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The Path to Purpose, Peace & Profit - Introduction

The opening chapter for my forthcoming book, The Path to Purpose, Peace & Profit

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The Path to Purpose, Peace & Profit. What is it?

This path is the path less trodden. The path only a few, brave souls will ever dare to tread. A few brave souls like you. People who have grown tired of living a life dictated by rules, conventions and paychecks.

People who want more, know they were MEANT for more and are determined to go out there and create it. People who have had it with being told they can’t, or shouldn’t - and are determined to prove that they can, absolutely, live with no regrets and create a beautifully abundant and fulfilling life on their terms. People like us. Entrepreneurs, creators, dreamers. Visionaries. Leaders. We want the best for our lives, for our families and for the wider world. We see that we can innovate, drive change and bring forth solutions, lift others up and support them - and create a better life for ourselves in the process.

And through creating our own wealth, abundance and fulfilment, we can have so much more impact in the wider world - because of course, financial wealth and time freedom bring more power to the table.

Power to do good. Power to change things for the better. We can go after our dreams. We can live the life we want! We can create a life full of freedom, exploration, joy and abundance. In times to come we can say we have no regrets, we’ve lived life to the full and we’ve shown up and done ourselves proud.

But gosh… isn’t it hard going? At times, you feel like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders. Despite that passion and drive, at times you find yourself feeling exhausted, lost, overwhelmed and uncertain.

You’re strong, no doubt about that. You’ve already been through much in your life to get here and to reach the point where you’re ready to rise and help others to rise, too. You’re a survivor and a leader. But at times that strength can feel challenged. You wonder what you’re doing, whether it’s all really worth it - whether it will ever pay off and if you’ll ever reach that place where you feel you’ve really, truly, achieved the success you were meant for.

I know. I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 15 years since deciding to open my own business at the tender age of just 27, and I’ve done ALL the hard things and felt all the feelings. The unexpected challenges, the moments when the shit hits the fan.

The sleepless nights. The staffing challenges. The money worries. The big, scary decisions.

The wondering whether you’ll ever have the clients you want, and whether you’ll ever be profitable.

The worry about whether the business will be sustainable in the long term. The wrestling with the numbers - or avoiding them altogether. The struggle to get what you need from the people who are supposed to be there to help and support you. The being made to feel small and unworthy - sometimes by the very people you’re paying to help you.

The pandemics. The lorry careering into your beautiful Victorian shopfront window in the middle of the night and writing off several days’ trading - but thankfully, no people (yep, that actually happened). The marketing headaches. The ‘Am I doing this right?’ and ‘Do I need to be on that platform, too?’. The paradox of having to be visible and, as a complete introvert, not wanting to be visible in any way, shape or form. The ‘relationships’ built on superficial bullshit and ‘What’s In It For Me?’.

The friends and family who have a hard time accepting what you do and treat it as a bit of a joke, don’t talk about your work at all, or seem to think your working hours don’t count because it’s not a ‘real job’. The spinning SO many plates you don’t even remember your name, let alone have time to breathe (or craft clever mission statements). The other people who seem to be doing what you do, only SO much better and in a way that’s far more fabulous than you could ever hope to achieve.

The ones who are clearly smashing it and appear to be doing so, effortlessly.

The ones who don’t understand how hard you are working to appear to be smashing it, effortlessly. The never-ending to do list. The non-stop notifications. The endless ego circus. The pressure to be consistent and constantly available. All the shoulds. All the strategies. All the shiny things you feel so tempted by because they might just be the THING you need to get you to that next level! (Or even off the ground in the first place). The red tape.

The recessions (I started my first business just as recession hit, how’s that for timing? I still doubled the turnover within a few months and took it to multi 6 figures per annum so - you know, don’t buy into recession being the death knell).

The months when the moths seem to have eaten your bank balance.

The fear of investing. The difficulty in trusting anyone with your time or money.

I could go on and on forever because the challenges are, literally, never-ending.

And as entrepreneurs and changemakers, that’s the biggest battle we face. The hard part isn’t launching a service, creating a product, building a business or establishing a cause. Not really. Those bits (although they may not feel like it) - they’re the easy part. There are basic methods you can follow, pillars of strategy that never change or date whatever the global climate.

No, the hard part is the mental part. It’s keeping your mind and your energy in the game and in top form, whatever comes your way. It’s the showing up and keeping the faith every day, no matter how big those challenges feel. It’s the resilience. It’s the self-belief.

It’s having the confidence and courage to stand by what you’re doing and where you’re headed, and to keep testing, trying, tweaking, innovating even when all seems hopeless. It’s being able to silence the inner critic, switch out of Imposter Syndrome and get into gear rather than procrastinating or perfecting things ad infinitum (which is, really, just another form of self-sabotage). It’s finding ways to get your message out there, even though the idea of being seen and heard makes you cringe and want to hide in the corner. It’s keeping that spark of motivation and focus flowing when nothing seems to be working and no ideas seem to be coming to save you. And of course, it’s learning how to navigate the scary things we all want to avoid - the pricing, the awkward conversations, the selling, the sharing your triumphs, the complaints - and the trolls. Oh, and of course, trusting that the rewards will come, the freedom will be yours - and that it will stay that way.

These are the things that make building your dreams so darn tough. This is the path to greatness. This is the path less trodden.

And it’s less trodden - because it’s hard.

This journey is not for the faint of heart. And it can leave you feeling bruised, battered, broken - and burnt out (hands up, who’s done all of the above?).

But it’s also… an INCREDIBLE path to walk.

It can also lead to your ultimate bliss and brilliance.

It can bring you everything you ever wanted - and so much more than you ever dared to dream!

It can be an epic adventure of challenge and self-discovery.

It could - and should - be the best thing you ever did. And that is exactly what I want for you. I want to make it all SO much easier - for your mind, your body, your soul - and your bank balance. Because if you’re walking this path - and trying to do it all with spades of integrity - you’re one of my people. And you deserve the rewards. So I’m going to help you get them.

I decided to write this book because I’ve been there, I’ve done all of the above - and as a hypnotherapist, transformational coach and business mentor, I know how to help you take on those challenges and win. I know how to help you not only keep going when times are tough - but to optimise your mind for success, to overcome all the fear, frustration and self-doubt that gets in your way, day after day - and to help you show up as your best and most brilliant self.

Ready to rock this path.

Ready to shine.

Ready to take on the world - and win.

So, let’s get started.

Purpose, peace and profit - here we come.

You can reserve your copy here for a special pre-release price of just £2.99 - and that gets you exclusive access to pre-release insights and chapters from October 2022.


Join the Purpose, Peace & Profit community on Facebook.


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