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It’s easier than you think to make money

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Making money can feel so hard, especially if you’ve been slogging away in your business for months and not seeing stunning results. The reality is, we get bogged down in one-track thinking and start to lose sight of the possibilities - because of the way our brain works and how it sabotages our true potential! Find out why it’s easier than you think to make money, and how you can shift that perspective today.

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Today I want to talk about one of the biggest mindset blocks that stops people being successful in their businesses and just in creating wealth in their lives in general.

And that’s the idea we have that creating wealth has to be hard, complicated or scary.

Just explore for a moment, what comes up when you say to yourself “I could be a millionaire… or if you’re already there, maybe a billionaire!”

I’d like to bet there’s a voice in there going “Yeah, right, that’s not for you! THIS is your story, this is your reality, this is where you belong. Because…

  • I’m not clever enough to know how to do that

  • I’m not the type of person that has that kind of money

  • I wouldn’t know where to begin

  • I can’t imagine what I would do with the money

  • I would have to work SO hard to make that money that it wouldn’t be worth it

  • It would make my relationships fall apart

  • Money isn’t as important as living my best life and I’d have to compromise everything I love to earn that kind of money”

And maybe at the moment you absolutely believe those thoughts to the core. Maybe it DOES feel like for you, there’s no alternative but to stay at the income level you’re at, and that it’s just not possible to prioritise wealth AND still have healthy, happy relationships.

Or maybe it feels like you’d love to have more wealth but you just can’t see how. You’ve been trying SO hard for so long to earn more but it’s just not happening even with the hours and effort you’re putting in - perhaps you’re making £2-5k a month but it’s feeling like so much work - so you imagine that the only way to actually make money is to put in MORE hours and more effort - double the time, double the effort, double the income - and that’s something you just can’t do?

I see this with entrepreneurs all the time. And the first thing I need you to know is that this is just a narrative loop your mind has got stuck in. Some people refer to these things as limiting beliefs. They’re basically the stories we’ve learned throughout our lives, either from family, or society, or through our own experience in the past. They’re things we assume to be true because we’ve never known any different. What we’ve seen, maybe from our own family, is that people have to work hard to make money. They have to put in more hours if they want to earn overtime to save for that holiday. They have to earn that promotion. They have to work multiple jobs to afford the basics. Money doesn’t grow on trees. And we’ve also learned along with that, that all the hard work takes us away from family. It makes us stressed and unhappy. We’ve seen our families go through difficulties, imbalance and maybe arguments because there was such a prioritisation of work - and we’ve decided we don’t want that for us. We’d rather settle for less and be happy, thank you! Money isn’t worth the sacrifice. I lost my own dad when I was 17 and I’m absolutely convinced that work and work stress were huge contributors to his death, from a sudden heart attack at 44. That kind of thing stays with you and really makes you think about your own priorities in life! It’s why I’ve never wanted to miss out on a thing and why I didn’t want to stay stuck in a job I hated and which caused me stress! But the thing is, those narratives can also convince us there’s no alternative. They have us seeing things in a very polarised way - it’s this or that, there’s no inbetween. You can be rich or you can be happy.

You can earn money or you can enjoy life.

Good people who have their family priorities straight don’t make millions.

So we end up with this very boxed-in, very linear thinking and we decide that we don’t want to do any more putting our nose to the grindstone - we’ll just stick with what we know, keep chasing the clients the way we know how, keep following this tried and tested route to making money that we’ve decided is the way to go.

Maybe because we’ve seen other people being successful that way and we think it looks easy, or it’s what we trained to do therefore that’s what we’re going to stick with. Now there’s nothing wrong with pursuing something if you absolutely love doing it and it’s working! Oh my goodness yes, that’s the dream. But what I also frequently see is that it isn’t working as well as people had hoped, but they feel like they have no alternative but to keep flogging that horse. And I see people in service-based businesses in particular, actually starting to really resent the thing they loved because it’s become this massive pressure. This HAS to be the thing which provides their income. And they start to lose all perspective outside of that, all the other possibilities fade into insignificance. So just for example, I was working with a lovely lady recently who was absolutely burnt out by trying to juggle her coaching practice with another job. And she had completely lost sight of a whole other area of potential income in her life - she was SO focused on making her coaching practice work that this thing which had the potential to solve all her money problems overnight, had just completely slipped off her radar. I see this sort of thing time and time again. So I would really invite you today just to take a mental step back from your business for a moment, particularly if it’s been a big source of stress for you lately. And just ask - IS this the only way for me? Are there other things in my life or my business that I maybe haven’t even considered doing before, which could potentially be new routes to wealth for me? And what scares me about pursuing those things - really? Is it that I don’t feel informed enough? Is it just my sabotaging narratives telling me this isn’t for me? Is it a lack of clarity on how I might go about achieving that?

There are SO many routes to creating wealth, and I would love you to explore that for yourself - and forget that story that it has to be hard. Because it really, really doesn’t. One avenue you might want to explore is passive or semi-passive income - in fact I really recommend you do! There are so many types of passive income, from courses, to email series, downloadables, memberships, subscription boxes and services, affiliate marketing, property, books and ebooks, apps, drop-shipping, audio files like the glorious guided meditations on my website… And once you know how to do passive income, you can just literally rinse and repeat the process. It becomes easy. There’s a saying that the average millionaire has 7 streams of income…. and you can bet the average millionaire isn’t working like a dog to keep them all going, either! So if passive income is something you’d like to explore I would love you to join me in the Race to Recurring Revenue challenge run by my mentor Lisa Johnson. Lisa will walk you through everything from coming up with ideas for how YOU could make passive income to her system for marketing those ideas and actually seeing results. It’s absolutely free, it’s just 4 days long and I know it’s been an incredible springboard into making tens of thousands of pounds from literally nothing. I’m recording this on Thursday 10th March and I know there are already more than 3,000 people signed up and raring to go with learning how to make passive income, everyone from established business owners to people who haven’t got the first clue about business. Give it a go, you have literally nothing to lose!

And if mindset around making those dreams of yours a reality is something you struggle with, keep an ear to the ground because I’ll be back soon with some VERY exciting news about something I’m launching to help you start striding forward and making things happen… things are cooking here to quite literally unblock your business! I’ll see you soon, take care.

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