Do you really want to master your mindset?

Updated: Jul 9

Of course you do. Wouldn't we all love to be more focused, more motivated, more engaged, more confident... more everything? Now much as I'm a science girl and I really believe in self development and furthering your knowledge... I have to say it isn't everything, when it comes to getting where we want to be in life. What?!! I hear you say! Ok... how many times have you read a self-help book, thought 'oh, I'll definitely do that'... and then promptly reverted back to your old habits? Maybe even hired a coach, sworn to yourself you'd do everything they told you... and then found yourself back at square 1? Exactly.

Knowledge is power... absolutely. But knowledge laid on the firm foundations of a happy brain is where the magic happens. That's what's life-changing. I'm a firm believer in doing the groundwork. Putting the right ingredients in the cake so that the knowledge can stick and really enhance what's underneath, rather than becoming a sticky mess on a half-baked base. So I work on getting your brain in the right place to make the best use of that knowledge. Helping you access your intellectual, sensible decision-making self rather than doing everything from the wrong place. Removing those subconscious blocks and barriers so you can step forward positively into the changes you want to make, rather than having your brain sabotage you. I've just launched my membership group, Thrive! - and as you can see we've got a pretty comprehensive list of topics coming up to further that wonderful knowledge. But underneath that we're building those foundations with: 🧡 Regular, structured gratitude practice 🧡 Weekly exercises to develop and change our thoughts 🧡 Weekly relaxation, visualisation and hypnosis sessions to break down those subconscious barriers and open us up to change Then we layer that lovely, science-backed icing on top, sit back and enjoy! If you'd like more details on Thrive! please take a look at - or feel free to drop me a message, any time.

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Abigail is a Confidence & Mindset Coach, and the founder of Thrive! mindset mentorship. She helps professionals & business owners smash self-doubt, beat performance anxiety and find the confidence to level up in life.


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