself to pull my socks up and get on with it.

But I knew that deep down, something wasn’t right with this!

So I did some thinking on it instead and looked at why that resistance was coming up. And I figured out - I wasn’t completely in love with my offering.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m just not somebody who can do things if they don’t feel completely in integrity and like they’re giving my client the best possible outcome.

And that was what was going on!

I realised that I didn’t feel in integrity offering a mastermind that went through a very strict programme of training where I was dictating the agenda - because I haven’t found that helpful to me when I’ve been a client in the past.

Don’t get me wrong, when I’ve done masterminds a lot of the content has been very valuable - but I’ve also found I’ve had sessions where I’ve just been sitting there and thinking ‘well, I could have done something much more useful with THIS hour of my time’ - and I didn’t want that to be the experience for my clients.

I also didn’t want to just treat my participants as a group but as individuals, working through their specific problems and giving them individually tailored tasks to really push THEM forward in their business.

I love a good workbook but ONLY when it feels like it’s useful to me - I think if I had to complete another ideal client exercise, for example, I might just scream! So I didn’t want to be giving my participants tasks that weren’t valuable to them.

The last thing was - I really didn’t like the format of a fixed start date and end date. I know that packaging your offers over a set time period is THE thing to do these days - and to an extent, people like to know where they are dates-wise - and let’s face it, saying you can deliver a specific outcome in a specific timeframe sells!

But what I’ve found is that if you’re in a group programme or mastermind, maybe not finding things as seemingly easy as some of the others you’re with or perhaps life has got in the way a bit - all of a sudden you get to the end of the programme and you’re dropped off a cliff, with no more support.

That just doesn’t sit well with me because sometimes people need support for much longer. And sometimes they genuinely need a bit of breathing space before they’re ready to carry on!

So I decided instead to make it a rolling programme with a minimum commitment, that people can join whenever there’s space available - but they can stay as long as they want to get the results they’re aiming for. Because we all know our goalposts move, right?

So I thought about all of this and realised that it wasn’t my MINDSET that was wrong - it was my offer.

It was my intuition saying ‘don’t go there, this isn’t quite right yet’ - and THAT’s why I was holding back.

So just think about that with your offers and the things you’re putting out there - if you’re struggling with them, are you REALLY 100% in love with them? Do you feel like they’re delivering the absolute BEST result and experience for your audience? Or is there something that needs tweaking to be a bit more you-shaped?

If there is - GO TWEAK IT!

Because when you do you’ll find it SO much easier to communicate just how amazing your offer is - and you’ll find things start to sell without you even having to sell them.

So I announced my re-thought programme and with hardly any promotion at all, I sold out within a fortnight.

Which just shows that when you’re completely in integrity with your offers people really KNOW that it’s coming from a place of genuine excitement about what you can do for them.

If you’re interested to know more about the programme just drop me an email - it's set to relaunch soon!

Join my FREE 21 day e-course Worthy, Wealthy & Wise - and learn MORE secrets of self-mastery, ease and abundance!

Here are the current ways to Work With Me

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