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Do you need more clients? (If you’re a therapist, coach or wellbeing practitioner - this is for YOU!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

If you’re a therapist, coach or wellness professional and you’re struggling to get clients at the moment - you are in EXACTLY the right place! Ooooooh I can’t wait to share this with you - take a listen here!

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If you’re a coach, therapist or wellbeing professional and you’re noticing that… shall we say, clients are thin on the ground - then THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! I have some very exciting news.

You may know that as well as hypnotherapy & mindset coaching for entrepreneurs, I also run a second business with a good friend and ex-client of mine Sarah, supporting other therapists, coaches and service-based business owners with their marketing and mindset.

Together we run a fantastic membership community, the Flow & Flourish Business Academy - which was established when we decided that our previous memberships complimented each other beautifully and that we could do SO much more to really help people thrive in their businesses as a team than we could as individuals. Running a membership is brilliant and rewarding but it’s a lot of work and we’re just finding we are so much better able to support everyone that way - plus by adding two great minds into the equation, everyone gets a really balanced perspective and much more value than either of us could give alone! So what do we know about business and why do we feel qualified to help other therapists build theirs? Well, Sarah has been running her therapy & Reiki training business full-time for the last 4 years - many years part-time before that - and prior to that she worked in service-development, commissioning and management within a large well-known healthcare organisation. She has plenty of experience in marketing and systems, stats and structures, and has built her own practice successfully from the ground up. I’ve been a business owner for almost 15 years now, and in my first business venture I took a longstanding business that was limping along in terms of profits and turnover, and doubled both within the space of a few months - that was a healthcare-related business but it was well before I really knew anything about marketing and way before I ever got involved in therapy and mindset work. Let’s say in those past 14 or so years since I’ve learned an AWFUL lot about marketing and business strategy as well as what not to do in a business! I’ve been running my own therapy business successfully for the past 5 years and I absolutely love it. Both of us I think feel SO frustrated for other therapists and coaches out there, who we know are so skilled and capable of doing absolutely amazing, transformative, life-changing things for their clients - but are really struggling to actually FIND those clients in the first place!

So we have decided to do something rather exciting - which I will tell you about in a moment! Now as I mentioned Sarah is a Reiki practitioner and trainer and is very familiar with the concept of energy and the Universal Laws - the Law of Attraction being probably the most famous of those. And as you’ll know, if you’ve listened to my episode on manifesting - I have very much been exploring all things attraction and spirituality and trying to make sense of it all in terms of the neuroscience and psychology of attraction and creation. And Sarah and I have found that we very much meet in the middle here as well - manifesting absolutely WORKS, both as an energetic & spiritual concept AND from a scientific point of view. But - as I’ve been posting on Linkedin this week - we also both agree that it’s no good just sitting there holding your crystals and hoping for the best. One very important component of manifestation and creating what you want is taking the right strategic action in line with those desires. THAT’s when the magic starts to happen. So we started to think… wow, we’ve really got something incredible we can help people with here! Not only do we have the knowledge base and strategic marketing tips to help other coaches and therapists attract clients - we ALSO know pretty much everything there is to know about how attraction and manifestation really works. So why don’t we fuse the two?

And that’s exactly what we’re doing! So starting June 20th (that’s today if you’re listening on the release date!), we are running a 12 day Client Manifestation Extravaganza - covering ALL of the above. If you’re listening to this and thinking “Oh no, I’m too late” then don’t worry - you can still absolutely join us after 20th - it’s totally doable and you’ll still get benefits even if you only do a few of the exercises. This is going to help you take the right steps to get that appointment book overflowing with enquiries, through 12 days of gentle hints, tips and tasks - combining the Universal Laws with more mainstream marketing tools. You’ll get:

  • A clear picture of your dream client

  • Sleaze-free, heart-aligned messaging techniques that clearly and easily communicate with them

  • Daily prompts to hone your manifesting skills

  • Access to our closed online group to explore ideas and share your thoughts in a safe and supportive community

  • Guided meditations and visualisations

  • And a clear action plan, fully aligned to who YOU are and who you want to work with

If that sounds good then we would love to see you there! Just register via the link in today’s shownotes at

By the way, since we started preparing for this a couple of weeks ago, Sarah has been putting it to the test in her own business - and it’s ridiculous!

She’s booked

  • Two discovery calls

  • 2 new clients for her main programme, booked and paid

  • A client for her lower-cost endometriosis offering

  • And 4 enquiries about her corporate health & wellbeing services

So if you’d like to see your inbox overflowing with enquiries like these then you definitely need to join us! See you there.

Here are the current ways to Work With Me

Join my FREE 21 day e-courseWorthy, Wealthy & Wise - and learn MORE secrets of self-mastery, ease and abundance!


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