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Is fear of being seen holding you back in your business?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

This is something I've learned through experience: if you want to attract clients and build a successful freelance or solo business you have to get comfortable with being loud and proud.

Not always easy though, eh?

So many of us are absolutely terrified of criticism, or of getting things wrong, that we allow that to stand in the way of our success.

  • "What if I make a fool of myself?

  • What if nobody likes what I have to offer?

  • What if people read this and criticise?

  • What if people don't read it at all!"

Believe me, I've been there - I know exactly how it feels to worry about your every move. A few years ago, social anxiety & self-consciousness might as well have been my middle name!

The truth is that no-one will think you're an egotistical maniac for talking about your business. Sharing what you do, why you love it so much - and how it can benefit them. It's something your clients totally expect. And want!

But I know, I could tell you that 'til you're blue in the face and it wouldn't help.

So why is it SO difficult and so nerve-wracking to put yourself out there?

One major reason is that - culturally - it goes against the grain. We're brought up to believe that nice girls don't show off. That pride comes before a fall.

That it's better to sit on the sidelines, quietly raising a disapproving eyebrow (and maybe secretly feeling envy burning inside).

That somehow... staying small, unfulfilled and miserable wins the moral high ground.

Just imagine what that does to us, subconsciously?

On the one hand we'd LOVE to be smashing it, being the next Carrie Green or Denise Duffield Thomas - on the other, everything inside us is screaming 'nooooo!'.

But these women didn't get where they are by meekly saying - "oh, I couldn't possibly talk about myself on social media!". "Yeah, I've got some good ideas but I'm sure everyone will think they're stupid".

They stepped up, spoke up and blew their own trumpet like their life depended on it.

And if you think about it - do we hate them? Or are most of us actually raving fans?

Sure, they have their detractors - because some people will always tear others down (which is always about them rather than the person they're targeting).

For most people, there's a big part of us that loves to see other women succeed - and if we can step up and share just how awesome we are too, maybe we might inspire others.

So don't be afraid to shine and share it.

Ignore that shitty little voice that says nice girls don't. Resolve instead to prove what nice girls can do. And allow yourself to BE PROUD.

It's inspiring, it's wonderful and it's great for your mind and your future, too.

But if this resonates and you really want to be able to get out there but you still find the idea of sharing your story or your stuff difficult - don't worry, you're not alone.

There are plenty of other subconscious beliefs and barriers that contribute to social anxiety, fear of public performance and procrasti-posting too - and they can all be overcome. If you'd like to understand more about what's going on for you, I'd love to help you get some insight and explore how you can move forward. I'm a mindset coach, hypnotherapist and 6 figure success coach and I work with ambitious women to help them get confident, get clear and become their most powerful selves in life & business. Book a free strategy call and let's help you get out there, get seen and get those clients!

Join me and get access to tons more helpful info and advice from me on all things mindset and business when you join us here on the A List.

Can’t wait to see you there!


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