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So here's me

I’ve always been a dreamer, one to go after what I wanted and make it happen.


‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’, as my parents often reminded me.


But I was also a chronic people-pleaser and struggled with crippling self-consciousness and social anxiety.


So through being a 'nice girl', I wound up in a profession I had fallen out of love with, running a business I felt I had little control over, spinning all the plates and trying to keep the whole show going without a clue what I was doing - and without the confidence to make better decisions or manage my staff effectively.


Every day was a rollercoaster of panic attacks, exhaustion, a never-ending to do list - and keeping it together in front of everyone else.  


Because that's the one thing I was really great at - pretending everything was ok.  

Even to myself.  

I flirted with burnout for a long time.


I thought anxiety was something that applied to other people - but boy, I had it in spades.


And then, I ended up doing something about it - completely by accident!

You see, I was trying to cram in all the things I loved in life too, because... life’s for living, right?!  Rock climbing, mountaineering; training as a professional singer, singing opera - as you do.

I’d decided that would be the key to breaking out of the business - my singing career.  If only I didn’t have such dreadful stage fright. I mean proper, rooted to the spot, choking on the words, wobbly voice, wobbly legs ‘I’m going to die’ stage fright.

So, being a determined person; I decided after a while that stage fright had to go.  


‘Fake it til you make it’ wasn’t working.  I was done with doing it anyway and STILL feeling the fear.

I decided serious measures were required - and I was prepared to try anything.  So, putting all my skepticism aside, I booked a hypnotherapy session.


And that was it.

The catalyst for a new me.  
The real me.

In just a few sessions I got more than I could ever have bargained for.

Confidence. Control.  Better sleep.  Wellbeing.  Answers.  


Ways forward I could never have imagined in my previous state.

Happiness.  Fulfilment.  Financial empowerment.

I now have two young children - I honestly don’t think they’d be here if it weren’t for that decision.

I just couldn’t see a way I could possibly make family fit into an already overwhelming life.


Understanding how to manage my thoughts and feelings to leverage my intuitive,

intellectual mind and support the creation of what I WANT, rather than feeling stuck in

what I don't, has been the key to creating so many more

wonderful things in my life since then.


(And doing it all without stress, struggle or self-doubt).

It was so powerful for me that I trained as registered hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, and I've never stopped learning about the mind and our ability to consciously create everything we want.



Through my own experience and through working with others in the entrepreneurial space, it's since become clear to me that lack of self-worth, anxiety and our powerfully ingrained cultural need to please others are exactly what prevent SO many would-be successful people from creating everything they aspire to.

Wealth.  Balance.  Freedom.  Joy.

They're what keep us locked in those cycles of procrastination, perfectionism, undervaluing our time and our services, comparison, shiny object syndrome...

And NOT feeling inspired, focused and fearless enough to take the action that's so key to manifesting our desires.


So as a super-passionate introvert who can't stand by and watch others struggle, it's become my mission to help others like me overcome everything that’s holding them back - and embody the wealthy, wise, wonderful everything they want to become.


 Because a humble human who truly believes in themselves and has that beautiful, quiet, unshakeable inner confidence really can achieve anything.


Help her create the wealth she needs to satisfy her ambitions -

and watch her change the world.


It all starts here.



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