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May's Theme:
Self-Care & Self-Leadership

Ever wanted to get into a regular mindset development habit -

 (because you know it's the KEY to growth) -

but found you just:

  • Don't have the time

  • Don't have the motivation

  • Keep forgetting in the course of your busy day

  • Don't really know where to begin...

  • Don't know whether you're doing it right

  • Tend to make excuses and tell yourself it doesn't matter, this once?

Well then - haven't you landed in just the right place! 

Subscribers are saying...


"The value is off the scale!"

"Highly recommend it!"

"An opportunity to pause and consider what small steps

I could take that will lead me to where I want to be".

"Worth HUNDREDS of pounds"

"The guided meditation alone is worth the price!"

No more beautiful (but, let's face it, useless) journals gathering dust while you battle your way through mindset issues and emotional wobbles day after day.

No more sitting there wondering WTF to write and feeling the brain fog descend!

No more avoiding the issue(s)... and wondering why you're feeling as abundant and magnetic to wealth as an old, worn out shoe.

I've got you!

We'll do this thing together with a smile rather than a sigh.

I'll hold your hand through journaling - and make it easy, impactful and fun!

You'll have daily accountability, direction and a fresh perspective.

We'll get you feeling fired up, focused and abundant AF...

And SO much more than that.

Think clarity.  Connection.  Coaching.

Think POWERFUL AF Effortless Expansion Upgrade sessions...

where we elevate your capacity to evolve, expand, receive...

help you subconsciously embody everything you WANT to be...

and ease into new possibilities and paradigms on the spot.


Oh.  AND THERE'S NO TIE-IN.  Woohoo!

Expansion Sessions (1200 x 400 px)-8.png
Get access to the Manifestation Challenge when you sign up for 14 days of fabulousness -
TRY us for FREE!

Let's be honest - you KNOW you need to be working on your mindset, right?


Our human brains are about as useful as the proverbial chocolate teapot at staying on track with our dreams and goals, left to their own devices.


They wander off on their own little paths and in a million different directions, collecting all sorts of negativity and useless rubbish along the way (like guilt, shame, and a million reasons to feel like an imposter).

But you can't afford for those cheeky mind monkeys to have their wicked way - and leave you starting each day feeling like stressed, overwhelmed and downtrodden.

You need to be in your ZONE!

You need to feel Worthy, Wise and Wired for Wealth™ from the get-go -

so you can keep attracting more of the same.

And you want someone who knows their STUFF to hold your hand.

The Living Journal is JUST the thing.

Praise for my prompts!


"For me there have been some real lightbulb moments,

particularly around scaling, which have been really useful to me".

"One week in and ALREADY worth every penny!

A brilliant way to work with a fabulous person,

sort out your inner voice and make it work FOR you".

"I wasn't sure there would be enough 'new' stuff for me to explore,

but there's definitely plenty for me to get stuck in to".

"I'd highly recommend this.

I have zero time at the moment, but because it's online

and bitesized I can easily fit it in or catch up!".


Here's exactly what you get...

  • Simple, actionable support to get you fired, up Wired for Wealth™ and ready to receive.

  • I'll pop up in your (email) inbox each morning, with a super-simple thought, activity or prompt based on the 4 Rs of my Align & ARISE®️ framework: Reconnect, Release, Recharge & Receive.  Each is designed to shift you into a more Worthy, Wealthy & Wise state of more ease, flow and attraction - and get you feeling ready to take on the world and win.

  • We'll use scientifically sound, soul-aligned journaling tips and mind management principles that fuse the spiritual with the psychological, helping you consciously create an ever-more-awesome reality...

  • ... all within 5-10 minutes per day

  • There'll be a monthly theme

  • With an accompanying guided meditation to support your journey and rewire your brain for success while you sleep!

  • There'll be a monthly Effortless Expansion Upgrade session to shift your motivation & manifesting into the stratosphere... (if that's where you want to go!)

  • We'll cover themes such as:

    • Motivation

    • Money

    • Attraction

    • Success

    • Self-worth

    • Wellbeing

    • Energy & focus

    • Confidence

    • Overwhelm

    • Owning your expertise

  • And I'll check in with BONUS tips and regular prompts to help you stay accountable to your goals, go deeper on your journey to Worth, Wealth & Wisdom and get sh*t done! 💛

I know, amid the tired self-care advice, the overused 'empowering' quotes and the gurus preaching their 5am routines, it can be hard to feel like you'll EVER find something that just DOES the job, works for you, and actually makes a difference.

But the difference comes from making little shifts in your thinking every single day - and challenging the way you see the world (and your place in it!).

I've created the Living Journal for ambitious people like you, who JUST want it to be easy - KNOW they need to work on their minds - but don't have the time or inclination for deep soul-searching and navel-gazing whilst running your busy life and business!

You want to consciously create more time, freedom and impact.

You're ready to get Wired for Wealth™.

You want to feel worthy, wise - and in control.

You've got the pen, I've got the inspiration (and a whole HEAP of happy subscribers who have shifted their thinking to a whole new level) ...

So it SOUNDS great - but how do I know it works?


Since 2019, I've been using a very similar format with my clients and the wonderful humans in my former membership to create stunning shifts on a daily basis.

See, I'm not just some self-appointed 'mindset guru' who's read a few books on manifestation and has decided they know it all.  I'm a registered therapist, an expert in anxiety and the human brain - and I understand exactly how we consciously create our existence through the power of our subconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

I know what works.  I know what doesn't.  And I know how to go deep into unpicking those subconscious saboteurs and limiting beliefs - build your sense of self-worth and create inevitable success - without hours of endless analysis. 

Oh - and of course, there's no tie-in.  So you're free to come and go as you please...

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 17.02.03.png

Hey!  I'm Abi


I help ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals Align & ARISE®️ to unlock their true, limitless potential - so they can serenely stride forward and claim the wealth, freedom and fulfilment they were born for, without fears, doubts & insecurities tripping them up or holding them down.

I’ve learned how to overcome the deepest self-worth blocks, unlock my inner wealth wisdom and create fulfilment, freedom and financial abundance on my terms.


I get to wake up every day knowing that I get to define how I feel, how I show up - and what gets to be true for me.  


And you can too!  Can't wait to show you how. 

A x

The Imposter Identity Matrix

Understand the unique profile of limiting emotional and identity imprints that subconsciously sabotage your potential for limitless wealth, success & joy.

Looking for The Living Journal Ts & Cs?

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