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Next intake summer 2023
Limited free spaces available - apply now

The R:Evolution Retreat

A serene space amid the chaos and clamour of the online world.

An oasis of calm - where you can step away from the day-to-day pressures your business, gather your thoughts and find your way to next-level growth.

Learn how to show up in alignment with the life and business you really want to create.

Discover how to shift into desire, excitement and intuitive expansion - rather than struggle, stress and disaster-planning.

Understand how to build a life and business that feel streamlined, supportive - and joyful - rather than a constant source of stress. 

Start to see the way ahead - and learn how to make it happen - with the R:Evolution Framework.

The key to your ongoing, effortless expansion awaits.

Let's say not many free containers offer THIS level of personal support and intimacy. 


So, I'm offering LIMITED free spaces to those who join the waitlist for the next one... 


I’m TIRED of seeing entrepreneurs like you who have DONE all the things, laid all the groundwork for a successful business, poured blood, sweat and tears into creating their dreams… NOT living a life they *actually* love.

STILL wondering when it’s all going to start to feel good. Still wondering when ‘success’ and ‘satisfaction’ will get to be (an easy, comfortable, guilt-free) part of their vocabulary.

Still wondering when it will all get to feel worth it.

Abigail Rogers, business therapist & mentor

And I know why it is that this happens.


It’s not that you haven’t done enough.

Tried hard enough.

Done the right things.

Absorbed the right trainings, or worked with the right mentors.

It’s not even that you haven’t accomplished everything you set out to create.

And it’s not that business just has to feel this way.


It’s ALL to do with the very thing that’s helped you create this level of success in the first place.

Your passion, your drive, your fire.

And how, since forever, that fire has been fuelled by the wrong things.


Things that don’t serve you and your highest potential.

Like the belief that you always have to do more, try harder, be better.

Like the deep desire to prove something.

Like the need to keep taking the hard stuff on the chin and showing adversity who’s boss, time and time again… among other things.


I’ve been driven by them too, and I know they can be a powerful force - but they can also drive you to the brink.


Because they never, ever let you rest, receive - and be present with everything and everyone you’ve worked SO hard for.

But there’s a far easier, more expansive way to feel the fire and get what you came for - without it being all-consuming.

Without it sucking your time, energy, joy, relationships.

And I want to share that with you.


I want to revolutionise the way you think and feel - so this gets to feel good, without the emotional rollercoaster and sleepless nights.

I want to teach you how to continue to evolve, and effortlessly expand through level after level - without it feeling like you’re continually crashing up against barriers, walls and blocks.

I want to start a revolution in the world of entrepreneurship - one where you get to do business while you lean into abundant health, wealth and happiness.

I want that so much I've developed the Align & ARISE®️ R:Evolution Framework™, my own powerful method for continuous, easeful expansion.

And I'll be walking you through it in the R:Evolution Retreat™.

Praise for the R:Evolution Retreat:


"The value was HUGE!"

"It gave me an opportunity to pause and consider what small steps

I could take that will lead me to where I want to be".

"Even without the 1:1 call, this was worth HUNDREDS of pounds".

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