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Therapeutic life & business mentor | Anxiety & trauma specialist
Overcome your inner imposter - and say goodbye to IDENTITY LEVEL
blocks to your ultimate health, wealth & happiness

Hi, I'm Abi - welcome to my world.

I help people who want to live life to the full to unlock their true,
limitless potential - so they can live their healthiest, wealthiest, most fulfilling lives.
Lives where fear, doubt, anxiety &
insecurity no longer hold them down.

I'm an entrepreneur, mum, trained singer, lover of life, master of my own destiny...

experienced registered trauma therapist and anxiety specialist...

...and secret weapon for entrepreneurs & professionals who need a little

help stepping into their true potential and personal power.

I have a knack of shifting the limiting beliefs, traumas and triggers that nothing else has been able to touch - making the stress melt away and the uplevels effortless.

No more thinking about your thinking, spending half your life trying to manage yourself and your emotions or wondering why you're standing in your own way.

You just get to be, have and do the things you want.

The things that will help you
 to create a truly fulfilling life & business, grow your income and impact - and create the wealth and freedom you truly deserve.

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My Wired for Wealth®️ Psychotherapeutic Framework was created specifically to help people with serious ambitions to spread their wings further than they ever could alone...

... helping them fully own and command their Voice, Value and Vision and unlock their hidden superpowers of self-leadership.

If that sounds like you, let's chat.


Your mind is infinitely powerful - and full of untapped potential.

I can help you learn to stop being ruled by it, take control
and leverage it to support you on your path to health, wealth & happiness.

When we decide it's time to step OUT of the emotional and traumatic
limiting identities, feelings and beliefs that have ruled us - and instead subconsciously embody everything we want to be - we unlock doors that were previously slammed shut.

Inspiration, innovation and confidence begin to flow.
We get to feel present, powerful and purposeful.
We get to stop faking and expand our comfort zone fearlessly and easily.

We get to truly thrive in our lives and businesses.

And as a result, our capacity to create wealth & success expands
beyond ALL measure.

So let's show that mind of yours who's BOSS.

 Through the powerful therapeutic, mentoring & coaching methods I use today,
I’ve personally overcome deep anxiety, confidence & self-worth issues that
set me back for years, kept me locked in destructive cycles of pleasing
and giving away my power, and had me feeling I wasn't good enough or
built for the kind of success I craved. 

I’ve gone from struggling, striving and constantly fighting to make it all work -
to waking up each morning feeling calm, empowered and excited as I
look forward to the day ahead.

My default now is quiet confidence and self-assurance - commanding the social and confrontational situations that used to absolutely terrify me,
feeling ready and eager to speak and make my point (or sing my solo!) -
and never afraid to advocate for me.

I've learned to feel deserving, worthy and overcome all the guilt, shame, self-doubt
and imposter feelings that hold SO many successful people back from reaching
their potential - and create
, freedom and financial abundance
completely on my terms.

I can calmly get sh*t done without panic, frustration or getting sidetracked by
endless demands and rabbit holes - and still make time for what matters.

I call this being Wired for Wealth®️ - because wealth isn't just about being able to create, hold and comfortably manage the money you desire.
It's about how you FEEL.  It's about creating YOUR version of success.
It's about freedom, joy, inner peace - and total, soulful alignment
with your incredible power & potential.

And I want that for YOU.

Wired for Wealth®️ logo copy.png

"One week in and already worth every penny!  A brilliant way to work with a fabulous person, sort out your inner voice and make it work FOR you"

"Whilst working with Abi I had my highest income month to date and

completely turned my business around to fit around mine and my family's needs,

working fewer hours with only dream clients.


Abi empowered me to make big, scary decisions, deal with setbacks along the way and chase my dreams.  

Wow Abi!  You're like a really nice Jedi!

My session with you totally hit the spot. I've had nothing but great days since.

I'm singing daily, raising my prices and I've already started rebranding.

Thank you so much!

The Imposter Identity Matrix

Understand the unique profile of limiting emotional and identity imprints that subconsciously sabotage your potential for limitless wealth, success & joy.

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