The Limitless Mind Business Accelerator group coaching programme

Who it's for and how it will revolutionise your business.

I get it.

You think you're not ready yet. You aren't good enough.

You need to polish your programme or course, spend more time planning & perfecting, get some better graphics done or put together the perfect copy before you can launch it to the world.

Maybe you should charge less - everyone else seems to be charging more but you don't feel you're as good. Look how slick they all are! Look at what they know!

Maybe you should give some places away free, or offer a discount, or go back to the drawing board. Maybe you should spend some more money on training first, or maybe you should watch some more videos on marketing and wait until you feel ready.


And tell me this - when will you ever feel ready?

And how long have you been playing this game of hiding from your potential - and sabotaging your dreams?

The problem is not that you aren't ready. You're as ready as you'll ever be.

The problem is that you don't believe in yourself and you don't know just how good you are.

And because you don't believe in yourself, you've got lost in this muddle - this brain fog of how, when and what if..?

This place where everyone looks like they've got their sh*t together and you feel like the new girl, who should just hide in the corner and stay quiet in case she says the wrong thing and gets singled out.

Deep down, you know you've got something amazing to share with the world and more than anything, you'd love it to be a success!

If only it could just kind of happen without the bloody scary part - without having to say to the world "here's me, here's my thing and I'm worth every penny".

What you need - it's not more strategy, it's not more time, and it's not pretty graphics.

It's a way of sorting through that inner confusion, shutting up that voice of doubt and anxiety, strapping on your big girl pants & diving in with unshakeable confidence.

And that's exactly why I've created my group programme, The Limitless Mind Business Accelerator.

To help passionate, purpose-driven women like you go from fear and inaction, to confidently owning their pricing and space so they can show up authentically and charge their worth.

To smash self-doubt on the head. To help you feel motivated and focused, each and every day. And to get you to a place where you can say 'I did it, I went for my dreams and I'm so bloody proud' - whether you're aiming for 6 figures, 7 figures - or just a balanced working week with an income you can use to enjoy it.

So what's the deal?

It's a rolling group coaching programme, where we work on getting you subconsciously and strategically aligned with where you want to be.

We’ll work on sorting through that inner confusion, getting over your confidence blocks and help you take action in your business so you can get clients, sell services and charge what you want to charge.

We’ll learn how to silence that voice of doubt and that inner critic, and help you step into a place where you’re able to fully believe in creating that amazing future, so you can give it ALL your energy and show up motivated and inspired every day.

We’ll totally shift your mindset and your energy, so you’re attracting inspiration, action & opportunities in to your line of sight rather than feeling stuck in all the difficult, overwhelming stuff.

And if you struggle with comparisonitis, imposter syndrome or money blocks - I've got you covered too.

This isn't your average coaching programme.

I'm not going to tell you that in 12 weeks you'll trot off merrily into the sunset with all your business woes ironed out.

Because I have a bit of a problem with programmes like that. AKA - life doesn't WORK that way.

And nobody can promise you a fixed result within a given timescale - because PEOPLE don't work that way.

Am I wrong?

I've done a few coaching programmes in my time.

Typically what happens?

You sign up for this 'guaranteed transformation'.

You get behind with the workload. Or you hustle like MAD to try and cram it all in.

You see everyone else moving on to other stuff, or bragging about their results, while you just feel worse and worse, more and more overwhelmed and like there's something missing from your entrepreneurial DNA.

You feel like a square peg forced into a round hole, because they're getting you to do stuff you don't even enjoy and forcing you in uncomfortable new directions.

Then - when you're just starting to get somewhere - BAM!

It's over.

You're dropped off a cliff with no more support in sight. Left to pick up the pieces on your own.

No, no, no, no, NO That's just not the way I roll.

I believe it's incredibly important for you to be able to go at your own pace.

To focus on what YOU need to focus on for YOUR business right now - not what someone else is telling you to focus on.

And I believe that support should continue for as long as you need it.

It IS important to have structure, to have a framework in place - but that should be adapted to suit YOUR NEEDS rather than banging through it at your coach's pace.

Do I see you nodding along in agreement?


Here's how it works

  • Initial 1:1 session (worth £150)

  • We'll get super-clear on where you are now and the next steps you need to take to help your business thrive

  • Weekly small group coaching call 3 weeks of the month to get you motivated, focused, clear and confident AS! So you can keep taking consistent, effective action to grow your business and see results

  • Implementation weeks in-between so you can focus on actually MAKING the changes we're working on

  • Group coaching container for questions, support & troubleshooting outside the calls (Slack channel - not another Facebook group!)

  • Personalised tasks to help you overcome your specific mindset & strategic struggles

  • Maximum 6 participants

There will be a minimum signup period of 3 months and after that you can continue on a rolling monthly basis for as long as you like. The programme will be based around my Steps to Success framework, which covers 9 key areas:

  • Goals, alignment & belief

  • Ideal client & unique offer

  • Business structure

  • Boundaries, time management & motivation

  • Lead generation

  • Customer journey to maximise lead-flow

  • Pricing & money mindset

  • Selling with integrity & confidence

  • Systems, processes and financial management

Am I at the right stage of my business for this?

Typically this programme would suit someone who was earning £1-3k in their business and wants to level up to £5-£10k months.

But all that's required is to be the kind of driven person that is determined to create their dream life and have the confidence to go out there and achieve whatever the hell you want.

The plan is to get you feeling fired up, ready to take action and start getting those offers out there confidently from day 1 - so you can get more clients, make more money and feel like you're finally getting this thing off the ground.

The group format means you’ll be getting to know some other wonderful, purpose-driven women who have exactly the same struggles, desires and ambitions as you, too. And there is nothing like group support and accountability for helping cheer you on!

Will I have enough time to fit this in?

One of the key areas we'll be working on is time management and helping you make the MOST of your time! So that will help enormously.

I also understand how busy you are as a business owner with limited hours - I run my own business on a 3 day week, so I totally get it!

That's why I'm keeping the extra work to a minimum - so there won't be endless workbooks

to complete, full of stuff that serves no real purpose for you - just the odd exercise that will REALLY move you forward!

When will the group coaching sessions be?

They will be at a time convenient to the majority of the group - for this first round it's likely to be 9.30am Tuesday mornings (GMT/BST) but I anticipate needing to add another time soon.

I'll be checking in with each group coaching client to find the best fit for everyone - if there's a tricky week, we'll avoid it!

What if I can't make a session?

That's ok. Each session will be recorded so you can catch up later, and you'll be able to submit any struggles you're having in advance so I can cover them for you.

Don't forget, you'll also have regular access to me through the Slack coaching channel, so we can tackle anything that comes up for you at any time and you can get individual feedback and help from me and the other participants.

When does it start?

I'll be in touch as soon as you've signed up to arrange your 1:1. We'll then agree a mutually convenient date for everyone to get started - the first group will be early November 2021.

Can I pay in instalments?

Absolutely! You can pay monthly, or receive a discount and special bonuses for a 6 month block.

Ooh, what are the bonuses?

If you join me for 6 months you'll receive a bonus 1:1 coaching call and a bespoke hypnotherapy audio to help rewrite your money blocks while you sleep!

What if I don't want 6 months?

That's no problem at all, there's a minimum 3 month period and it's up to you how long you stay in - but unfortunately you won't get the 1:1 bonus call or the bespoke recorded audio.

What if I sign up for 6 months then change my mind?

The special offer is only valid for a 6 month commitment - if you decide you want to leave the programme after 3 months, the basic monthly price will apply and you'll be refunded the difference if applicable.

Specifically, this is going to be great for you if:

  • You have ideas you’ve been sitting on and NOT feeling confident to put out there

  • You have been putting them out there but you know that you’re not pricing them as you would really love to or marketing them as much as you should

  • The thought of sales conversations or lives petrifies you

  • You're always worried about what other people think

  • You constantly compare yourself to others in your field

  • You have good intentions but find the day disappears

  • You're always seeking advice and opinions from others

  • Mindset feels like a constant battle - even if you know what you 'should' be doing

  • You find motivation & focus hard

  • You feel overwhelmed and like you don't know where to start

And what you’d really love is to be able to confidently step forward and build that business you’ve been told exists… the kind where you get to feel free to switch off from work, work the hours you want and actually enjoy spending time with your family whilst earning good, consistent money. Sometimes you probably wonder whether that’s really possible and whether it could ever be possible for you?

It does exist, I can promise you that!

And I can help you get past the scary, hard bits - and I want to, more than anything.

Because I know, deep down, that YOU know you’ve got something amazing to share with the world.

You’re tired of holding yourself back and of fear and faff getting in your way.

You're ready to get on that road to success - and I'm ready to help you.

If you'd like to snap up your spot or ask any questions, just shoot me an email at

Let's check you're a good fit and get this show on the road.

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