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The BOOK is coming! Pre-order yours NOW and save…

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Yes - I’ve finally decided to do it! I recently had a meeting with my editor and THE book is in progress. Find out on today’s episode exactly what it’s about, why it’s so special, how it’s going to change your life and your business - and hear me read the introduction!

And of course, if I can help with anything else then just reach out:

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So as you may have guessed from the title… I’m writing my first actual BOOK!

This is soooo exciting because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages and it’s a really big part of how I see my business evolving for the future and becoming a real presence in the entrepreneurial space.

Now I have always seen huge value in what I can do for people - and I mean huge. The changes I’ve seen in people’s lives have been immense and incredibly satisfying for me and literally life-changing for them. I know I nominally work with people on their business mindset but the deep subconscious work I do has this way of spilling out into all sorts of areas of life - so for example it’s impacted confidence for:

  • Driving

  • Being able to leave the house

  • Public speaking

  • Fears around hobbies like diving

  • Relationships

  • Massive career and life decisions

  • Eating habits and weight management

  • Body acceptance

It’s incredibly powerful stuff. And in the earlier days, when I was running my local hypnotherapy practice, my work was very limited to people who could afford to work with me 1:1 and I was also able to only serve a few people at once. And that’s been true of the 1:1 and mastermind offerings I’ve put out into the online space as well.

Meanwhile I was seeing people EVERYWHERE struggling with the very same issues and wishing I could only do more to help them.

That really was my whole reason for embarking on this crazy entrepreneurial adventure in the first place - moving my business online was all about starting to look at other ways I could serve so many more people and change their lives in an easy, accessible way.

That’s led me to creating a membership, launching this podcast, building and discarding a couple of Facebook groups and creating awesome e-courses and offerings that I know are SO powerful and transformational. But… there’s always been this nagging little voice in my mind saying ‘Write the book! Write the damn book!’. So I am.

I LOVE to write. Writing is my most natural form of expression and communication and I’m a big reader as well, both written and audiobooks. For me I have learnt SO much through books - I constantly have several on the go and it’s just such a brilliant, easy, incredibly cheap way to digest SO much amazing knowledge. I mean, the amount you can learn from a book that’s just a few pounds or dollars is insane - and quite frequently life-changing! I bet you can think of a book or a few books that have been absolutely transformational for you. So that’s what I want this book to be, an amazing resource that helps everyone who’s in business or thinking of starting a business to understand how their brain works and master their thinking so they can build their business without all the mindset struggles you hear of all the time.

  • The imposter syndrome

  • The procrastination & shiny object syndrome

  • The visibility struggles

  • Perfectionism

  • Comparison

  • Money mindset issues

  • Motivation

  • Overwhelm…

All these things are absolutely struggles that can be overcome once you understand your brain and what’s really going on, and once you know how to turn your thinking to your advantage.

So I’m just going to start today by putting it out there… this is the first draft of my introduction and I thought I’d read it to you so you get a feel for the book. Here goes! When you start writing a book, you don’t have it all perfectly planned out in your mind.

You don’t write it in order - title, contents page, chapter 1, chapter 2 and so forth.

Sure, you can have a loose plan - but there’s no way of knowing what the end result will look like before you’ve started.

You have to just dive in and start creating - and watch the whole thing unfold before your eyes. It has to be messy, organic and intuitive. You have to let it evolve. There will be things you write that don’t make sense and don’t make the final cut. Along the way you’ll get flashes of genius, deep insights and inspiration that you didn’t even know were lurking in your mind, just waiting to get out. And you gradually construct it bit by bit, until you have something you’re ready to release into the world. You may even write several books, maybe many books before you create that ‘hit’ - the bestseller you always knew you had in you. But if you keep writing long enough, one day that prizewinning piece will come spilling out.

Business is just the same. Nobody starts a business on day 1 and has everything figured out. Nobody gets it all perfect straight out of the starting blocks. It’s a process - of creating, learning, tweaking, refining, seeing what fits and what doesn’t. It’s a process which means constantly coming up with ideas, many of which will be discarded along the way. Nobody can tell you how to write YOUR story. Nobody knows what that successful business looks like for you.

Only you can discover that - and you can only discover that if you’re open to the process.

In my business life I’ve observed that many potentially brilliant entrepreneurs and business owners stop themselves from ever succeeding by stifling this creative process. By not trusting themselves and their intuition. By getting sucked in by self-doubt and self-criticism, fear around missing out on ‘what everyone else is doing’, and the mistaken belief that other people are naturally better at this than them. They tie themselves up in knots of procrastination, they lie awake at night worrying about what the next ‘right’ move is - and whether, to get any further in their business they need to invest in a new website, new photos, better branding, or that coach who’s preaching the latest incredible strategy for getting a gazillion hot leads in your inbox every day. Instead of writing their next chapter and working towards getting the thing done, they constantly seek reassurance that they’ve got the title right or that every paragraph is in perfect balance with the last. Creativity can’t thrive when we try to force it, or when we stuff it back in the bottle and tell it to wait until we’re perfect.

Neither can your business.

In my work as a mindset coach & hypnotherapist for entrepreneurs I’ve worked with some incredible women who have become trapped in this cycle of self-doubt and low self-worth, to help them to a place where they believe in themselves again and where they have the resilience to keep on believing even when things get tough. When they come to me, typically they’ve spent far too much time and money on strategic coaching, only to find they didn’t learn anything they didn’t know already. And all because they hadn’t trusted themselves and listened to their inner knowing.

They’ve struggled to put themselves out there through fear of what other people might think - even to the point where they’ve sabotaged their entire lead flow and lost a successful business as a result.

They’ve got so caught up in all the ‘should’s of business, that they’ve been working ridiculous hours, staying up all night to work, getting very little of any real value done, suffering with ill health and sacrificing their relationships and personal life for a much lower return than they had hoped. All in the name of a business that’s supposed to bring them freedom.

All in the name of a business that’s supposed to give them the time to enjoy life.

All in the name of hitting goals they’ve set for themselves which continue to feel so far out of reach for so long… and ultimately don’t feel all that satisfying even when they hit them. I’m writing this book to show you how to navigate your journey through entrepreneurship to avoid all that - and to actually create a business that brings you joy, freedom, time, financial rewards and the life you’ve been dreaming of. I’m going to talk a LOT about your subconscious brain and how to get it on board with your journey rather than sabotaging you at each turn - because that’s the bottom of the iceberg, the bit that really is the foundation of all the rest.

Mindset and strategy are nothing without subconscious support. And I’m going to share with you everything I’ve learned on my own journey as a multi-6 and 7 figure business owner - to help make your life easier and to help you save time, money and stress. I wish I’d had a book like this to help me through the minefield of being a business owner when I started out (and for many, many months beyond!) - but I didn’t.

So, now I know what I know - I thought I’d write it! I hope you enjoy it”.

Now I know this is going to be MASSIVELY beneficial for so many people in the entrepreneurial and business world and I can’t wait to get it out there. I’m planning to launch it at the back end of the year so watch this space… and if you want to order your copy NOW for the pre-launch special price of just £2.99 then you can do that here and I’ll make sure it hits your inbox as soon as it’s released! I cannot wait to share this with you, it really is going to change your life and business for the better.

And of course, if I can help with anything else then just reach out:

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