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Why a Great Income Doesn't Always Equal Wealth (with Claire Sweet)

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Today I’m talking with Claire Sweet, award-winning Financial Adviser, Money Coach and International Best Selling Author, about why a fantastic income doesn’t always equate to true wealth - and how to make sure it does!

Claire has been featured in a range of publications including The Telegraph, The Guardian, Moneywise and Sheerluxe and as a guest panelist on the Work in Progress podcast and at Courier Live 2019.

She has a vibrant business, and has been helping clients organise their finances for more than 14 years - and she has a revolutionary approach to finance and wealth creation which allows you to take control of your future whilst fully enjoying the present.

Recently having moved to their 'forever house' on a 4.5 acre plot, Claire and her husband Phil, love spending their time outside with their small herd of alpacas.

Find out more about Claire’s Rock Solid™ programme here and don’t forget to use the Offer Code ROCK500

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