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Master Your Mind, Eliminate Anxiety and Create Freedom, Health, Wealth & Happiness

Hey, good to meet you!

I'm Abi.

I'm an entrepreneur, registered hypnotherapist & psychotherapist, mum, musician, mountaineer (when I get the chance!) - and above all, master of my own destiny.


And despite being driven and passionate AF, I used to struggle MASSIVELY with lack of self-confidence, social anxiety and overwhelm.  


A few years back, I ran a multi 6-figure business that left me burnt-out and broke, through some very poor decisions (thanks to the above).  And thanks to 15 years now in the world of entrepreneurship, I know ALL about the impact of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs - and what it's like to feel thoroughly trapped, disillusioned and exhausted by the very thing that's supposed to bring you freedom.

Now, having learned how to NAIL confidence, connect with your true path and keep the wheels turning in a way that feels joyful, easeful and fun, I help other fiercely driven doers, dreamers and self-starters to do the same - so they can truly live with no regrets.

Now is a wonderful time of opportunity.  It's the time for powerful, independent people like you to create the change they want to see in the world, inspire a happier, healthier, wealthier future for us all and reap the rewards.


Success and satisfaction are at your fingertips.

But sometimes they can feel eternally out of reach, can't they? 


And when the very thing you thought would lead to success leaves you feeling overwhelmed, disillusioned, worried, afraid, resentful - and your fire feels like it's fading - finding the right way forward can feel nigh on impossible.  But you also don't feel you can stop - and you wouldn't want to.

Believe me I've been there.  I get it.  I know it's not easy - and it can feel like a shameful secret when everyone else views you as someone who's 'made it'. 


It's ok.  


We can make this feel so much easier and clearer.

We can build your confidence and sense of control.


We can stop those worries in their tracks.  


And we can have you feeling like you really own that success and satisfaction - soon.

Time to align, arise... and shine!


Together we'll creating a truly aligned life, business and future for you without the 'shoulds' and the B.S. goals everyone else buys into - creating confidence & clarity, and reconnecting with your true desires.

Instead of conventional business & life coaching, my unique Arise Framework™ uses powerful hypnosis and psychotherapy to help you make deep, permanent subconscious changes in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  It works because it's based on sound scientific principles that are backed up by powerful research from the fields of neuroscience & psychology.

No messing around, let's put you back in control and get you living your JOY.

New for 2023..

Soul Leaders'-5.jpg

A new, nurturing space for overwhelmed & disillusioned doers, dreamers, self-starters & freedom seekers to align & arise™ on an easeful journey of soul-led self-discovery - so they can create more freedom, health, wealth & joy on their terms.

"So, one week in and already worth every penny!  A brilliant way to work with a fabulous person, sort out your inner voice and make it work FOR you"

"Whilst working with Abi I had my highest income month to date and

completely turned my business around to fit around mine and my families needs,

working less hours with only dream clients.  


Abi empowered me to make big scary decisions,

deal with setbacks along the way and chase my dreams".

Who's Abi Rogers?


Hey!  Welcome to my website.


I've adopted the title of mindset Jedi thanks to one of my lovely clients, but I'm a registered hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and mentor (HPD, DSFH, DMH, BSc. Hons) who happens to have a bit of an obsession with creating and living your very best life and feeling truly successful and satisfied - whatever that means to you.

For most of my clients that's not only about creating money - but the freedom, time and mental space to enjoy it.  It's about creating a life with no regrets.

In my 15 years as an entrepreneur, I've turned 6 figure businesses profitable overnight - and I've also watched them crash and burn thanks to crippling confidence issues and a really poor relationship with money.  


Now, having learnt how - I help others to create a life and business that feels so easy, joyful and rewarding it blows their mind - whilst avoiding the pitfalls and creating true wealth on THEIR terms.

Wow Abi!  You're like a really nice Jedi!

My session with you totally hit the spot. I've had nothing but great days since.

I'm singing daily, raising my prices and I've already started rebranding.

Thank you so much!

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