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Financial Anxiety - Rapidly Release blocks to improve your money mindset through IEMT

Money mindset and financial anxiety are HUGE issue for so many entrepreneurs and high achievers.

And they can often keep rearing their head - even when you've done hours of work on limiting beliefs, cleared your fear of failure and fear of success, done EVERY manifesting ritual you can get your hands on and reframed every other block you can think of.

Why? Because often financial anxiety is nothing to do with money at all!

And even when it IS about the money, sometimes those old money shame stories we've grown up with are just too strongly embedded in our subconscious to shift with a few affirmations.

That's why I LOVE to use the rapid release therapeutic technique for anxiety & trauma - IEMT - to help shift those blocks quickly and effectively. (This should only be used by a trained professional, so look out for those qualifications and check they're registered with the Association of IEMT Practitioners).

IEMT in action

I worked with this gorgeous soul recently on a couple of BIG - (massive!) - blocks she was experiencing around shame, resistance and financial anxiety.

You can see us working through some of her money trauma in the video below.

One week later, she reported that she's:

  • Significantly upped her takings (we're talking 800%+ relative to the preceding period!)

  • Increased the flow of business

  • Stayed super-calm, despite coping on her own in the business, taking care of a sick partner and dealing with/baking for a deluge of visitors

  • Worked on her 'appalling timekeeping' (her words!), nailed it - and is STILL nailing it

  • Not once felt stressed or anxious

And we didn't *specifically* work on any of those things.

But that's how anxiety & trauma-release works - it's like picking at a thread and finding you've unraveled the entire sweater!

As she said "I'm seeing it as the IEMT enabled me to do the hard work from a calm space. I could work with relaxed intensity".

Exactly. It strips away the usual subconscious sticking points and shifts you back into rational control - so you can live your life more calmly, get on with the things you know you need to do and make supportive decisions that increase your income, freedom and impact.

Not bad for a 45 min session!

Now, I can't promise to change your entire life in just one session - of course therapy is always subjective and results can never be guaranteed.

However, I can say I've seen incredible shifts like this in the first session I've had with every clients I've worked with using IEMT so far - so I'm pretty confident it could help you, too.

If you'd like to find out how you can work with me and get Wired for Wealth™, check out my website

If you struggle with performance anxiety and you'd like some help, I'm also at

Or, if you prefer, just drop me an email - and find out more about how you can rewrite your own worth & wealth story, and significantly uplevel your capacity to receive and expand in new and exciting ways, today


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