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5 Ways Your Website Can Help You Free Up More Time

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Heads up! This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase via this link, that will earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you.

If you have a strong presence on social media, do you really need a website as well?

While many entrepreneurs build extremely successful businesses off of social media alone, a website is the perfect accompaniment to a business that’s set up to be profitable and sustainable.

That’s because, when set up properly, your website has the potential to be a powerful time-saving tool in your business.

What’s special about your website is that it’s capable of organising everything together about your business all in one place - instead of sending out a million different links.

It also has the unique ability to take your website visitors on a clear journey through the different pieces of information on the site - such as who you are, what you do, and everything that’s included when they work with you. This journey answers their questions about working together, while also guiding them towards working with you.

Website Structure

That can bring in new leads even while you’re on holiday, and help you booked client consultation calls even while you’re busy serving your clients, have your feet up watching Netflix or reading your little one their favourite bedtime story.

My name is Jeanine Wilson from J Wilson Digital Studio. I’m a Squarespace website design expert for service-based businesses and I’ve designed dozens of powerful websites that support my clients to attract their dream clients and save more time in their business.

Here are 5 ways your website can help you free up more time, so you can start putting it to work for your business.

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Supercharge Your Email List

Your website can be linked to any email marketing platform such as Mailerlite (a great free option for sending out automated email nurture sequences), ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, or any other!

Bring all of your lead magnets together on your website so instead of sending out a million different links, you can just send one link to your website.

Then, any of your website visitors can choose to sign up for the lead magnet that’s most relevant for them, and you can grow your email list full of warm leads.

To give you a few ideas of where to feature your lead magnet(s) on your website…

  • As a pop up

  • Across the top of every page on your website in the announcement bar

  • At the bottom of every page in the footer

  • As a call-to-action on your Home Page

Once someone is on your email list, you can set up automated email sequences to further nurture them and get them one step closer to becoming a client - without you having to put in any more time doing additional work.

Attract High-Quality Warm Leads Through a Blog, Podcast or Vlog

If you run a service-based business, you need leads for as long as you’re in business.

So why not let the free content on your website do some of the heavy lifting bringing in high-quality leads for you?

You only have to create a piece of content once, and then that content can do the hard work attracting ideal clients for you 4 months or 4 years from now - even while you’re busy serving your clients or spending time with your family.

It’s as simple as first doing a little bit of basic keyword research on Google or a free tool like Moz to figure out what words or phrases your ideal client is searching for related to your niche.

Then when you post your blog, podcast episode descriptions or video logs on your website, include those keywords in the post and description.

As Google notices you using those same keywords and phrases again and again, that will compound and your website will gradually move up the rankings.

Once your website starts ranking on Google, you have an incredibly powerful source of free, high-quality traffic that’s visiting your website.

The reason why this can be such a powerful game-changer for your business is because these are people who are searching for an answer to their problem, and have already found a solution in your free content.

You’ve already helped them, and consequently positioned yourself as an expert and authority in your niche - making them much more likely to join your email list or inquire about your services.

Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Another powerful search engine you could look into featuring your blog posts on is Pinterest.

Contrary to what many think, Pinterest is not a social network. It’s actually a visual search engine.

What makes Pinterest so powerful is that about 60% of Pinterest users are already at the stage where they’re ready to buy - so it’s the perfect time for them to discover you and your offer!

Once you’ve created your blog/podcast/vlog post, you’d then create images, called “pins” to post on Pinterest at the best times for engagement from potential leads (you can use a tool like Tailwind to help you with this).

Pinterest will bring up your pins in the search results when someone searches for your blog topic or keywords.

For example, I often blog about what needs to be on your website, Squarespace, and how to attract ideal clients through your website, as these are topics that my ideal client is searching for both on Pinterest and Google.

Answer Your Most Commonly Asked Questions

Do you find yourself answering the same questions about your business or offer over and over again?

Clearly communicating all of the details of your offer and why your support matters so much on your website can save you time from answering the same questions from your potential clients - and also draw in potential leads for you.

You could even set up an FAQ section on your Services Page to answer common questions about that specific offer and also to overcome objections that keep coming up.

So now your website is not only saving you time through answering these common questions, it’s also doing some of the heavy lifting selling for you.

A potential client could come to your website and, without needing to speak to you, get all of the info they need to know about your offer and even inquire about your services or book a consultation call.

And when it comes to your website supporting you to sell, your Services Page plays a huge role in taking your potential client on a journey from their problem, to the solution and finally your offer.

But there are a few Services Page mistakes you’ll definitely want to avoid, if you want your website to be working for you!

Fortunately, I break them all down for you in my free training, 5 Services Page Mistakes that are Costing You Clients and how to fix them.

Take Payments

If you have a paid service, like a power hour or strategy session, you can send a potential client to your website where they can find all the info about that service and also pay you right then and there on the website.

Simply link your payment provider account like PayPal or Stripe to your website so that taking payments and booking new clients becomes seamless.

Schedule Appointments

As a service-based business owner, you probably use free consultation calls as a way to see if you’re a good fit for new clients and to bring in new business.

Save yourself time through integrating an appointment scheduler, like Acuity Scheduling or Calendly, with your website

Place your calendar widget directly on the page with the info about that service and your website visitor can easily book a time with you.

While you could place your appointment scheduler anywhere on the website, I highly recommend placing it on the same page as your offer because it’s just one less click for a potential client to book a call with you (instead of them needing to click to a Contact page to book a call, for example)

To Sum It Up…

These changes may seem small, but when taken together and when compounded over weeks and months, they can free up a whole lot of time in your business!

So you can focus on working with the clients you love, those exciting, big picture strategic decisions or relaxing at the end of a long day.

Want to learn more about how your website can support you with freeing up your time?

I’d love to invite you to watch my free video training, 3 Ways Attract Ideal Clients and Free Up Time through Your Website!

You'll walk away with tons of simple, actionable tips to make your website work for you.

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