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What could STOP you achieving the life & income you want? (P.S. Fancy a free masterclass with me?)

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Everyone has million dollar ideas all the time. But very few people actually get around to turning those ideas into reality! Why is it we find ourselves NOT living those dreams we’ve so carefully crafted? What’s getting in the way? Today I’m looking at 3 main reasons you could be sabotaging your success, right now.

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Welcome back! So I talked last week about how we can become so focused on one way of creating income in our businesses that we almost become blinkered to other, easier ways of doing things and making money. And how so many of us have this deep rooted-belief that making money has to be hard, and that keeps us trapped in thought loops - narrative cycles that become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We believe making money has to be hard - so it IS hard! Our brains are wonderful prediction machines, that’s for sure.

And this week I wanted to dive a little deeper into some of the other reasons it can be hard to make money. And why, although everyone - and I mean everyone! - has the ideas and the capability to create financial freedom, very few people actually succeed.

So let’s get straight in there! The first reason most people never create the income and lifestyle they’re capable of is that they don’t really believe they can. They don’t believe it’s POSSIBLE for them. They know they’d like it! They know life could look amazing if they could achieve it! They just don’t fully connect with this being something that could actually happen for them. And instead of embracing their ideas fully, jumping in with both feet and just going for it - they talk themselves out of it.

If you’ve ever found yourself having a great idea and then coming up with all the reasons why it would never work - that’s you doing exactly what I’ve just described there! Not believing fully in yourself. Not trusting that your ideas ARE worth committing to and running with them. And that’s what stops people getting off the ground with their business and passive income ideas - not that they aren’t capable, not that they need anything more than they’ve got right now! Just that they don’t believe in themselves.

Because with belief comes insight and bold new ideas! With belief comes audacity, commitment and excitement. That’s how people like Richard Branson got started - he wasn’t born a multi-billionaire! He started out ringing round businesses from phone boxes in London, trying to get people to buy ad space in his magazine. It’s self-belief and the willingness to jump in and try things that have got him to where he is now!

The second big self-sabotage issue I see happening soooo often, particularly for women in business - because we’re the people pleasers and carers - is that they don’t give themselves and their ideas enough time. Putting the pieces of the puzzle in place to build wealth and a stable financial future - that’s something that really needs to go right at the top of the priority tree! Because once that’s taken care of, then you have the time and energy free to do all those other things that are important. Getting yourself financially sorted means you can relax, you can spend time with your family, you can hire a cleaner, you can outsource the shitty jobs you hate, you can enjoy life! You can stop giving yourself second-best and daydreaming about the day you can book that incredible holiday you’ve had in mind, because you’re making it happen! But what happens is we get things the wrong way round. We give all our time and energy to trying to fix all that stuff, or to worrying about the fact it’ll never happen! We put ourselves and our vision right to the back of the priority list - behind doing the cleaning, running errands for the family, doing all sorts of other stuff that we imagine we ‘should’ do - like joining the PTA, or meeting people who want to pick our brains for a coffee, or joining in on that networking call because we feel we should, or aimlessly scrolling social media, or watching things we don’t really give two hoots about just because it’s our default. And then we wonder where all the time went and why we don’t have the energy to get behind our dreams and make them happen! I’m diving deep into how we get past this in one of the new courses I’m launching very soon - just to give you a little teaser! There’s going to be a whole unit on creating a CEO mindset and how you get over that guilt around all the things you think you should be doing, so that you can focus on your business or passive income project and give it the attention it deserves. And there’s going to be another whole unit on social media and how you can take back control so it feels like a functional and profitable part of your business rather than a total time suck.

Watch this space! So the final mindset block to success today is… getting swayed from your true path by other people and their ‘should’s. And gosh, this is so easily done particularly when you’re starting out in business and you’re not that confident on your marketing strategy or on what’s going to get you the results you want - and there are hundreds of people pushing their methods, strategies and services on you! But it’s also easy to fall into this trap even when you’re established, if things take a turn in your business or you experience a setback. The thing is, you intuitively know the right moves to make and the path that’s going to suit you in getting to your goals. And when you start to disregard that and listen to everyone else’s opinions, you risk getting totally overwhelmed and pulled in different directions, not knowing what to do for the best, and your anxiety increases because you also start to convince yourself you’re doing things wrong or you’re not doing the right things! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to help people unravel everything they’ve been convincing themselves they need to be doing so they can get out of analysis paralysis mode, reconnect with their own intuition and insight and rediscover their enthusiasm for their businesses. And when they do, all of a sudden it becomes so much easier to focus and they start getting results. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and like there’s way too much you have to do at the moment, it’s worth just asking yourself whether that’s all stuff that comes from you - or are you trying to fulfill someone else’s tick box exercise for what a business ‘should’ look like?

Because I promise you, the most successful businesses and the people who do achieve great wealth and great lifestyles - we don’t do things the same way, by any means. In fact the more unique you can be, the better. Now I’m actually running a free masterclass, very soon, to help you with these issues and anything else you feel might be a barrier to your success in making more income and achieving your goals! You may have heard me talking about Lisa Johnson’s Race to Recurring Revenue passive income challenge over the past couple of episodes and it kicks off today, 21st March 2022.

It’s absolutely free, you can still join in (using this link), everything’s recorded if you can’t make the live sessions - and it’ll leave you full of inspiration and ready to start working towards those income and lifestyle goals! And I’m offering a free Let’s Make Money Masterclass on Friday 1st April to help you get your mind in the right place for making passive income! I’ll be giving you my top 3 strategies and diving deeper into everything I’ve covered today, giving you some practical steps you can take immediately to create the belief, the CEO mindset and the focus you need to make those financially free dreams of yours come true. And, I’ll be telling you more about the two awesome courses and more fab bonuses, worth over £1,000, which I’m going to be giving away absolutely FREE to anyone who decides to join Lisa in her paid programme, One To Many. Here are the current ways to Work With Me

Join my FREE 21 day e-course Worthy, Wealthy & Wise - and learn MORE secrets of self-mastery, ease and abundance!

And of course, if I can help with anything else then just reach out - here are the current ways to Work With Me

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Listen & subscribe on Apple, Google podcasts, Spotify, YouTube - or search ‘Unblock Your Business’ on your favourite podcast platform!


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