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What's going on with this shiny new name & branding then? Find out in this episode! Check out the podcast episode here, or read on for the blog summary.

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With a brand new shiny name and some brand new shiny graphics for the podcast - I hope you love them as much as I do! This is a real quickie today just to talk a little bit more about what’s behind the change and where I’m going with this new direction. I say new direction but it’s really not, it’s just an evolution and a bringing to the surface of everything I’ve always done - it’s all about embracing that and celebrating it and I LOVE it.

So Purpose, Peace & Profit came about because of some work I was doing on really digging into my unique areas of genius and how I serve my clients.

What became really apparent was that there were a few key things I absolutely love doing and that come up in my journey with my best clients over and over again (I really recommend this as an exercise, by the way! Reviewing your favourite clients' common themes can be so powerful).

There were actually 6 key areas:

  • Alignment, fulfilment & flow - helping them step away from all the confusion they feel in terms of their direction and purpose, to fall absolutely in love with their lives and businesses again and step into that wonderful space where everything just seems to be easy, expansive and flowing in the right way

  • Effortless expansion - being able to keep moving forward, generating new ideas and pushing through old barriers and comfort zones without feeling any of that fear and discomfort we’re so often told we should feel! There’s so much out there about how growth has to be painful or difficult and I really don’t believe that at all, in fact I know it’s not true and it’s totally possible to just wake up and find you’ve effortlessly started thinking or behaving in a whole new way.

  • Soul-aligned, stress-free strategy - stepping away from all the shoulds and arriving at a place where they’re able to cut out all the things that don’t serve them or light them up, so they’re really free to focus on those things that feel energetically aligned and actually drive the results they want - whilst making time for the things that really matter.

  • Conscious wealth creation - I’m all about complete mind mastery when it comes to creating more wealth - deep subconscious wealth wisdom rather than money mindset, so they can create and use their wealth, financial and otherwise, in ways that really benefit them and the people and causes they care about.

  • Unshakeable confidence & self-belief - helping them move to a place where they feel completely empowered to trust their own decisions, feel great about those decisions and move away from doubting and second-guessing everything they do - and for any situations that would previously raise their anxiety levels, like going live or speaking in groups - just making that feel so much easier, calmer and more natural.

  • Mind & energy mastery - helping them understand exactly what’s going on with their thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours and empowering them to jump off that emotional rollercoaster so they can just show up each day feeling positive, focused, motivated and excited about their lives again! And claiming back BUCKETLOADS of time that was previously wrapped up in overworking, overthinking, over-everything.

So those are my real, pure areas of genius - the things I just find delightful and so easy and intuitive - and the things my clients all report back to me as making a MASSIVE difference in their lives and businesses - right through from my lower level courses to my 1:1 containers.

I’m not interested in promising you x amount per month, or a 6 or 7 figure turnover, or anything that feels like it’s a very tempting and easy hook - and I’m not just about your business, your mindset or your money.

Most of my clients have been there, done that and realised it doesn't change a thing for them, especially once they've reached those income goals.

For me it’s about getting YOU in the absolute best place to support your growth - personal growth AND business growth - so that you’re able to go out there and create whatever results YOU want.

It’s about supporting you to create your own incredible future, your way.

Because it’s not always about the money, really is it?

In fact I totally believe it shouldn’t just be about the money - because SO often those people who just pursue the revenue goals end up feeling pretty miserable when they get there and realise they’ve lost themselves along the way. And then we have to work together to rebuild the whole thing and recreate that picture.

I love to start from a position of:

  • What if the money DIDN’T matter?

  • What if you could just rely on it without question?

  • What would you do then?

  • What would matter then?

Because that provides real, soul-aligned answers.

So that’s what I do, it’s a whole package deal.

It’s building that picture from the ground up - or for a lot of people I work with, bringing it back together when it’s gone awry.

And I can’t promise you overnight success...

...I don’t believe anything worth achieving, anything sustainable - happens overnight.

But I do know that if you follow my programmes and my method and you keep following the advice and showing up with intention, you’ll more than likely create exactly what you want and more.

So why Purpose, Peace & Profit?

I came back to thinking, “What encapsulates all that?”.

And “What is it I really help my clients with, when you bring it right back to basics?”.

Money had to figure in there somewhere - hence the profit bit! That’s important, because we can’t hope to have the kind of influence and impact we want to create in this world without it. It’s a tool we need to make friends with and embrace if we want to embody our most powerful selves.

But it’s about creating that money, that influence and impact with soul.

With purpose. With fulfilment. From a place where we’re waking up every day in love with our lives and feeling completely in control of where we are and where we’re headed.

And with that comes wonderful peace.

The peace of doing all of that without anxiety. Without that little imposter voice whispering in your ear, tearing you down and telling you you’re not good enough.

The peace of being able to enjoy your life NOW without guilt, or shame, or fear.

The peace of knowing you are completely, 100% in the driving seat and in love with everything you’re doing in life.

Purpose. Peace. Profit.

It just felt... perfect!

So what else is on the cards?

Right now I’m working on my book, The Path to Purpose, Peace & Profit - which covers everything I’ve spoken about today and is basically about revolutionising your mindset and approach so you can create your wildest dreams.

You can buy it here for a special pre-release price of just £2.99 - and that gets you exclusive access to pre-release insights and chapters from October 2022.

Or find out more and read the introduction here.

I’m also redesigning and realigning everything in my business to fit perfectly within the Purpose, Peace & Profit framework - if you want to read more about that and check out ways to work with me, you can do that here.


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