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Introducing IEMT: a Revolutionary Rapid Anxiety Reduction Therapy

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I'm bursting to tell you about something I've just brought in to my world.

Something that revolutionises the way I do things and the speed at which my clients get results.

Something that will save you not only months of coaching and hours of self-improvement work - but also all that money you might otherwise have invested in trying to perfect your mindset and conquer your demons.

It's called IEMT which is a revolutionary rapid anxiety reduction therapy and it's incredible.

It's a revolutionary new therapeutic technique, which enables clients to reprogram their emotional and identity imprints and overwrite trauma and anxiety on the spot - without divulging anything personal or upsetting, and without endless analysing.

What does that mean?

It means within the space of a single session, we can:

  • Significantly reduce anxiety levels - so you feel calm, positive and in control and able to take charge of making things happen - rather than having things happen to you!

  • Get you out of overwhelm, low motivation and indecision and back in your groove, so you can get back on track with your goals and dreams

  • Help you get over your fears and insecurities so your next steps become a doddle and you can intuitively move forward without questioning or overthinking everything

  • Improve your relationships by helping you feel calmer, less reactive and more able to advocate your needs assertively

  • Reconnect you with yourself, your values and your joy so you can experience presence, peace and a feeling of powerful purpose

... or deal with any other blocks, limiting beliefs or frustrations that are currently holding you back in your life or business.

I have to admit that as an Hons. degree scientist I'm usually deeply skeptical of anything that promises overnight transformation - and it's a huge bugbear of mine that there's a trend towards miracle cures that promise big but deliver very little in reality.

I've always been a very 'slowly but surely' kind of girl.

However as an experienced therapist, I have to say the results I've been seeing so far with my case study clients have been nothing short of astounding - and the method absolutely makes sense from a neuroscience perspective.

So, I'm a very happy bunny.

Now I'll lay the cards on the table upfront and say that I think most clients will need around 4-8 sessions to see the maximum benefit.

But if you're anything like this client, you'll be pretty blown away by the changes:


Just eight days ago I was seriously wondering about telephoning the doctor's surgery to ask for an emergency appointment for anxiety and depression.

My mood had been gradually deteriorating over a period of time following a bereavement, a period of sustained pressure and several unexpected difficulties.

As luck would have it I'd already booked a session with Abi which was due to take place the following day and so decided to sit tight and see if she could help in any way.

Well a week and four sessions later I'm feeling quite different, almost a new person. The anxiety is all but gone, I'm getting out of bed in a morning without dreading doing so and actually feel like taking life on again. It's early days but it feels wonderful.

I found Abi to be professional, friendly and very capable. Any reservations I had about sharing personal information were quickly dispelled (it simply wasn't necessary) and I was made to feel like an equal rather than the little person in need of help.

Thanks Abi. I'm so glad I took the plunge.


She also hasn't mentioned that in that time, she noticed herself smiling and laughing more than she has in a LONG time as her thinking shifted naturally to a place of positivity and calm.

Her relationship with her partner also improved dramatically and without any awkward relationship 'work'.

And we all but eliminated the chronic pain that had disturbed her sleep for months

As I say, pretty incredible.

Not just incredible - totally GAME CHANGING.

And I have to be honest - it's forced ME to change too - and shake up how we do things around here. It means the majority of the subconscious, limiting, 'keeping you stuck' stuff can be tackled quickly and easily so you are immediately empowered to move forward, rather than working through things over a matter of months.

So I'm doing away with lengthy 1:1 programmes and tie-ins (for everything but straight up business mentoring) and I'm bringing in Align, ARISE & Go!™ - on-demand sessions to suit you, as and when YOU feel you need or want them.

Let's get your mind optimised first, THEN we can decide whether there's more work to do to take you and your business to the next level.

And if you're good to go, then you can just GO!

Doesn't that feel better?

If you're curious to try IEMT, you can book your first Align, ARISE & Go!™ session today for just £125.

Prices will be going up once I've got a few more satisfied clients under my belt (because this is a ridiculous price for such an incredible transformation!) - but I'm keen to get it out there and spread the word about just how amazing this really is.

Give it a go, see what you think - and then decide whether you want to do more.

Abi x

P.S. If you're holding off on working 1:1 because you'd like to join me in The Sanctuary later this year (2023) then rest assured, IEMT will definitely be featuring - and if you'd rather get started now instead, you can currently redeem your Align, ARISE & Go!™ investment against the enrolment price*.

*Information correct as of 23rd February 2023, may be subject to change. All Rights Reserved.

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