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How to Invest Safely as an Entrepreneur

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Investing is scary. Particularly at the moment, right?

We're in a changing landscape... and the world of marketing is shifting too. Away from overblown promises, high energy and hustle... and into authenticity, real connection and integrity.

At least it is in my neck of the woods... have you noticed that, too?

Now the only issue is... it can be hard to know who to trust and what to invest in, when EVERYONE and their Cockapoo is wafting phrases like 'integrity', 'authenticity' and 'alignment' around.

Just like 'genuine', 'no obligation' and 'quality'... terms quickly become overused and impossible to trust, leaving you wondering what the heck to believe.

So how can you make sure that the person or programme you're investing in really IS the real deal - and those claims of integrity weren't just a clever marketing smokescreen? In other words how to invest safely as an entrepreneur

How To Invest Safely As An Entrepreneur

1. Talk to them!

Invest in someone who really understands your type of business and is going to support you in a way that meets your needs. Gone are the days of one-size fits all programmes that lead you through a formulaic process, with a bit of lip-service coaching thrown in here and there... that's not good enough. You want to work with someone who's REALLY going to take the time to support your needs. All of them. Insist on a proper conversation and don't be afraid to ask questions about EXACTLY what's involved.

2. Ensure your development will be supported in an expansive, permissive, positive way.

Don't accept anyone who wants to teach you their cookie cutter strategy or who has very fixed ideas about how things 'should' be done. Cut-out-and-keep doesn't work - your subconscious brain needs you-centric coaching that encourages you to step boldly forward and own your OWN version of success.

3. Make sure they have the requisite quals, experience and REAL testimonials to back it up.

Just using the world of mindset as an example, I see SO many people purporting to be coaching & teaching mindset in all ways, shapes and forms without any sort of background in neuroscience or psychology... some do it very well, but some are frankly downright dangerous.

4. Check the substance behind the claims and look out for clever, attention-grabbing metrics that really don't mean anything. $1 million turnover means nothing, nor does 'my client 10x'd their revenue!'.

I think we're all getting wiser to this but it can still be a huge trigger and reason for our emotional centres to get all over-excited.

What are they going to teach YOU that could help you 10x your revenue? How will they help YOU get to $1 million in a totally aligned way? Is that even what you really need or want?

5. Get clear on the level of support you'll be getting - and from whom.

I wouldn't be the only person to have bought in to a mastermind or membership, only to discover the lead coach was barely in the group and the 'coaching calls' were more like cosy chats or Q&As.

And I'm sure we've all been in programmes where you've been dropped like a stone, the minute the bare minimum has been done. What happens afterwards? Is there the option for ongoing support if you want it?

This is something I'm building in to everything I'm doing now, because it's so important to have that consistent, ongoing support and accountability.

6. Look out for those true colours

If the person you're following and considering investing in is preaching integrity - are they following it up with their actions? Do you see them practising fear-based selling techniques designed to heighten your anxiety and feeling of scarcity?

Do you see that person who's supposedly a highly evolved spiritual and energetic being, still feeling the need to tear down other coaches and have a dig at posts they've seen online? Does the walk they walk match the talk they talk?

Some food for thought...

Which one was your favourite?

- - - X - - -

P.S. Honestly I'm delighted that the world of marketing and entrepreneurship is catching on to this integrity thing and starting to shun the sparkly B.S... about time too!

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