Hypnotherapy can have an amazing effect on our physical wellbeing - whether you simply feel you need to be able to wind down and relax more easily, or are suffering physical illness and fatigue.  


It works by influencing our wellbeing on a subconscious level - in turn this alters our body's neurotransmitters, hormones and the inflammatory response - and this can have a huge impact on us physically.  From chronic pain to IBS and even improving fertility, the effects can be quite astounding.


If you're feeling permanently exhausted, unwell and unable to do the things you want, it can be extremely worrying and upsetting not to mention affecting your quality of life.  I've experienced this myself and it's not pleasant.  


A couple of years back I was feeling constantly run-down, becoming unwell every couple of weeks with no detectable cause and frankly starting to feel like a hypochondriac - when the GP's tests came back clear for the umpteenth time I knew I wasn't making it up - but I couldn't understand why I felt so terrible.  Did I have chronic fatigue syndrome or M.E.?  It certainly felt like something major was wrong.


Quite by chance I happened to seek Hypnotherapy for something else entirely.  I'm so glad I did.

Within a couple of weeks I started to feel so much better and I now have bags of energy and am very rarely ill.  It completely transformed my life and wellbeing and I would love to help you achieve the same.

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