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How to Create a Million Dollar Mindset

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

What does it take to create a financially - and spiritually - successful business? One that feels joyful rather than stressful and life-sucking? One where you get to enjoy beautiful, happy relationships, plenty of ‘me-time’ and a wonderful inner peace that says ‘everything’s good here!’?

And how do you build enough resilience to keep going when times feel tough?

Let’s find out…

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Today I’m going to break down for you the exact things you need to have nailed to create the business of your dreams - and most importantly, to make sure that business lights up your world and everyone in it as it should do, rather than being a drain in other areas if your life.

We all know mindset is important but I feel like it’s a bit fluffy and ill-defined at times! So I thought I’d record an episode on exactly what you need to work on, so that you can take steps to uplevel your mindset in ALL the right areas rather than just randomly journaling and exploring. This is like your roadmap to a million dollar mindset! 1. First thing - a crystal clear, in depth vision for your business and your personal future that completely aligns with you and your values.

Why is your personal future important? Because unless you align your business goals with where you want to be in every area of life, you are going to subconsciously resist creating success ALL the way. Being clear on what your complete vision of success looks like also opens the door for you to see connections and clashes between the different things you want - and can also help you identify some of the limiting beliefs that might get in your way.

So for example, if you want a million dollar business but you don’t believe that’s possible with a family or that it would clash with your desire to have lots of time to go traveling - you can work out whether your goals need to change or your mindset needs to change (hint - 99% of the time it’s the second one!). This is why I ALWAYS work on the 5 key areas of life with my clients before we go anywhere near setting business goals - and then we can set clear, heart-led goals that really lead to immediate, effective action taking.

2. Balance

This is SO hugely important but it’s often the last thing we think of. In my 1:1 we put it right there at the top of the agenda - because when you’re out of balance and you’re giving too much energy to the wrong things in life, you can’t possibly hope to show up as the best version of you in your business or in anything else you’re doing! I’m going to give the example of self-care and personal joy, because it’s usually the big one - so often people feel like they need to give everything of themselves to their families and work, and don’t make time for themselves. You might think that would make them incredibly successful in their work and relationships, but actually the opposite is usually true - because they’re not giving themselves any breathing space, they become resentful and depleted and can no longer give as much as they’d like to their relationships their business, and everything starts to suffer. Creating the right balance is crucial.

3. Boundaries

Alongside balance goes boundaries - because the two have to go hand in hand. Achieving great success in your business is as much about being able to say no to the wrong things as it is saying yes to the right things, believe me! And if we’re not giving ourselves and everyone else clear boundaries around things like our time, and how to treat us, we’re showing ourselves a huge lack of respect and contributing to low self-worth. Low self-worth literally translates into low net worth.

4. Confidence

Confidence is huge because it feeds into literally everything you do - so it’s something you really need to work on if you want to create a successful life and business. If you are showing up at your desk every day feeling less than worthy and like you’re a failure and a fraud - well, you’re not going to put out the best representation of yourself into the world and you’re not going to feel great doing it. Everything in your business from the sales you make, or don’t make, to the success of your social media posts, to the decisions you make about what to invest in, are influenced by how confident you feel. You need to feel ready to tackle any challenges that come your way - and you need to feel inspired to regularly step outside of your comfort zone and push your boundaries further than you ever dreamed possible. It’s so important. For example my client sent me a message today saying our work together had helped her reach out to an influencer and pitch her services, whereas a few months ago she was struggling to even put a post out on her social media account. Can you imagine the difference that sort of confidence could make to her business?

5. Being able to show up with minimum stress and anxiety, maximum energy permanently - so you are always operating with maximum ‘you’ and minimum ‘imposter’ - free to enjoy your higher knowledge and insight rather than getting caught up in worry and distracted by things that don’t serve you. This is kind of similar to confidence but let’s say confidence is like the beach and this is like the sea. Confidence can be built up or eroded according to how anxious we are and how good our energy is - if we’re constantly in a state of underlying stress, even without realising it, then our confidence will get washed away (check out my episode on positive anxiety). To build confidence and keep it sky high, you need to find ways to minimise your stress levels and recognise your warning signs so you can stay totally in insight and resourceful intelligence rather than being ruled by fear & stress narratives. The way I do this with my 1:1 clients is by helping them understand their minds on a really deep level so they can recognise what’s going on in their thought processes and adjust things as they go - but also by helping them reprogramme their minds to respond with far less stress in day-to-day situations that might usually add to their anxiety.

6. Now as well as cultivating the right mindset in all these areas, you need to think about the messages you’re sending to your subconscious through the things you do, your surroundings, the things you say to yourself - you need to be reinforcing everything you want to achieve through your environment and the language you use with yourself and others, rather than subconsciously sabotaging yourself. Just as an example, if you’ve got something like a screensaver that says something like ‘same sh*t, different day’ - think about the message that’s sending your brain every time you look at it! You need to do a deep clean on the things you have around you and the words you use to send yourself little support messages of success.

7. Money mindset - of course! If you want to earn any money in your business - not just millions but anything that looks and behaves like a viable business - you need to build a great relationship with money. Otherwise - for example - you might be great at earning money but spend it like it’s going out of fashion. Or you might have blocks and barriers around earning it in the first place and be limiting your potential - as so many of us do. Money mindset is another one of those first things I work on with my clients because it is critical.

Along with that, you need the confidence to take aligned high income actions - such as not being afraid to raise your prices, selling with ease and integrity, spending and investing your money wisely. 8. You need to build healthy habits and thought processes in ALL areas of life. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this but the entrepreneurial journey brings many of us to want to really develop ourselves in other areas of our lives too, to stop making excuses and to start living our best lives all round. Kind of goes with the territory, right?! And the great thing is that by building in healthy habits elsewhere we can support our mind and energy levels and our capacity to stay resilient and creative - while we’re sitting there thinking ‘I wish I could change x, y, z, we’re stifling ourselves and our full potential and again not giving ourselves a fair chance to feel as confident and empowered as we want and need to be. So healthy habits also get a big yes from me!

9. Procrastination, comparison, perfectionism and analysis parlaysis all need to go. These are the energy-sucking monsters that lurk on the doorstep of many a would-be successful business owner and sabotage all their dreams and plans! You have to get into a place where you’re feeling motivated and fired up to take action, waking up every day knowing exactly what you want to achieve and feeling ready to go out there and achieve it. I have known people waste months and years going round in circles before they finally come to me and say ‘I need help to get moving’ - and we get them straight into action-taking mode and making giant leaps forward in their businesses. It’s so satisfying! So those are my BIG tips for exactly what you need to focus on if you want to build a successful, profitable business that you absolutely love, which enhances your life no end AND allows you to do all the things you want to do to live your precious life to the full. Now I know that sounds like a huge amount of stuff to work on and you’re probably thinking “Where on earth do I start?”. “I don’t have time to do all this mindset work as well as run my business”, or “If I just keep my head down and keep plodding on then ONE day it will be easier and I’ll be able to think about some of these things”. If that’s you and you would love a way to just cut to the chase and get this DONE so you’re springboarded up to your highest potential NOW, rather than faffing about and feeling overwhelmed for the next however many months, then I would love to invite you to apply to join my 1:1 programme The Limitless Life Lab. I beta tested this earlier in the year and it was SUCH a success, I absolutely loved working with the ladies who joined me and we achieved some phenomenal results together - like cutting their working week in half and making their business MORE profitable, like going from being unable to post on social media to going viral, better relationships, huge insights and massive motivation to take action that they’d been putting off for months - and much higher prices! It’s an 8 week 1:1 intensive which starts with a half-day deep dive session where we explore and connect with your vision for your life and business - you don’t have to know any of that before you come to the session, we do all the work there. We then meet for an hour a week over the next 7 weeks and I set you some incredibly insightful journaling tasks to do between sessions, to create huge positive shifts in all the areas of mindset we discussed. And then because mindset is just the surface stuff, we underpin all that with lots of subconscious work too so your brain can really start to believe and adopt the changes you’re making - including some bespoke hypnosis & guided meditation audios which I record just for you. It is phenomenal and I’m SO excited to be running this again, so I would love you to apply. The final closing date for applications is the 5th June and there are just 3 spaces available - so if you’re someone who knows they could be SO much more in their life and business if only they had a clearer head and more confidence, then get over to my website and fill in your application right now. I honestly think you’ll see your investment back many, many, many times over because this 8 weeks will change your thinking for life and by the end of the summer you could be looking back and saying, “Wow, that’s the best money I’ve ever spent” just like my client Caroline did.

I would love to take that journey with you! Here are the current ways to Work With Me

Join my FREE 21 day e-course Worthy, Wealthy & Wise - and learn MORE secrets of self-mastery, ease and abundance!

And of course, if I can help with anything else then just reach out:

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