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Worth, Wealth & Wisdom with Abigail Rogers

The Wired for Wealth™ Mastermind
Flexible 1:1 & group coaching container
for Entrepreneurs and High Achievers.

Overcome Anxiety, Self-Sabotage and
Limiting Beliefs - and get Wired for Wealth

You want to create a life of freedom, expansion, impact.

A life where you get to look back and say "I lived this thing to the full and then some!". 


And you're DOING the things!

You're making it happen.

You're not sitting back and watching life pass you by.


You know that money doesn't equal happiness - but you understand that

creating wealth is the key to unlocking the future,

freedom and impact you want - and to building a meaningful legacy.

If only it felt easier and less all-consuming!


You've worked on your money mindset - but now you're aware that

there's some deeper work to do to feel truly worthy...

... to expand your capacity for growth...


... and to own and embody the confidence

and self-belief you know are essential to your success.


You also know that somewhere along the way, you need to work on

all the other stuff that seems to always stand in the way of your

goals and dreams.


 The lack of time.  The demands.  The endless plate spinning.

My lovely, you're in EXACTLY the right place 💛

Worth, Wealth & Wisdom is designed to get you...


KNOWING what to focus on to move forward

BELIEVING 100% in your ability to do it

FEELING great about yourself, your life and your choices

TRUSTING in every decision you make as it helps you consciously

create more wealth, abundance, freedom and joy

... and EMBODYING it all with the quiet self-assurance, dignity and

ease of the woman who knows life can only go one way.  HER way.

This isn't a money mindset programme.


It's a game-changing, paradigm-shifting, soul-aligned makeover for your

subconscious.  It's about becoming exactly who you were always MEANT to be.


Let's get you Wired for Wealth

Abigail Rogers money mindset coaching

Just Imagine...

  • Having 100% confidence in yourself and your worth

  • No more questioning your every move

  • No more comparing or self-criticising

  • Feeling completely in control whatever happens

  • Stepping off the emotional & energetic rollercoaster

  • No more playing small or losing out

  • No more fear of judgement

  • Productivity, creativity and flow coming easily!

  • Enjoying switching off - and having the time and energy to breathe and BE

  • No more catastrophising - nothing but excitement for your future plans

  • Being able to show up, be visible, have those awkward conversations and even sell with ease and assurance

  • Having effortlessly clear boundaries as second-nature

  • NOT having to actively manage your mindset, energy levels & emotions

  • Money worries dropping out of your life

  • Leaning in to your ability to trust in yourself and create more wealth, whatever happens


Imposter Syndrome



Underselling yourself

Playing small

Hiding away...

... all a dim & distant memory.


And your business, your brilliance - and your bank balance - blooming, as we grow YOU.

THAT's what Worth, Wealth & Wisdom is all about.

(Oh, and all without fear, faking it or feeling anything you don't want to feel)

"I'm taking action in my business that I've been putting off for years.  I'm making decisive changes.I'm excited about my business again because I'm not bogged down anymore and have clear plans to

grow to the next level - and I'm bringing in more leads than ever before!


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Abi to anyone needing a complete mindset overhaul -

it's the best money I've ever spent"


- Caroline Brown (Business Mentor, Consultant & Strategist)


This isn't another one of those coaching programmes where you'll get in there and realise it's all the same old, tired strategies, affirmations and clichés you've heard a million times before.


Nor is it full of the sort of half-baked fluffy mindset work and questionable money mindset advice that might feel momentarily motivating - but leaves you cold, confused and questioning your integrity and values.

You don't need any of that.

You need to get back to YOU.  Back to what you know.

And leave behind everything that doesn't serve you.


The doubt, the overthinking, the overwhelm.

The procrastination, frustration & guilt.

The overwhelm, the emotional rollercoaster, the not-enoughness.

The fears, phobias and confidence issues that keep you from doing what you KNOW you need to do.

The shoulds.  The shouldnt's.  The shame.

A few weeks down the line you'll catch yourself looking back and wondering how it ever felt so hard.

You'll find yourself stepping up to face new challenges, creating new opportunities,

and ticking off the things that have been sitting on your to do list for months.

Those things that felt so hard and scary will feel like the most natural things in the world -

and fear and self-doubt will feel like a dim and distant memory.

You'll stop second-guessing what people think of your every move.

You'll start to find you can trust your own feelings and opinions and assert them -

with gentle, calm, effective confidence.


Your relationships will feel so much easier as you find your own, natural boundaries.

You'll stop giving yourself the guilt trip, berating your every move, feeling ashamed and disappointed in yourself and talking yourself out of great ideas.

And you'll stop living under a constant shadow of anxiety about money, the future and your ability to keep the wheels turning - as you step boldly forward and OWN this thing, your way.

"Whilst working with Abi I had my highest income month to date

and completely turned my business around to fit around mine and my family's needs".

- Siobhan


How does it work..?


Worth, Wealth & Wisdom:

Wired for Wealth™ is a bit of a rare beast.


In a world of prescriptive programmes that don't always do what they say on the tin - and don't always give you exactly what you need, when you need it - I've designed it specifically to ensure your needs are 100% MET, however big (or small).

Sometimes we need the privacy and challenge of 1:1 to work through our deepest, stickiest issues with an experienced therapist and mentor who has our best interests at heart.

Sometimes we just want the space to do things in our own time, and in our own way - with a little structure and guidance to help us explore.

And sometimes, there's nothing like the support and nurturing of a likeminded group to lift you up, carry you onward and cheer you towards your goals.

Wired for Wealth isn't one of these things.

It's ALL of them.

"I was struggling with the momentum in my business, I wasn't happy with what I was doing

and it showed with my business's performance.

My work-life balance was off, I was working too many evenings and weekends.

I started my business so that I could be there for my family and I wasn't!


We realigned my business and the way I'm doing things now makes me SO much happier.

I can see the future I want, I can see things turning out for the better.

I have a mission, I have a purpose and I know what I am here and why I am doing it!


Investing in you is one of the BEST things I have done for myself and my business"


- Leah Crowfoot (finance coach & mentor)

Worth, Wealth & Wisdom: Wired for Wealth is a big, beautiful, flexible umbrella, under which I guide clients completely at their own pace through the 4 Abundance Accelerator steps of my Align & ARISE®️ Framework.






It's the culmination of 6 years' experience as a registered psychotherapist & coach - working with fiercely ambitious clients  to significantly uplevel their lives and businesses - combined with 15+ years experience as a small and multi-6 figures business owner (who's overcome significant issues around low self-esteem and neurodiversity - and faced all the self-worth, judgement & money mindset demons along the way!)

The Align & ARISE®️ Framework

  • Reconnect with your true identity, shake off the false, limiting identities you've grown into along the way - and explore ways of being, doing and creating that feel SO much more aligned - and joyful!

  • Release the trauma, anxiety & limiting narratives that are currently shaping the way you show up - and keeping you stuck in overwhelm, unnecessary stress, scarcity mindset and emotional turmoil, each and every day

  • Recharge your energy and free up space and time to breathe, as you take control of your world and your mind from a place of deep self-led empowerment

  • Shift your energy, belief, capacity for wealth and creative potential to a place you'd never imagine could be possible - so you can Receive everything you came for - and more.

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Here's what Worth, Wealth & Wisdom:

Wired for Wealth™ could do for you:

  • Overcome your Money Mindset and Money Anxiety blocks permanently and powerfully - so you can step into owning your value and creating firm foundations for ongoing wealth generation

  • Remove your barriers to visibility and consistency and lean in to quiet, powerful confidence - so it becomes easy for you to show up in the way you want, share your message and effortlessly expand your reach

  • Lift the brain fog and inertia that keep you stuck in cycles of doing all the things without making satisfying progress - saving you time, money and energy - and creating the breathing space you so badly need

  • Reconnect with who you are and what you really want for yourself and your business - and build a powerful, streamlined plan to make it happen without emotional upheaval and without tearing down everything you've built

  • Establish balance and boundaries and connect with your ability to step back, switch off, step into your leadership shoes - and make powerful, assertive decisions that help you take control and sit firmly in the driving seat of your life and business

  • Discover your voice and your natural authority, so handling those awkward conversations and encounters becomes second nature and performance anxiety becomes a thing of the past

  • Build firm boundaries and a bulletproof mindset and emotional foundation for ongoing, Unstoppable success - whilst leaving ALL the nice, good, kind, caring parts of your personality untouched (so you get to stay you - but feel SO much better)

  • Put to bed ALL the negative and limiting thoughts you experience, once and for all, leaving self-doubt for dust - and connecting with your inner wisdom so you can continue to make uplevel after effortless uplevel, long after we've finished working together.

Here's How it Works...

Worth, Wealth & Wisdom™ is a unique, TIERED programme -

providing access to exactly what you need, when you need it -

and complete flexibility to switch the support up or down.

The Wired for Wealth Mastermind is my core offer within

that framework - so as a member you get access to all this...

The Living Journal


Powerful daily prompts to instantly uplevel your thoughts and energy

Weekly personal accountability

Monthly themed guided meditations

Private 1:1 Support


Monthly targeted 60 minute Breakthrough sessions.

We'll rapidly clear trauma, anxiety and blocks using incredible, rapid transformational methodologies such as IEMT - so you can leap to your next level

and beyond - and help you embody everything you want to become through

bespoke coaching, mentoring and hypnotherapy

Comprehensive Mind Mastery


Progress pathways through the 4 Abundance Accelerators

Courses, resources & trainings to help reveal & rewire YOUR biggest blocks

Regular group coaching and accountability to help you keep the balance while you expand the realms of possibility for your life, business & wealth potential



An intimate private community of likeminded women on their own Worth, Wealth

& Wisdom journey - to cheer you on and inspire you into action!

And that's not all...


Initial Worth & Wealth Breakthrough Deep Dive & Call (worth £575)


Monthly Inspired Growth group Expansion call (worth £79/mth)


Instant, lifetime access to my digital course So Much More Than Money Mindset (worth £379)


My complete library of hypnosis & guided meditation audios on-demand

Option to bolt-on additional 1:1 sessions at a preferential rate, as and when you need


A beautiful blend of stress-free support, mentorship and deep inner work.

Clear the path to your deepest desires, build unshakeable foundations for wealth

& success - and we'll walk with you as you confidently stride forward to claim it.

Your Investment

I'm building this into something bold, beautiful and

brilliantly supportive with my beta testers.


Join them NOW, help me evolve Wired for Wealth™ into an incredible space that's TOTALLY tailored to you and your needs...


... and benefit from an incredible introductory price that's locked in for as long as you choose to stay.

JUST £379 per month

(min 6 month term = £2,274)



(6 monthly instalments of £416.66 )

That's lifetime access to:

✨ All Align & ARISE™ Framework resources

✨ 4 Abundance Accelerator progress pathways
✨ Regular group coaching & accountability

✨ Monthly Inspired Growth Expansion calls
✨ Intimate private community

✨ So Much More Than Money Mindset digital course

✨ The Living Journal

✨ Library of hypnosis & guided meditation audios

✨ Preferential client rates on 1:1s (first 6 months included)


I'm looking for just 10 founding members -

so if you take your mindset seriously, you're done with trying

to DIY it, and you'd like to be the first to get lifetime access to ALL the support a seriously ambitious woman could ever need...


get it now at at this one-time intro price...

Anything to ask? Let's chat

I don't believe in pushy, awkward sales calls.  I trust that my people are smart enough to make their own decisions, given all the info they need.

So let's have a chat via email, messenger (or Zoom if you prefer) and let's find out whether this really is for you before we hit 'GO'.

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