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So here's me

I’ve always been a dreamer, one to go after what I wanted and make it happen.


‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’, as my parents often reminded me.


But I was also a chronic people-pleaser and struggled with crippling self-consciousness and social anxiety.


So through being a 'nice girl', I wound up in a profession I had fallen out of love with, running a business I felt I had little control over, spinning all the plates and trying to keep the whole show going without a clue what I was doing - and without the confidence to make better decisions or manage my staff effectively.


Every day was a rollercoaster of panic attacks, exhaustion, a never-ending to do list - and keeping it together in front of everyone else.  Because that's the one thing I was really great at - pretending everything was ok.  Even to myself.  


I flirted with burnout for a long time.  I hadn't even heard of anxiety - but boy, I had it in spades.  And then, I ended up doing something about it - completely by accident!



I had some hypnotherapy for stage fright.

You see, I was trying to cram in all the things I loved in life too, because... life’s for living, right?!  Rock climbing, mountaineering; training as a professional singer, singing opera - as you do.

I’d decided that would be the key to breaking out of the business - my singing career.  If only I didn’t have such dreadful stage fright. I mean proper, rooted to the spot, choking on the words, wobbly voice, wobbly legs ‘I’m going to die’ stage fright.

So, being a determined person; I decided after a while that stage fright had to go.  ‘Fake it til you make it’ wasn’t working.

I decided serious measures were required - and I was prepared to try anything.  So, putting all my skepticism aside, I booked a hypnotherapy session.

And that was it.

The catalyst for a new me.


The real me.

In just a few sessions I got more than I could ever have bargained for.  Confidence.  Control.  Better sleep.  Wellbeing. Answers.  Ways forward I could never have imagined in my previous state.


I now have two young children - I honestly don’t think they’d be here if it weren’t for those sessions. I just couldn’t see a way I could possibly make it fit into an already overwhelming life.

As you can tell, I was so fascinated by my transformation that I decided I had to know more.  I’m a scientist, I can’t help being inquisitive (and skeptical!).

A year after my treatment I trained as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and instantly I was hooked.  And I've never stopped learning about the mind and its amazing influence over the possibilities in our lives. 


I had found what I wanted to do forever more.  And now I help women like me overcome everything that’s holding them back, so they can be their best selves - and be happy.  


Why do I work with aspirational business owners?  


Because I see so many women - and men - out there with so much to give, who are held back by anxiety, fear and lack of confidence - just like I was.  And I want them to be able to go out there, build the business of their dreams, pursue their passion and no longer feel limited by self-doubt or thinking they aren't good enough.


Because a woman who truly believes in herself and has that beautiful, quiet, unshakeable confidence really can achieve anything.  And it's such a wonderful feeling - just knowing you can do whatever you put your mind to.


And it's about time that more of us brought our best selves to the table, took on the world and made the future ours.

So, here I am!

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