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Run your life and business the way you want, build the wealth you deserve -

and wake up every morning feeling successful, satisfied and in control

I'm here to help you Align & ARISE®️


My clients aren't conventional, or run-of-the mill.

They're don't always feel like they fit in, measure up or show themselves in their best light.  Most of them have felt underestimated and unheard.

But deep down they KNOW they were born to make waves, create wild and deeply satisfying success - and to live this thing called life to the FULL.


I'm not conventional or run-of-the mill, either. 

I don't fit in the usual boxes of purely mindset, money or business coaching.


I go way deeper through my unique process, Intuitive Subconscious Embodiment™ - a powerful blend of hypnosis, psychotherapy, mentorship and rapid transformational techniques that are the catalyst for deep, permanent, mind-blowing changes in your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours.

Connecting you with your higher, intuitive, naturally calm & confident soul self.  And changing everything about the way you show up the world for the better.

It's powerful and proven.
It works because it's based on sound, evidenced scientific principles.
And it's for the woman who is ready to step up, stop limiting herself -
and become everything she was meant to be.

What's going on for you?

You're a fiercely ambitious & passionate person - with many strings to her bow and a LOT of love to give.


And you decided long ago that you're NOT here to let life happen to you - you're here to live on purpose and create wealth, freedom and impact. 

You KNOW you want to achieve incredible things, so you can look back on life and say you lived it to the full. 


But living it to the full can feel a little full-on.


Beneath that successful exterior, sometimes the doubt, anxiety - and lack of time! - can be overwhelming.


Up to now you've pushed on through and made it work despite the stresses and struggles.

But you need this to feel easier - and you know deep down that something HAS to change if you want to create the wealth & fulfilment you crave.

But how?


You've done the mindset work along the way.

You've tried to shift those limiting beliefs, but they seem to keep coming back or cropping up in different ways.  You've tried to think more positively and reframe the stories you're telling yourself - but it's so tiring thinking about your thinking all the time! 

Journaling sometimes helps but you don't really know whether you're doing it right.  And the money mindset and abundance work you've done seems to fall by the wayside every time you hit an emotional bump in the road, or you have a low month...

Sometimes strategies like EFT or energy work seem to help, in the moment - but they don't last.  And you KNOW all about self-care (you're secretly a little sick of hearing it!).

What you'd LOVE more than anything is something that just WORKS - to shift this stuff and put you in a permanent state of abundance, ease and attraction without trying so hard.

  • So you just get to feel, think and BE as you want to be without all the effort.

  • So you can easily and effectively BUILD the life and business you want, and create wealth on YOUR terms.

  • So you feel 100% worthy - ready for ANYTHING - and totally in control.

That's exactly what I'm here for.


This is how we do it

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At the heart of my work is a framework for deep personal growth & emotional mastery, tailored specifically to help high achievers overcome their deepest subconscious barriers and blocks - and reprogramme their minds for ultimate alignment, success, wellbeing and wealth creation.


The Align & ARISE®️ Framework incorporates powerful transformational methods for fast, effective change - that DON'T rely on painful and prolonged analysis, complicated tools, or constant thinking about your thoughts.

Instead we just overcome trauma and anxiety, and get you Wired for Wealth™ - ready create a lifetime of soulful, deeply satisfying success.

Worthy  .  Wealthy  .  Healthy  .  Whole

Ways to work with me

1:1 Consultancy
& Mind Mentoring

Premium private support for clients requiring exclusive,
on-demand access to therapy, coaching & business mentoring

  to accelerate their wealth & personal growth journey


Worth, Wealth & Wisdom

Flexible 1:1 & Mastermind
for Ambitious Women who are ready to get Wired for Wealth

Step into your ultimate
Success, Ease, Confidence, Fulfilment & Abundance through rolling monthly support

Rapid Anxiety & Trauma Release

Session-by session IEMT, 
Hypnotherapy & Solution-Focused Coaching

For those times when fear, anxiety and blocks are holding you back from embodying your next-level self and you DON'T want a programme - you just want it gone

Align & ARISE®️
Living Journal

Live Supported Journaling

Receive daily Worth, Wealth & Wisdom prompts and resources to help you get effortlessly
Wired for Wealth
direct to your inbox.

Currently just £7 p/m!

Need more clarity,
or don't see an option that's right for you?

Fabulous Freebies

Epic free mindset & business resources including my
FREE 21 day Worthy, Wealthy, Wise e-course

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"I just got my first 1:1 client after months of putting them off on my sales calls.  Thank you so much!"

- Tracey S.

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"This is, without doubt, THE BEST money I've ever invested in myself and has changed all areas of my life, not just my business.

I'm taking action that I've been putting off for years.


I don't agonise over things anywhere near as much as I used to.

I'm much better able to communicate with everyone in my life, whether in business or personal relationships.


Even writing content for social media is so much easier now!"

- Caroline Brown

One week in and already worth every penny!  A brilliant way to work with a fabulous person, sort out your inner voice and make it work FOR you"

- Anna

Even within 30 minutes, Abi helped me to reframe the main the blocker holding me back and our conversation spurred me on to get my ass in gear and take action on something that I'd been procrastinating on.


I came away feeling energised and positive about taking my next step forward in my business"

- Tamsin

"I've made more progress in my business with you in 30 minutes than

I have by myself in the last 2 and a half years!"

What's different when you work with me?


  • I don't make you do any awkward, uncomfortable sh*t. No digging into past traumas or events that you find upsetting or anxiety-inducing - we simply don't need to. We'll just rewrite your future rather than getting lost in the past.

  • I won't make you 'feel the fear and do it anyway'. There is NO NEED to feel fear to make progress - instead, we'll gently expand your comfort zone in a way that feels easy and barely even noticeable.

  • You'll notice your new-found confidence & certainty spilling out into all sorts of areas of life!  Previous clients have stopped feeling anxious driving, have been able to leave the house for the first time in months, have started making healthier choices without even thinking about it, have found their relationships have got SO much easier - and have suddenly found ideas and inspiration just spilling out of them!

  • I won't have you doing endless hours of soul-searching (no need!), tapping or chanting.  Nothing against those techniques - you'll just find you don't need them!

  • I won't quote clichés at you, like "Done is better than perfect" or "Fake it 'til you make it".  Instead we'll just get you taking the action you want without even trying!

  • I won't tell you what to do in your business, but I will give you my expertise and guidance to help you identify YOUR soul-aligned path.  Why?  Because we never take effective action when we're subconsciously resisting - it's got to come from YOU!​

Logos & brand graphics-14.png

  • I've run a multi 6-figure business and I can tell you, I've seen almost everything!

  • I'm a wonderful listening ear, a judgment-free zone and I believe in doing everything with integrity, honesty and great communication.

  • I'm a passionate, slightly obsessive neurodivergent brain & business nerd and I can tell you pretty much everything there is to know about your mind and how to make it work for you.  In fact I literally am writing the book...

  • I am all about equality, diversity, respect and understanding.

"I'm taking action in my business that I've been putting off for years.  I'm making decisive changes.  I'm excited about my business again because I'm not bogged down anymore and have clear plans to grow to the next level - and I'm bringing in more leads than ever before!


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Abi to anyone needing a complete mindset overhaul - it's the best money I've ever spent"

- C.B.

The Path to Purpose, Peace & Profit -

FREE digital preview

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