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Why you’re missing out if you aren’t using email in your business!

Updated: Feb 13

Today I’m interviewing Kelly Cookson, founder of Cheer Up Marketing, about just how important email marketing is to building a successful business and how you can get the best results from it!

Kelly has over 13 years’ experience in digital marketing. She’s passionate about helping business owners to generate consistent leads and revenue through email marketing, allowing them to step away from socials and make more sales!

As well as copywriting email campaigns for her clients, Kelly teaches email marketing via her signature group programme, Electric Email, and her free Facebook group (From Spam to Wham!).

She likes to drink Yorkshire tea (2 cups in the morning, please) and can be found wherever music is playing which includes at her local CrossFit gym, where she won't be breaking any records but will definitely be breaking into a sweat.

Find Kelly via Cheer Up Marketing or her Facebook group From Spam to Wham.

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