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Welcome to Wild Wealth

It feels SO good to be sitting here writing this for you!

This morning the sun's shining, the first signs of spring are emerging... and FINALLY, the blog I've been dreaming of is being given chance to breathe.

Woman totally relaxed and breathing in a field of grass!
Finally this thing can breathe!

I've written plenty of blogs for my site before, but they've often been driven by what I 'should' be writing about, rather than what I WANT. Yes they've been my real voice, stuffed full of authentic opinions and my knowledge of all things mind and mindset. But they haven't been... me!

As a raging introvert with a neurodivergent brain that has ALL the ideas, ALL the time, I love nothing more than getting my heart and soul on a page and sharing what's really on my mind. I LOVE to dive deep into the wealth and mindset issues that are often half-explained, given a token mention or tackled on a very superficial level. I love to share new insights and opinions on how our hearts, souls and minds really work. I love to fuse the scientific with the spiritual, to help people both understand themselves better and get the MOST out of their mindset and spiritual practices.

And the written word is where I really hit my stride. I've basically written a book already (it's called The Path to Purpose, Peace & Profit and it's winging its way to my editor as we speak) - but I've NEVER kept up a regular writing practice. IT'S TIME.

So, to borrow one of those overused, clichéd terms you HEAR all the time in the online space (but few people actually really inhabit!) - I'm finally giving myself the space to go there, share ALL I've got to share, and be the kind of 'thought leader' I want to be. My own messy...




mind Jedi...


anything-but-conventional sort of way.

Messy? Hell yeah!

Because life's messy. Change is messy. It doesn't fit in neat little boxes. And learning to let go of trying to be perfect and perfectly presented has been SUCH a bloody liberating experience for me.

Oh. And it's led to the odd little swear slipping out from time to time (sorry... not sorry).

You see, there's this idea out there that success is about PERFECTION. It's a trap many of us fall into -

'When I'm successful, everything will be perfect -

and when I'm perfect, I'll be successful'

Oof. There's so much to unpick in that one short sentence.

To sum it up as briefly as I can, the REAL key to success lies not in perfection - but in self-acceptance, LIFE acceptance - and in coping with all its glorious, sticky, super-messy ups, downs and inside-outs, day in, day out.

In loving it for its imperfections and embracing our own!

And believe me, there's been plenty of that and PLENTY of mess whilst building a life and business I love.

I'm here for the mess because it helps is grow. And I'd love to help your mess feel less of a stress, too!

So I hope this blog will be a really powerful part of that for you.

Muddy booted? Yes, I run a community for my fellow wild-sided wealth builders to hang out together in all our messy, success-y glory - join us!

I love nothing more than getting my hiking boots on and stomping up a big hill or along a coastal path -

Musician? I'm a semi-pro singer.

Am-dram have-a-go hero turned opera singer - with a big soprano voice that was strangled and squashed by self-consciousness and social anxiety for FAR too long. I started singing in my late 20s and I'm learning that voice is one of those areas of life - just like entrepreneurship and self-development - where the work is NEVER done! But I no longer turn into a trembling wreck at the first hint of having to perform - or even speak - in front of others, thanks to the incredible fear-blasting subconscious work I've been fortunate to stumble into along the way.

Now I absolutely LOVE to help others achieve the same state of zen & super self-confidence through my programme, Voice. Mum? I have two beautiful boys who I'm so grateful for (even when they drive me bananas!).

There was a time in my first business - a multi-6-figure bricks and mortar - when I couldn't even have contemplated that it would be possible to have a family too, because I was SO busy and overwhelmed by trying to run the monster I'd created.

Thankfully, therapy helped me see the light, restore the balance, start to appreciate my value rather than feeling the need to people-please, endlessly - and get out of some VERY unhealthy dynamics I'd fallen into around the relationships and finances in that business. That's why the second tier of my Wired for Wealth®️ programmes is all about helping others escape their inner nice-girl/boy to own and command their Value.

Mind Jedi? Since realising how incredibly quick, easy and impactful working directly with the subconscious can be, I've been borderline obsessed with all things psychology, neuroscience and mindset! I absolutely LOVE helping people better themselves, and unleash and embody the person they TRULY are within - the one they've always wanted to be.

It's incredible work and it's part of my fabric - so much so that one of my clients decided Jedi was the only appropriate title for the magic we'd done together in one session! You can hear her on the podcast, here.

I use a combination of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, IEMT (which is just incredible for releasing anxiety and trauma and rapidly realigning us with our core identities), along my own special blend of life and business mentoring, developed over 7+ years as a practicing registered therapist and 16+ years as an entrepreneur.

Maverick? I like to question convention and accepted wisdoms to really get to the truth - what can I say?! Sometimes it doesn't land so well; sometimes the truth doesn't suit people very well... but I'm SO here for that. Honesty is the only way. And... if I think there's a better way to do something, I'll do it. One thing I've discovered in the world of entrepreneurship is that there are FAR too many shoulds... far too many people who like to dictate the way things should be, or the way you should create your success.

Dare I say, often because it helps them sell their programmes? Yes I do. Because it's true!

The therapist within me, however, knows that being told how to do something or that you 'should' do something is no guarantee of success - and often, the fastest route to resistance.

Alignment - buy in from your heart and mind - is key. Always. And I'm rooting for the true you to get out there and SHINE.

Much love and messy blessings...

Abi x


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