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How to stay motivated even when you’re NOT seeing results

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Resilience, motivation, keeping on showing up… SO hard when you’re not getting the clients you want, or seeing those sales, and you’re staring at the wrong kinds of zeros in your bank account!

But you know, deep down, you need to keep your positive pants on and keep plugging away if it’s ever going to happen. So how do you do that?

Let’s find out…

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I recently did a training in a friend’s membership and this question came up: “How do you stop feeling despondent when people don’t book your service / respond to your stuff? “

And this took me right back to those times in my own business when I was just wondering when it was EVER going to happen.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much visualising we do or how many times we journal or repeat those affirmations - if our brain’s focused on the reality of our current situation, it can be incredibly hard to feel abundant and like it’s all just waiting round the corner!

Yet we know from neuroscience that what we put out there, we attract - and if we’re just putting out a whole load of ‘nothing’s happening and I’m so frustrated’, then unfortunately we’re going to keep getting more of the same.

It is AMAZING how just shifting your mindset in the right direction can just flip a switch - call it the Universe, call it confirmation of our perception, call it whatever you will! It just happened for a client I’ve just started working with this week - nothing for months, a few quick mindset shifts and ‘boom’ - she got a client out of the blue! And she went with the new pricing we worked out together confidently, which I have to say I’m so pleased about!

So I actually put a post up about pretty much this very thing in the Unblock Your Business Facebook group this week.

And I was comparing the business journey, oddly enough, with running.

Because I’ve just started running again after my injury and at the moment it’s very much about plodding along slowly, putting the miles in to build up the muscles and stamina - but I’d love to eventually be able to run 10 miles.

Now in the business world, sometimes it’s like we expect ourselves to be able to run that 10 mile race overnight!

There’s so much shiny crap out there around hitting your first 10k month when you’ve just launched your business - and most of the time it’s a load of rubbish put out by clever marketers who want people to believe that’s the norm.


So if I expected myself to go out there and run that 10 miles right now, I’d end up in a crumpled, sweaty heap and never run again.

And I see a lot of people feeling that way about their businesses too!

The key to going the distance and getting to your goals is in building things up slowly - and YES there will likely be a long period of time where it feels like nothing’s happening, like the gains are so small it’s barely worth it.

But if you follow the process, just like running, and keep bouncing back every time you have a knock-back, you WILL get there!

But - how do you keep your focus on the process when your brain’s just screaming ‘it’s not happening!!’?

The best thing you can do is take your focus OFF the outcome and find ways to make the process enjoyable instead.

Can you treat it as a game? Approach it as if it were a puzzle to solve? Because really, building a business IS just one big puzzle - it’s like a massive game of snakes and ladders!

Can you think of it as a challenge instead? That way you can give yourself a bit of credit for every little achievement, rather than waiting for the big one to land! And that is SO much better for keeping your flow of positive brain chemistry going, and stopping the worry machine taking over.

It also really helps to draw your attention back to the good things that you’ve already achieved, and everything that’s already happened - that maybe isn’t a client or a financial reward, but it’s a step in the right direction. It’s a step towards that dream business. So, for example, have you gained any more subscribers? Did you do a fantastic guest live that went down really well? Have you just got a bit more clarity on your messaging or your ideal client? These are all important steps on that ladder that WILL get you to your goals if you keep climbing it.

The other thing to remember is that often, things are happening in the background that you just can’t see!

SO many times now I’ve had people contact me out of the blue, after following me silently for ages - they’ve never engaged with my content, I haven’t even known they’re there, but they’ve been watching.

And things like that will be happening behind the scenes in your business, too. And eventually, if you keep going, they WILL come out of the woodwork.

So often it’s more a case that the wheels are already in motion - we just can’t see them yet in our physical reality. But keep believing it’s coming and it absolutely will!

So bring it back now to what you can DO. What’s the next step you can take to move you a little further up that ladder? To get your race fitness a little bit further along?

Find what that is, do it the very best you can, and give yourself credit every step of the way.

I hope that was helpful, I know it helped me through the tougher times at the start of my journey!

Now I just have a little announcement to make about my membership today, before I go. I’ve got some very exciting things coming in the membership over the next few months and what I’ve decided to do is actually close the doors at the end of September, so I can really focus on the existing members and on making sure everything behind the scenes runs really smoothly.

We’ve got some epic new content coming in and I’m going to be looking at creating progress pathways for business and mindset and all sorts of exciting stuff!

SO, if you’ve been wondering whether it’s for you and you haven’t quite hit the sign-up button, now’s the time! You can still get a 14 day trial absolutely free of charge and access all the fantastic resources in there including the recent training we’ve done on money mindset, perfect pricing - and we’ve got one coming up on nailing your sales!

There are also guided meditation downloads, we have regular group coaching sessions and Q&As and you can pick my brains and get support in your business any time you choose,

And there’s a fantastic community of heart-centred entrepreneurs & wellbeing professionals just waiting to welcome you!

Join my FREE 21 day e-course Worthy, Wealthy & Wise - and learn MORE secrets of self-mastery, ease and abundance!

Here are the current ways to Work With Me

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