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Manifestation & Mental Wellbeing - The Real Secret To Getting What You Want

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

There's a surprise roadblock that often catches established entrepreneurs unawares.

And it's this. They get to a point in their businesses where either:

1. They cannot uplevel their business and their revenue, no matter how hard they lean in,


2. They DO manage to uplevel for a while - but then find themselves sabotaging either their new level of income (maybe by spending it wildly), or other areas of their lives. Perhaps their profits peaking coincides with their relationship breaking down and their personal life falling apart?

Or maybe they find the new level of income demands time and energy that they just can't sustain - and leads to sleepless nights, ill health and burnout. Maybe you've noticed that there almost seems to be an invisible barrier you just can't break through in terms of success, income & satisfaction? So here's why. A lot of manifestation advice - ok, ALL the manifestation advice I've seen - focuses on these steps.

How to start manifesting:

1. Get very clear on exactly what you want

2. Raise your 'vibrational energy' to attract the thing you want, by feeling in to it as though it's already happened.

This could be through visualisation, meditation, vision boards, journaling, listening to things that put you in the zone of already having received, or altering your environment and experience to match the feeling that it's already happened.

3. Sustain that by revisiting it over and over - ideally daily - and really getting yourself into a place where you believe it's possible for you.

Which is actually great, sound advice.

ALL of the above agrees with the neuroscience and psychology of creating what you want, and it WORKS.

Manifestation & Mental Wellbeing

But here's what they don't tell you when it comes to manifestation & mental wellbeing.

Your ability to manifest ALSO depends heavily on your underlying emotional state and mental wellbeing. And because of this, many people fall off a cliff when they've done point 1 (getting clear on what they want). Because when we think of the thing we want, if there's any anxiety present or an underlying negative association around it - we can't access our 'high vibes' state - and our brain sends us back to square 1.

Or worse, it starts to repel the very thing we're seeking and find ways to sabotage it.

When we start to look at what 'high vibes', 'magnetic', 'attractional energy' is - in scientific terms, anybody accessing this state is just accessing what you might refer to as the creative, intuitive, rational subconscious mind.

High vibes is just how we feel and think when we access or modern, highly evolved, higher intelligent mind.

That doesn't mean there's nothing going on on more ethereal levels - I firmly believe we should always stay open to possibilities rather than claiming we know everything - but that's how you access your state of attraction, at least.

And that means NOT having your fight/flight/freeze/fawn system kick in and ruin the party.

Because when it does... it brings with it feelings of negativity, lack, scarcity and sends us into a spiral of low confidence, brain fog and inaction...

... and totally cuts OFF the supply of inspired ideas which will get us to our goals and desires.

So how do you manifest what you want?

Well it's easy - to stay in your attractional, creative, intellectual brain, all you need to do is do things and think thoughts that feel joyful, genuinely rewarding, exciting and uplifting and avoid getting dragged into overthinking, overanalysing, over-planning and feeling triggered.

Which is where the problem lies.

Because our modern world demands a lot of thinking - even if it feels like pleasant, problem-solving thinking.

We're constantly challenged by potentially stressful situations and surroundings (especially as entrepreneurs).

And we have a whole RAFT of subconscious programming that causes us to respond to (sometimes very random) factors in our environment by going straight into fight/flight etc. - thanks to past experiences and social conditioning.

So often, despite our best intentions to stay 'in the zone' when we think of the thing we want to create - we end up either approaching it with some anxiety or perceived need in the mix. And that sends us straight in to that fight or flight part of our subconscious brain - and in to sabotaging scarcity mode - where we can't access the solutions, motivation and confidence that keep us taking action towards getting the thing. Hence we get distracted with all the things that stop us creating our desired life:

  • emotional upheaval

  • relationship struggles

  • procrastination

  • imposter syndrome

  • feeling uninspired

  • shiny objects

and so on...

And we're unable to access a state where we can ever actually believe it happening for us.

What is the best method for manifesting?

As well as the steps described above, to step into your abundance shoes there are two really important things you need to do.

1. Reprogramme the triggers (your 'limiting beliefs') and traumatic frames of reference that keep you stuck in scarcity and anxiety (which might require specialist therapeutic intervention rather than DIY mindset work).

2. Train your mind to respond with calm, rather than anxiety, when it encounters stress - so you can keep working towards your goals and desires without getting bogged down in overwhelm and emotional overload.

All of this is TOTALLY possible and as an experienced therapist and mentor for entrepreneurs this is exactly what I do for my clients - quickly and painlessly.

Along the way, you get to feel less anxious and overwhelmed, more confident, calm - and unstoppable too! (Which is the really fantastic part of my work). Mentally healthy, happy and wealthy - that's what we came for. Right?


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