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How to make sure you ALWAYS have incredible content ideas!

Updated: Feb 19

Super simple strategies to get those creative juices flowing!

Do you frequently find yourself staring at your laptop or phone thinking ‘what the HELL should I write?!’

Or maybe you’re actually pretty good at posting - but just aren’t seeing the leads?

If that’s you, this episode is going to change your world.

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If there’s one thing that can easily suck the life out of any good launch or marketing strategy, it’s the struggle to know what to say! If you frequently find yourself staring at your laptop or phone thinking ‘what the HELL should I write?!’, or if you’re actually pretty good at posting but just aren’t seeing the leads - this episode is going to change your world with some very simple strategies to get those creative juices flowing.

This is the exact strategy that helped me, when I decided I was ready to launch the podcast, to sit down and list out 2 years’ worth of possible episodes before I’d even got going. I have to say I’ve barely scratched the surface because once you start, it’s like the creative dam bursts open and all of a sudden you’ve got more ideas than you know what to do with.

So trust me, you’re going to be in content heaven after this one!

The first thing you need to do is get clear on your objectives.

And this will include, where you can, being as specific as you can on things like:

  • What offers you might want to ultimately sell. By offers obviously - I say obviously but it might not always feel obvious, depending how far along your marketing journey you are - I also mean things like your lead magnets, because they should ultimately tie in with your paid offers.

  • It’ll also include who those offers are for - your ideal client or clients

  • Their particular problems or struggles

  • The barriers to them doing something about those struggles - what tends to put them off? Typically those are things like time, money, not being aware that it’s possible for them to change or not being aware that your service could be the answer to the problems they perceive in their life.

I know that sounds a bit intimidating but getting as many thoughts together as you can around those areas can really help - because it gives your brain a specific task.

And our brains LOVE specific!

If you’re just thinking ‘I need to come up with some content, I need to think of something to post’ then that’s pretty woolly and its hard for your brain to get to grips with because it doesn’t really know what the target is - it’s also confusing for your potential clients to see random posts about lots of different things that don’t really speak to them!

Spend a bit of time thinking about this stuff and watch your brain start to suddenly send things your way - flashes of inspiration, ‘ooh, I could talk about that!’. I LOVE a good brainstorm or mindmap, connecting your thoughts with paper is always way more powerful than just thinking them.

Now creating incredible content is a bit more complicated than that - there are some very specific types of content you can create that really are fantastic for engaging your dream clients and presenting you and your service as the natural, obvious choice for people who are your perfect fit.

So I’ve created an easy peasy, super powerful 15 day content challenge to help walk you through everything step by step and hold your hand through creating incredible content - I’ll tell you more about that at the end of the episode.

So that’s step 1 - literally setting that compass so your brain knows where to head. If you’re interested that’s all to do with a couple of cool planning areas in your brain that are also very much involved in creating your desired future - when you do things like vision boarding and visualisation, you’re programming the destination into your brain and then it’s like “right, off we go, let’s find a way to get there then!”. So powerful.

The next thing I would really recommend is just allowing your creativity to flow.

What typically happens is we try to force it. We think ‘right, now’s content creation time’ - maybe you have a specific time or day scheduled into your calendar where you plan to just sit down and batch create content. And then what happens - you sit down - and... nothing!

That’s because you can’t FORCE creativity. In fact, the more you try to push it, the less creative you’re likely to be. Frustrating, huh?

You also can’t create when you’re tired or stressed.

Your best creative ideas will usually come when you’re not even trying! How many times have you had that moment of brilliant inspiration in the shower, or when you wake up first thing in the morning, or when you’re out for a walk, or folding the laundry?

That’s because your brain is in FLOW at those times. You’re in what you might describe as a trance-like state - you’re not forcing your thinking at all. And when we do that, our subconscious mind gets incredibly active - neurologists believe that a bunch of brain areas called the Default Mode Network activate. And that network processes and works out everything we’ve been taking in, joins the dots, brings all those plans and ‘compass directions’ together… and it’s incredibly good at finding solutions and coming up with creative ways to achieve what you want!

So really, the more you can let your brain free-wheel, the better.

That’s why we feel so inspired and lit up after a holiday and often get a whole new perspective on our business. If you can factor that in regularly - imagine how insightful you’ll be!

Now, that doesn’t fit in so easily with a nice neat schedule and a well planned ideal week.

So what I do is I keep a Trello board open on my phone. I really should have shares in Trello!

And every time I get a flash of inspiration, even if it’s just the hint of an idea that could be good - I create a card and jot it down. Takes literally a few seconds but then I’ve got that idea for good.

And that’s how I found I had 2 years worth of ideas for my podcast!

Now, the brilliant thing is that once you’ve started that list, the ball usually just keeps rolling. So I’ve barely had to dig into it - but I always know I’ve got something there I can call on if I need it.

The last thing to mention is repurposing content.

Because our brains are SO often focused on the panic of not having anything to put out into the world - we often forget that we’ve got tons and tons of social media posts, blogs, lives, whatever it might be we’ve created in the past just sitting there quietly in the background.

Really, they’re calling out to be reused!

We often forget just how good our past creations are and load on all this pressure to be new and inspirational. But I bet if you go looking back through some of your old content, you’ll find some gems that you can reuse as they are, or will inspire you to tweak them and present them as something new and fresh.

So that is how to consistently create incredible content!

Now as I mentioned earlier I’ve created a step-by-step 15 day content challenge to help you really understand the psychology behind your content and get super-specific about the types of content you need to be putting out there to attract your dream clients.

It’s entirely email-based - not a Facebook group in sight, which is brilliant if you’re an introvert or just overwhelmed by too many groups and too much stuff!

And it’s at a really easy, manageable pace - one email every 3 days - so you’ve got plenty of time to work on those ideas and let your brain free-wheel and come up with the goods between prompts.

The link is in the show notes so just head there, click through, pop your details in and it’ll be winging its way to your inbox faster than a cheetah on rollerskates! Would that speed up or slow down a cheetah? Hmm, who knows - slow it down if its skating skills are anything like mine.

Anyway I will be back next week with a gorgeous guest who has some very inspiring insights into her journey to entrepreneurial success - so if you haven’t already subscribed make sure you do!

Have a wonderful week and see you then.

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