Are You Ready to Make That Change?

If you're serious about creating lasting change in your life and wellbeing, I can help.  

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective but it does require two things from you:​

  • You need to have the desire to make changes

  • You need to be fully committed to the process

You don't necessarily need to understand how it works or even be convinced it will work - I'll care of that side of things, and will explain all as we work together.

Lasting Change Takes Time

This is an investment in yourself - possibly the most important you'll ever make - and taking the time to do it properly brings real rewards.  


I don't promise any overnight fixes - I want you to get permanent results

out of our time together and learn how to stay on track in the future.  


Yes I could click my fingers and tell you to change - but that would be doing you a huge disservice for 2 reasons: 


  • Some people subconsciously resist this sort of suggestion - if you've heard people say they can't be hypnotised, that's why (we can all be hypnotised for the purposes of beneficial change if we're open to it).  


  • People who initially respond to a one-off treatment, often revert to their old patterns of behaviour as soon as things get stressful or they're in a pressured situation.  


Some clients can be helped in as few as 3-4 sessions, but in my experience most will need at least 8-12 sessions or more to create real, lasting change. 

How We'll Work Together


It starts with your Initial Consultation, which sets the foundation for our journey together.  


This is an in-depth session where we'll start by talking about the issues you're experiencing and your goals.  We'll then look at exactly what's going on in your conscious and subconscious mind, and I'll explain how we're going to help you.

In the early stages we'll then usually meet weekly or fortnightly, to really get things happening for you.  


The total number of sessions will be guided by your progress and how long you feel we need to work together to get to where you want to be!

"I recently had a mini relaxation hypnotherapy session with Abi and it was just amazing -

exactly what my poor frazzled brain needed!

At the point of meeting her,

I had been on over drive for weeks - waking up with issues on my mind and no

longer felt myself.


Having the time to talk, listen and relax, was like a reboot and mental massage!


I walked away feeling rested - in the most unique way.


The 'after hypno glow' was like nothing else I've experienced and I wouldn't hesitate to see Abi again.


She listened, understood and provided a safe place for me to talk. I just won't leave it until 'breaking point' next time!"

- Faye, Bristol

Explore Hypnotherapy Session

How Do Sessions Work?  Packages & Fees

Thrive! - Online Mindset Mentorship Group

Thrive! is my online Mindset Mentorship group.  

I created Thrive! to make a difference for people who are unable to commit to 1-2-1 sessions for various reasons - time, cost, dependents... or just not being 100% sure of how hypnotherapy might work for them! 

If you'd like to learn more please take a look, and discover how my powerful transformational methods could benefit you for just £25 per month.

Explore - 2 hour Initial Consultation for Discovery and Development

This is a wonderful way to experience hypnotherapy for the first time, or just to enjoy a one-off session if you're in need of some deep calming, relaxation and restoration.

We'll spend some time discussing any health & wellbeing issues you may have, or anything else you'd like to focus on.  You'll gain a clear understanding of exactly what's happening in your mind and body - how they're responding to your situation - and how we'll work together to make improvements.

We'll use powerful transformational questions to focus the experience towards your desired outcome, then you'll experience hypnosis - which feels deeply and wonderfully relaxing.

You'll receive my professionally recorded hypnotherapy relaxation track, to use at home afterwards to help you build on the work we've done.

The Cost:

Your Explore Hypnotherapy power session is £150 (payable in advance) - this can be deducted when you book a package.


Work with me for 3 months and get off to a great start!  In their first few sessions my clients usually notice improved confidence, clarity and focus - and life starts to move in a much more positive direction.  


What's included:

Up to 12 sessions, including your 2 hour initial Explore session (usual session duration approx. 50 mins)

Professionally recorded hypnotherapy relaxation track 

Email and text message support

Option to upgrade to 'Transform' package if you decide further sessions would be beneficial

3 months' membership of 'Thrive!'

The Cost:

£990 full payment in advance


3 monthly instalments of £340


If you're ready to make some major changes in life, this is the one for you.  


As we work together I will help you really take control.  We'll work on changing any existing negative behaviours that you want to break free from and create the future you've always wanted - the start of a brand new you.  


What's included:

As many sessions as you need over the course of 6 months, to make that change once and for all

Professionally recorded hypnotherapy relaxation track 

Email and text message support

Free ongoing membership of 'Thrive!'

What can we achieve?  Well, that's up to you -  we'll work on building firm foundations for you and from then on, the sky really is the limit.

The Cost:

£1500 full payment in advance
4 monthly instalments of £380

Book a Call - Free of Charge

If you'd like to chat before going ahead that's no problem, it is a big commitment and it's important to feel comfortable that you're doing the right thing.

Click the button below to get in touch - let me know who you are, your number and when it's convenient to call, and I'll call you back.  


Alternatively, my number is 07980 744 497 - leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

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