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My 3 months of manifesting

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

I recently decided to perform a little experiment to try out this manifesting malarkey for myself, my way, and see what happened. Mind… blown.

You’ll have to listen to find out the rest!

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So you might remember a few episodes back, in episode 36, I looked at this thing that we call manifesting and the science behind it.

And you might remember, I talked about my slightly spooky experience with the exact campervan I wanted appearing on the very day I started seriously looking for it.

Well, the story doesn’t stop there! Hold on to your hats because this episode might just have the potential to blow your mind. My mind is actually blown, I can tell you that now.

So post-campervan and after recording that episode, I decided to do a little experiment and just see what happened if I got really intentional about this manifesting thing.

And I thought - well, why not do it on income? It’s the easiest thing to measure, and I can’t deny it’s a pretty useful thing to create more of - I mean, money definitely doesn’t equal happiness but it has the potential to make life a hell of a lot easier!

Now as you may recall from episode 36, I am not what you might call super-woo but I do absolutely believe in manifestation - or should I say, it’s more than belief - the science shows there’s incontrovertible evidence that we DO create our reality through our thoughts. No question. But I wanted to see what happened if I started to stretch the boundaries outside of my existing reality and got intentional about upleveling my experience.

So when I say intentional, you’re probably imagining hours of journaling and visualising and wooooork to ‘raise my vibration’ - or, putting it more simply, get the right neurons firing and wiring in my brain!

I didn’t do that. I’m a bit of a rulebreaker, I know, and I’m also a bit lazy, so I decided to do things the easy way, using the science I know and trust, because I knew that would work for me.

Doing things your own way is actually what I encourage all my clients to do as well - we work on creating a bespoke system that just fits in with life rather than requiring lots of extra effort - because the thing is, we’re often not that great at sticking to new routines unless we’ve initiated them and unless they’re easy to fit into our existing lives! So for me to be prescriptive would guarantee it didn’t work - and it could also cause a LOT of stress and cause the brain to start to see creating this new reality as a problem, which would have the opposite effect to the one we’re looking for!

So I just used a few strategic practices, principles and my own hypnosis & guided meditation audio to ‘shift’ my subconscious thoughts to the right place and keep them there. The first step, and a really important one, was getting really specific about what I wanted to create.

We need to be incredibly specific because our brain responds to specific requests - the more you can get clear about exactly what you want and the more aligned that is with everything else you’re aiming for in life, the easier it comes.

So, I decided at the beginning of the year that I wanted to create £10k in additional income in January, and I worked on creating a new minimum earnings threshold of £6k per month.

I also started writing down all the little bits of money that were coming into my world each and every day - because our brains are so good at focusing on the lack and noticing what isn’t there, we have to give them a little boost in the positive ‘noticing’ direction if we want things to improve. So I can tell you that in January…

I had just over £11,000 of unexpected additional income.

Which completely blew my mind.

But - it gets even better.

Over the course of January, February and March I found that money literally just started to flow in my direction.

It was completely bonkers. Yes I made my £6k minimum each month. I made more than £10k each month. In fact, by the end of March, more than £50k of unexpected additional income appeared in our lives.

Absolutely blown away. And I promise you I did nothing else. I just changed my thoughts and beliefs through the power of hypnosis and a few other little tricks I’ve collected over the years.

Ha - I wish I’d done it sooner!

Isn’t it amazing what happens when you get your mind on board?

Another weird thing was that I also had some long-term money that was outstanding and it was processed much more quickly than I’d expected, so it wasn’t extra but it was available to me much more quickly than I’d thought it would be. And now I know I can invest and grow that money and work towards the financial freedom I’ve had planned for some time now.

So, is it just that this happens all the time and I’m now documenting it - and so noticing it more?

No, I really don’t think so!

Over those 3 months we did have some monetary gifts that you might consider usual, run-of-the-mill money on the table type stuff. Things like: forgotten cashback I rediscovered, food discounts, referral incentives for our Oddbox veg box scheme, free wine when you ordered a certain number of bottles, refunded nursery fees for cancelled days, reduced business expenses, affiliate income, things sold online etc.

But there was also a lot of stuff that was really unusual. Things like: tax refunds, partial refunds on perfectly serviceable household items, bonuses and promotions, random gifts, free memberships, free gin (I particularly liked that one), a free subscription, free replacement windows for our house, and other unexpected windfalls.

I can absolutely tell you I don’t regularly have large influxes of money for no good reason, or surprise gifts out of the blue and there was other stuff that happened that was just really, really unexpected. These 3 months have definitely been atypical!

Now I want to rewind my manifesting story a little bit further because there’s something fairly major that I didn’t share before.

I don’t think I’ve shared on the podcast before that 3 years ago I unexpectedly found myself taking on rather a lot of debt on behalf of my previous business, thanks to things unfortunately winding up out of the blue - partly because I didn’t think I understood money so didn’t get involved in the financial side of things, and partly because that led to me having the rug immensely pulled out from under my feet.

Back then I thought that was financial ‘game over’ for me - I didn’t have a pension, I was expecting my second baby just over a month after it officially went into liquidation and I had no idea how I was going to make it all work.

BUT - I was absolutely determined to make up for it and then some. And I decided right there and then that I was not only going to financially educate myself and get myself and my family out of that hole, but I was going to get us to a place where we never had to worry about money ever again. The key thing back then was that I made a decision, and made it non-negotiable - in my mind it was happening.

And here I am, just 3 years later, running a successful business and in a position where I’m able to invest and grow my money for the future. I absolutely believe that’s all down to working on my mind.

Because anything can happen when you seek to create it.

Now, I know nobody can ever be sure what’s around the corner, the world is always a very uncertain place - we’ve seen that recently but that’s nothing new, uncertainty is always there.

However I’m a firm believer now that whatever happens to you and whatever your financial situation, you have the power to change it and make things go your way. All it takes is that decision.

And then you have to commit to seeing it through.

The way you do that is by educating yourself, by taking action.

But also, and most importantly, by getting yourself into a state of mind where you believe that you can create whatever you want - that you know it’s out there for you and your expectation is that it will be there for you.

Because as you can see - that creates some powerful shifts in the way your world starts to work.

I honestly can’t explain everything that’s happened for me and it might feel like a huge stretch right now, to start believing that things could be so much better, if it’s not what you’re seeing in your world.

It felt like a huge stretch for me, back then - and for sure, I’ve had to commit myself along the way, decide to take action and take some calculated risks - not just sit there and expect the universe to provide!

But I am so glad I did. And I thought I’d share my little experiment this week as it might just help you to see what can happen when you really put your mind to it. And as for me - I’m not going to ask any more questions about how it happened - I’m just going to keep doing it! Now if you’re aware that money blocks are a problem for you, or if you’ve been trying everything you’ve read or heard about manifesting and it’s STILL not working out for you, I really recommend that you download my money blocks cheat sheet and abundance guided meditation audio.

It’s absolutely free and it will really help you get your mind in the right place to start creating more wealth in your world, right now.

And of course, I’d love to hear from you if you feel like reaching out and sharing your own stories around your journey towards financial freedom! Just email me using the address in the shownotes.

Here are the current ways to Work With Me

Join my FREE 21 day e-course Worthy, Wealthy & Wise - and learn MORE secrets of self-mastery, ease and abundance!

And of course, if I can help with anything else then just reach out:

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