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Looking for some help with your wealth, wellbeing or business?  These are the people & products I'd recommend...

Caroline Brown
Business mentor, consultant & strategist

Caroline helps ex-corporate women build businesses they want to boast about.

She helps newbies figure out what they’re selling, who they’re selling it to, and shows them how to sell it without making them feel icky. The goal is to attract perfect-fit clients and generate consistent income without burning out.


Caroline also supports more established businesses as they improve and grow.

She helps them professionalise without diluting their individuality. The idea is to introduce corporate-type standards to enhance their credibility so they can go after their BIG goals, whether attracting A-list clients, bagging high-profile speaking gigs, or launching a whole new arm of their empire.


Visit Caroline’s website at and connect with her on LinkedIn:

Caroline Brown - Business mentor, consultant & strategist

Gemma Went
Business coach, mind mentor & success strategist
The Lighthouse Business Academy

Gemma Went is a multi-award winning Online Business Mentor, Energy Practitioner and Certified Mindset Coach. With over two decades of experience, she blends corporate, brand and agency experience with all she’s learned from scaling two of her own businesses and serving over two thousand online clients, to create tried and tested frameworks that help her clients get to six, multi-six and seven figures.


Through her CPD Accredited company, The Lighthouse Business and her CPD Accredited Programs, *The Conscious Consultant Certification® and *Elevate Collective®, she has two roles:


Role One: Helping coaches, consultants, experts and entrepreneurs scale a sustainable, soul-led business with recurring revenue and evergreen at its core.


Role Two: Training and certifying online business coaches with business strategy, marketing strategy and energy clearing methods

I'm a proud affiliate of Gemma's after working with her in her signature programme, Elevate Collective®*.  

If you're looking for something a little lower cost but super-powerful, try Gemma's Business Strategy Workbook*.

The Lighthouse

(*These are affiliate links, so if you do click through and decide to sign up, I will earn a small commission).

Gemma Went - Business Mentor & Growth Strategist.jpg

Claire Sweet
Money coach & financial adviser
Peace Together Money Coaching

Claire helps ambitious women to grown their assets and master their money, to create a life of freedom.

The Financial Confidence Workshop Series*

The Asset Accelerator*

Peace Together Money Coaching

Claire Sweet Money Coach

Ellie Bowie
Thoughtful, strategic & sustainable brand design... with a special something!
Eleanor Bowie Brand Design

Giving your business the clarity, confidence & inspiration to flourish.

"Let's distill ideas, find your distinctiveness, inject a dollop of creative oomph. And bam - hello, lovely new brand!

I believe the words must speak to you, the design must embrace them and the form must function.  It's all got to work.  But with a little pizzaz..."

Ellie can help with everything from one-off Design Consultancy sessions to comprehensive brand design packages.  Find out more here...

Eleanor Bowie Graphic Design

Ellie Bowie Brand & Graphic Design

Resources & Tech

Business management solution
Manage your clients.  Automate your work.  Grow your business.

I have been a big fan of Dubsado since I first signed up 3 years ago!

It allows me to schedule appointments and set up calls, invoice, send contracts and documents and even create packages and automated workflows, so the back end of my business runs without a second thought.


You can try it free - and get 20% off your first month or entire first year - through this referral link

Online checkout - and SO much more!
Host courses, manage affiliates & effortlessly sell digital products & services

My gosh I LOVE Thrivecart!

I signed up for their one-off lifetime payment plan a couple of years back - and it's served me SO well since, for digital courses, services and affiliate programmes - even for my book!  


It's an absolute bargain - and has endless capabilities for funnels, bumps and upgrade offers.  If you're looking to get started as a digital entrepreneur and don't want to sign up to expensive monthly platforms, this is for you!


Find out more about the one-off lifetime payment or other current offers through this referral link

Project management
Workflows, to dos and notifications when you need them.

I would literally be lost without Trello!  It's my spare brain.  

Everything that needs to get done, gets given its own little card in Trello and then gets moved around within my dedicated boards, depending on priority.  


They're like Post-It notes that remind you they're due and can never get lost!


You can try it free through this referral link

(I may earn some commission.  I'm not sure - I'm still using the free version, to be honest!)

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