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The Sanctuary with Abigail Rogers


Your secret weapon for ongoing, effortless, anxiety-free expansion
Eliminate stress, struggle and self-doubt so you can do less, achieve more -
and maximise your potential for income, freedom & impact

You started your business with a desire to do what you loved, do it well - and create a level of income that would support you in living life to the full - with no regrets.


You set out to create a business that gave you freedom and TIME.  Time to live, love - and enjoy it all, feeling deeply satisfied by everything you'd accomplished.

But somehow, along the way, your business started feeling like it was running the show.


And you lost yourself, your joy and your freedom in the process. 

Now, it seems you can barely switch off from it and you feel anything BUT free.

The guilt, shame and pressure are unbearable at times.

The money seems to keep coming - but you wonder for how long?

You're not alone my love.  

The glossy brochure of entrepreneurship teaches us that once we've created consistent income, life gets to be easy and we get to just sit back, relax and enjoy it all.

In reality, though, there are SO many entrepreneurs out there who never achieve that - and instead find themselves spinning all the plates, overwhelmed by their businesses and unable to breathe - let alone step back and innovate their way to next-level growth.

Not you, though.

You didn't come here to struggle, right?

You came to soar.


Just imagine... 

aking up every morning, feeling like a happy human living with purpose, power and intention once again - rather than a machine, run ragged at the beck and call of your business and everyone else's demands.

Sitting down to work feeling rested, ready and clear on the priorities you knew would move the needle forward for you.

Feeling NO fear or hesitation around taking those next steps, however intimidating or impossible they may feel right now.

Feeling cool, calm, completely in control - and having absolute confidence in your decisions and abilities.

Not just trusting but KNOWING you've got this - and never, for a second, having your emotions spiral out of control and set you back.

Creative ideas for innovation and expansion just tumbling out of you - and all those 'What ifs' being fuelled by excitement rather than dread.

Imagine a world where it IS possible to run your business from a place of rational,

intuitive control, without your busy brain dominating your every waking moment

and your emotions dictating your productivity.

Where you get to discover how to switch off - while creating more growth,

insight and reward than you could ever have imagined.  

Where you get to connect with yourself and what matters again.

Where you have time to breathe and be a human, with a full and satisfying life.

And where your business, your brilliance - and your bank balance - bloom, as you grow YOU.


That world is The Sanctuary


It's a brand new kind of space that puts YOU and your needs front and centre of your business.  


A high-touch, incredibly supportive container for leaders, founders and established entrepreneurs who already KNOW what they need to do - but are just having trouble doing in effectively.


A place to step away from the chaos of the world

of online business and find calm, confidence and connection with your intuitive deeper knowing.

A place to effortlessly expand your mind, business - and whole way of being - so you can continue to uplevel in leaps and bounds, whilst discovering what will really lead to your ultimate satisfaction, soul-alignment - and freedom.  

A place to radically change your way of thinking, reawaken your energetic capacity, and refine your entire approach to doing - so everything that feels heavy and hard starts to flow and feel light, easy and joyful again.

And all wiith minimum discomfort - and maximum focus on YOU.

"I'm taking action in my business that I've been putting off for years.  I'm making decisive changes.I'm excited about my business again because I'm not bogged down anymore and have clear plans to

grow to the next level - and I'm bringing in more leads than ever before!


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Abi to anyone needing a complete mindset overhaul -

it's the best money I've ever spent"


- Caroline Brown (Business Mentor, Consultant & Strategist)

The Sanctuary isn't another one of those coaching programmes where you'll get in there and realise it's all the same old, tired strategies and affirmations you've heard a million times before.


Nor is it full of the sort of half-baked fluffy mindset work and questionable upleveling advice that might feel momentarily motivating - but leaves you cold, confused and questioning your values.

You don't need more advice.  You don't need more of other people's opinions and

ideas clogging up your brain.  You don't need to be told how to think, feel and what to do.

You need to get back to YOU.  Back to what you know.


Back to your unique unstoppable brilliance - and that powerful drive which has got you this far already.  And away from everything that's stopping you accessing that right now.


The Sanctuary will give you all the space and support you need do just that.

"Whilst working with Abi I had my highest income month to date

and completely turned my business around to fit around mine and my family's needs".

- Siobhan

6 months down the line you'll catch yourself looking back and wondering how it ever felt so hard.


Procrastination?  Imposter syndrome?  Self-doubt?  Financial anxiety?

Things of the past. 

You'll find yourself stepping up to face new challenges, and ticking off the things that have been sitting on your to do list for months because you've felt unable to do them (actually that will happen a WHOLE lot faster than 6 months in).

You'll notice that all of a sudden, those blocks around getting visible and taking action seem a dim and distant memory - as you embrace opportunities, make bold new plans - and no longer struggle for the right thing to say.

You'll stop second-guessing what people think of your every move.  You'll start to find your own feelings and opinions get the airtime they deserve - in the nicest possible way, of course.


You'll find it easy to share without shame when you need to and ask for help - whilst maintaining clear boundaries around your values and personal life.

You'll stop giving yourself the guilt trip, berating your every move, feeling ashamed and disappointed in yourself and talking yourself out of great ideas.

And you'll stop living under a constant shadow of anxiety about money, the future and your ability to keep the wheels turning - as you step boldly forward and OWN this thing, your way.

"I was struggling with the momentum in my business, I wasn't happy with what I was doing

and it showed with my business's performance.

My work-life balance was off, I was working too many evenings and weekends.

I started my business so that I could be there for my family and I wasn't!


We realigned my business and the way I'm doing things now makes me SO much happier.

I can see the future I want, I can see things turning out for the better.

I have a mission, I have a purpose and I know what I am here and why I am doing it!


Investing in you is one of the BEST things I have done for myself and my business"


- Leah Crowfoot (finance coach & mentor)

Are you ready for this..?


You're no newbie in the world of business.


You've been around long enough for the shine to wear off and to see through the identikit, sleazy marketing tactics and 'shoulds' of this world.


But despite having navigated it all and created financial success - you don't FEEL successful.  You feel like it's almost one great big happy accident (which is no longer all that happy - though you couldn't imagine for a second doing anything else).


Thing is, you're so caught up in keeping the wheels turning, day to day, that you barely have the time to stop, let alone check in with where you're headed.


And in the back of your mind, there's always that niggling dread about the future.


You feel like you need to do more.

You know you need to innovate to thrive in these troubled times.

You worry that you're barely hanging on.


But you just don't feel you have the time and energy to step back and be the visionary right now - let alone the confidence to back it up.

Let's change that.


So truth is, MOST entrepreneurs don't have what it takes to create the level of success and freedom they aspire to.  That's a harsh truth - but a realistic one.

The problem is, by their very definition, people who aspire to succeed in life and business have some pretty powerful driving forces at work behind the scenes - and they're not all good.  


In fact many of them are based on anxiety, traumatic imprints - and the emotional conditioning we learned was necessary to our survival and safety in early life.  As adults, these subconscious narratives and beliefs tend to keep us in cycles of shame and people-pleasing, low self-worth and self-esteem, overworking, overthinking, lack of clarity and low faith in our ability to make good, reasoned judgements.  


Hardly helpful to smashing those glass ceilings!  Hardly helpful to taking ongoing, effective action in your business.  Hardly helpful if you ever want to FEEL successful and worthy.

We're also intrinsically wired to seek perceived 'safety' in familiarity - in other words, to stay small and stuck in the struggle, rather than pushing our boundaries to make life better (how many times have you tried to build healthier habits?  Exactly.


And to top it all, the constant challenges of entrepreneurship and - well, life - mess with our nervous system and self-connection - keeping us trapped in endless fight, flight, freeze paralysis - and locking in the struggle and stagnation.  


Unless we know how to overcome it, that is.

In the Sanctuary we'll strategically and skilfully break down ALL those barriers to success and satisfaction, using my scientifically validated formula for self-mastery and effortless ongoing expansion,

The R:Evolution Framework™.

We'll Release the trauma, anxiety & limiting narratives that are currently shaping the way you show up - and keeping you stuck in overwhelm and unnecessary stress, each and every day.

We'll Reconnect you with your true identity and explore ways of being and doing that feel SO much more aligned and joyful.

We'll Recharge your energy and free up space and time to breathe, as you take control of your world from a place of self-led empowerment.

And we'll shift your energy, belief, financial capacity and creative potential to a place you'd never imagine could be possible - so you can Receive everything you came for and more.

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The Revolution Framework represents the culmination of everything I've learned over 6 years as a registered psychotherapist & coach, working with entrepreneurs and self-starters to significantly uplevel their lives and businesses -

combined with 15+ years experience as a small and multi-6 figures business owner and an intimate first-hand knowledge of the stresses and struggles business - and life - can bring.

Using powerful transformational techniques such as hypnotherapy and IEMT, we'll get right to the heart of your issues quickly and painlessly and do something ABOUT them -

without you having to suffer, struggle, talk through or dissect any traumatic experiences.

And through a manageable and revelationary process of guided self-discovery, we'll cover all bases in a way that's completely flexible and tailored to you.  No wasting time on things that don't serve you.  No forced interactions or additional work to add to the pile, when you'd rather be getting on with business.  No telling you what to do.


Just your transformation, your way - and effortless expansion into the purposeful, powerful person you were always MEANT to be.  Because YOU know what needs to change to achieve that.


And I know how to help you change it.

Here's what that could look like for you:

  • Overcoming your Money Mindset and Money Anxiety blocks permanently and powerfully - so you can step into owning your value and creating firm foundations for ongoing wealth generation

  • Removing your barriers to visibility and consistency and leaning in to quiet, powerful confidence - so it becomes easy for you to show up in the way you want, share your message and effortlessly expand your reach

  • Lifting the brain fog and inertia that keep you stuck in cycles of doing all the things without making satisfying progress - saving you time, money and energy - and creating the breathing space you so badly need

  • Reconnecting with who you are and what you really want for yourself and your business - and building a powerful, streamlined plan to make it happen without emotional upheaval and without tearing down everything you've built

  • Establishing balance and boundaries and connecting with your ability to step back, switch off, step into your leadership shoes - and make powerful, assertive decisions that help you take control and sit firmly in the driving seat of your life and business

  • Discovering your voice and your natural authority, so handling those awkward conversations and encounters becomes second nature and performance anxiety becomes a thing of the past

  • Building firm boundaries and a bulletproof mindset and emotional foundation for ongoing, Unstoppable success - whilst leaving ALL the nice, good, kind, caring parts of your personality untouched (so you get to stay you - but feel SO much better)

  • Putting to bed ALL the negative and limiting thoughts you experience, once and for all, leaving self-doubt for dust - and connecting with your inner wisdom so you can continue to make uplevel after effortless uplevel, long after we've finished working together.

I don't believe in fear being a thing ANYONE should keep having

to feel to build & sustain their dream.

And I don't believe in faking it when there's no reason you shouldn't

FEEL joyful, successful and in total control all the way.

So let's eliminate the fear, shake off the struggle - and get you backing yourself, your life and your business 100% of the way - right NOW.

Let's chat

I don't believe in pushy, awkward sales calls.  I trust that my people are smart enough to make their own decisions, given all the info they need.

So let's have a chat via email, messenger (or Zoom if you prefer) and let's find out whether this really is for you before we hit 'GO'.

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