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What's more important in your business - strategy or mindset?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

As a woman in business, I'd like to bet you've spent hours and hours devouring content on strategy.

Looking for that one juicy tip that's going to be THE answer to all your problems. Making sure you're doing everything to 'get it right'. Asking opinions about your branding. Be honest... how many unopened downloads have you got sitting in your inbox right now?

Now, when you're in the early stages of your business - and when you're scaling - strategy is important, no doubt!

When I first started my business I had ALL the enthusiasm and none of the know-how. And, predictably, things didn't go so well.

When I first started my membership which has now evolved into the wonderful The 6 Figure Confidence Club , I set my 90 day goals and had high hopes for jumping into big numbers straight away.

I believed it. I visualised it happening - because neuroscience says visualisation is a powerful way to make things happen (when it's followed up with the right actions). I knew it was going to be awesome!

And then - I was disappointed.

Because back then I didn't have the tools. I didn't understand marketing. I didn't know what it took to communicate the (bloody amazing! ) value.

And I was convinced I should be doing better because everyone else was finding it so easy - right?!

But all the visualising, manifesting and journaling in the world wouldn't have helped me back then. Because I needed strategy. Pure and simple. So I devoured it. And I kept going and going until I got it right.

But stop right there.

Because that's what most people do (stop, that is). And that's the problem.

You see - even if you're living, eating and breathing business strategy - if you don't have the mindset to back it up, it's game over.

One of the most common problems my clients face is knowing what to DO with all that knowledge. They've got no shortage of different ideas - in fact sometimes, so many ideas that it becomes absolutely overwhelming and they can't see the best way forward.

Sometimes, on the other hand, they know exactly what they want to do next - but they find they're faffing about, procrastinating and NOT making the moves they need to make (like raising their prices or launching that course) - and not trusting themselves to get it 'right'.

(By the way, there's no such thing as right - just right for you).

And sometimes, although they want this more than anything in the world - they just feel they don't have the energy to keep going, The emotional rollercoaster is too great. They're constantly bracing themselves for impact, hating every moment of getting out there on social media, dreading their sales calls and drowning under the juggling act of keeping it all going. Not quite the joyous experience of solopreneur-ship they signed up for.

So yes, you do need strategy.

But... you also need a truck load of determination.

You need a clear head to sort out those gazillion different messages you're consuming and choose the right ones for you.

You need to be able to keep going, even when fate smacks you down and your new course flops. Again.

You need to feel good enough so you don't get sucked in by comparison, imposter syndrome and people who don't support you. And you need that self-assurance to spot the B.S., do your own thing and believe you're going to make it 100%.

Yes you need strategy.

But most importantly, you need the confidence & clarity to pick the right strategy for YOU and stick with it.

And that doesn't come from a download, or from another membership or coaching programme.

It comes from you.

And how do we know mindset is what really makes the difference?

Because the most successful people in the world haven't had all the answers. They've just gone out there and DONE things.

Sometimes they've had a plan - sometimes not so much! But Bill Gates didn't sit in his bedroom, playing small - he got out there and created. Denise Duffield-Thomas didn't know the first thing about money coaching when she launched her multi-million dollar Money Bootcamp - but she believed in herself. Oh yeah.

The key to growing and succeeding is being prepared to try - and fail.

It's being prepared to try something and stubbornly stick with it, even when it feels really tough.

It's being prepared to stand up and say you're worth it, you deserve your place in the world and all that brings.

And that's all about what you subconsciously believe, deep down.

You can have the best plan in the world... but if you don't have the mindset to see it through - well, you've got a nice plan. That's it.

So I'd love to hear from you if you want to explore what hypnotherapy & mindset coaching could help you achieve in your business. And like those clients I mentioned - if you're ready to really fly, I'll be with you every step of the way. Book a free strategy session - and let's see what we can do!

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