Stress-free, 'should'-free, soul-led expansion for visionaries, entrepreneurs & conscious leaders

Why work with me?


I'm a registered hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and business mentor with 15 years of experience in small and multi-6 figure business ownership and a LOT of experience in life.

I help entrepreneurs and fiercely driven people, who care about living their lives to the full, to connect with their deepest level of fulfilment, rediscover passion and focus, and create awesome change for themselves and those around them. 


Free from anxiety, free from stress - and free of the limiting beliefs and behaviours that have held them back.

Together we'll create a roadmap for your success, shake off all the sh*t that's been getting in your way, reconnect with your fire and enthusiasm and throw the door to your limitless potential wide open.

And we'll do it with integrity, substance and respect for everything you feel, believe and know - because that's how we do things round here.


Find total alignment with what makes YOU happy and gain absolute clarity on what you really want to create and manifest - so you can get out there, grab life by the hand and squeeze every last drop of joy out of your precious time on this earth.


Learn how to live with complete calm, confidence & control, free from unhelpful anxiety & emotional overload - so your thoughts are no longer ruled by your business, your mind, your bank balance, behaviours - or what other people think.


Reap the rewards of putting your unique brilliance into practice in a totally aligned, feel good way that brings you time & freedom too.  Cultivate unshakeable confidence in your worth, your ability to have and hold money and unlock the door to endless abundance.


Am I right for you?

You're already successful - at least, on paper.  But that's not always how it feels, is it?

Because although the numbers might be stacking up, it's hard.  You're constantly on the go, always planning your next step, never quite feeling you've finished the last - or the other million and one things in your head and on your 'to do' list.

Sometimes it's hard to find time to breathe, let alone relax and enjoy life!

But you're doing all this BECAUSE life is short - and you're determined to make the most of it.  You know there's so much more available to you and you're determined to get it.  

And that better life feels so close... but also so far away.

You love your work.  At least, you did... now it's become overwhelming, uninspiring, and it's hard to stay motivated.

Am I right?  Then read on.

I totally hear you.

I've been exactly where you are now and it's hard to believe there's another way, isn't it?

It's lonely out there.  There's all sorts of advice about self-care and mindset - but it feels like hard work and half-baked clichés and really, who has the time?

But you know that SOMETHING needs to change.  You can't go on feeling like this forever.  You want to be one of those calm, collected, confident people who just seems to radiate ease and abundance.

You WANT to be able to switch off from work and really, truly enjoy those precious moments that matter so much - without feeling guilty, torn or distracted.


And you want to be able to say 'no', to charge what you'd secretly love to charge without feeling embarrassed or awkward - and to calmly smash your target income without breaking down, burning out or abandoning everything you live for.

You don't want to be told what to do.  


You just want to be able to do things your way and be able to trust that it's the right way.  Because it is, you know.  You just need a hand with that belief thing.


And that's exactly what I'm here for. 

This is how we do it

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My programmes, courses and private coaching containers are all created to bring together those 3 core pillars, which combine beautifully to create my unique transformational method:

The Ultimate Freedom Framework TM

The framework is designed to help my clients revolutionise their lives and businesses, claim back their time and energy whilst achieving MORE, connect with meaning, purpose and joy, create more wealth and freedom - and do it all with ease, flow and unshakeable confidence.

Whether you're looking to significantly increase your revenue, spend more time with your family without guilt and anxiety, or step into your next-level strategy, visibility and insight - I've got you covered.


  • Vision ignition

  • Strategic clarity

  • Alignment, fulfilment & flow

  • Effortless expansion

  • Self-directed, intuitive leadership


  • Mind & energy mastery

  • Unshakeable confidence & self-belief

  • Time sanctity & mastery

  • Soul-aligned, stress-free strategy

  • Subconscious reprogramming & renewal


  • Conscious wealth creation

  • Financial empowerment

  • Abundance & attraction

  • Value, visibility & growth ownership

  • Solution leverage

Ways to work with me

Breakthrough VIP 'On Call' Day

Fancy having a business mentor & mindset coach in your pocket for a whole day?  We'll blast through your blocks - subconscious or strategic - and leave you fired up with the motivation, certainty and confidence to take your next steps with ease.

 Full day's access to me 1:1 via Voxer or messenger (or, if you prefer,

we can do a one-off 90 min session).


The Limitless Life Lab

The ultimate transformational

Conscious Creation experience.


My exclusive 9 month intensive 1:1 programme, designed to help you achieve your highest level everything.

We'll take your focus, confidence, insight and creativity to the next level and beyond - and build bulletproof resilience & motivation - so you can dramatically uplevel your life, wealth & business practically overnight.

It's designed for driven people who are ready for their ULTIMATE success - personally and professionally.

£595 per month

The Ultimate Freedom FrameworkTM
Business & Mindset Audit

Deep dive comprehensive mindset & business audit to help you get clear on the EXACT next steps you need to take - and build a blueprint for your next level success (and beyond).

40 point assessment followed by a half day VIP session to break it down and blast through your most pressing blocks.


Prefer the DIY approach?

Check out my courses & resources for:


Glorious Guided Meditations

Journaling Prompts

Money Mindset

Imposter Syndrome

Content Creation

and more...


"I just got my first 1:1 client after months of putting them off on my sales calls.  Thank you so much!"

- Tracey S.

"The Limitless Life Lab was, without doubt, THE BEST money I've ever invested in myself and has changed all areas of my life, not just my business.

I'm taking action that I've been putting off for years.


I don't agonise over things anywhere near as much as I used to.

I'm much better able to communicate with everyone in my life, whether in business or personal relationships.


Even writing content for social media is so much easier now!"

- Caroline Brown

My commitment to you-11.png

One week in and already worth every penny!  A brilliant way to work with a fabulous person, sort out your inner voice and make it work FOR you"

- Anna

"Whilst working with Abi I had my highest income month to date

and completely turned my business around to fit around mine and my family's needs,

working less hours with only dream clients".

- Siobhan

Even within 30 minutes, Abi helped me to reframe the main the blocker holding me back and our conversation spurred me on to get my ass in gear and take action on something that I'd been procrastinating on.


I came away feeling energised and positive about taking my next step forward in my business"
- Tamsin

"I've made more progress in my business with you in 30 minutes than

I have by myself in the last 2 and a half years!"

Why work with me?


  • I don't make you do any awkward, uncomfortable sh*t. No digging into past traumas or events that you find upsetting or anxiety-inducing - we simply don't need to. We'll just rewrite your future rather than getting lost in the past.

  • I won't make you 'feel the fear and do it anyway'. There is NO NEED to feel fear to make progress - instead, we'll gently expand your comfort zone in a way that feels easy and barely even noticeable.

  • You'll notice your new-found confidence & certainty spilling out into all sorts of areas of life!  Previous clients have stopped feeling anxious driving, have been able to leave the house for the first time in months, have started making healthier choices without even thinking about it, have found their relationships have got SO much easier - and have suddenly found ideas and inspiration just spilling out of them!

  • I won't have you doing endless hours of journaling (no need!), tapping or chanting.  Nothing against those techniques - you'll just find you don't need them!

  • I won't quote clichés at you, like "Done is better than perfect" or "Fake it 'til you make it".  Instead we'll just get you taking the action you want without even trying!

  • I won't tell you what to do in your business, but I will give you my expertise and guidance to help you identify YOUR soul-aligned path.  Why?  Because we never take effective action when we're subconsciously resisting - it's got to come from YOU!​

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  • I've run a multi 6-figure business and I can tell you, I've seen almost everything!

  • I'm a wonderful listening ear, a judgment-free zone and I believe in doing everything with integrity, honesty and great communication.

  • I'm a passionate, slightly obsessive neurodivergent brain & business nerd and I can tell you pretty much everything there is to know about your mind and how to make it work for you.  In fact I literally am writing the book...

  • I am all about equality, diversity, respect and understanding.

"I'm taking action in my business that I've been putting off for years.  I'm making decisive changes.  I'm excited about my business again because I'm not bogged down anymore and have clear plans to grow to the next level - and I'm bringing in more leads than ever before!


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Abi to anyone needing a complete mindset overhaul - it's the best money I've ever spent"

- C.B.


Abi Rogers is a mindset coach (though she prefers Jedi), hypnotherapist and business coach who helps fiercely ambitious entrepreneurs & business owners go from stressed, anxious and underpaid to owning their worth, building their wealth and embracing life to the full!


A former multi 6 figure business owner with 15 years’ business experience, Abi embraced her own pure passion in 2017 - helping others create more success, less stress and a joyful life on their terms through the wonders of subconscious mind mastery.  


She is founder of the Ultimate Freedom Framework, presenter of the much-loved ‘Purpose, Peace & Profit’ podcast, and author of The Path to Purpose, Peace & Profit.  She works with clients internationally and has regularly featured as a guest expert for The 6 Figure Bookkeeper.


Abi lives in beautiful Bristol, UK with her husband and 2 gorgeous little nonsense-boxes.  She loves to climb, eat, escape to the mountains or coast with her beloved camera and sings everything from Old Macdonald to opera.