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so they can create the income and life of their dreams 

I help women just like you to show up & shine in their lives & businesses. 


Women who are tired of being held back by imposter syndrome, fear and 'not enough'-ness.

Here are 5 ways you can feel more confident right now:

Hi, I'm Abi.

I'm an action-taker, an entrepreneur who can't sit still.  


I love my business and care deeply about helping my clients to be the best, most successful, most happy version of themselves - it's what I was born to do!


I adore the outdoors and I quite like the odd glass of wine or three. 


And - I know exactly how it feels.

  • You desperately want to make this a success.

  • You're SO aware that life is short and that you want to enjoy every minute.

  • So, you're working like crazy trying to build your business, so you can earn enough to create that amazing, balanced life you keep reading so much about.

You know, the one where there's time to do your gratitude journaling and yoga every day, plan your week and skip merrily through the cornfields when you fancy it.  


Where your business is this happy little pocket of your life where you get to work with amazing clients, you get paid fabulous money for doing so and you can pick it up and put it down as you like.


But somehow it's got a bit lost along the way - in a blur of social media, a million free downloads and not knowing what the heck to do next.  

And you know you should be showing up consistently, getting that new course off the ground and promoting your services confidently - but that little voice keeps telling you you're not good enough, that everyone's better than you and that you should probably just give up because you'll never really be a success.

Sleepless nights. 

Snapping at your family.

Feeling like your mind is in a hundred different places at once.


Emotional rollercoaster is not the word!


Your business seems to be taking over your life, rather than supporting it.


This isn't how it was meant to be.  


And all the strategy in the world isn't helping.  Because it's sitting in your inbox, unread - and you just keep hearing the same things over and over but getting nowhere.


Let's face it, you kind of already know what you need to do - you just don't seem to be able to do it.  Or some days you think you know and then other days, it feels so confusing.

Pricing terrifies you.

Posting on social media is scary as.

Selling brings you out in a cold sweat!

Breathe.  It's ok.  

I help women just like you get clear, confident and smash those goals.  And you can absolutely do this.  

All you need is to get your subconscious mind on board so it stops sabotaging you and starts supporting your journey.


That's when amazing things can happen - just like they did for my client Karen.




Want to chat & see whether you might like to work with me?

Don't I just need to find the right formula for success?

In business we can get so hooked on the idea that the next strategic insight we get is going to solve all our problems and boost our income to stratospheric 6 or 7 figure levels.  


But strategy is nothing without having your mind fully in the game.  People who are super-successful in life & business have one key thing on common.

It's not hard work.  It's not that they were born with the secret of success imprinted in their brain.  It's not that they got lucky.  




It's all about self-belief.


About having that confidence to know you're worthy of reaching those goals - and being able to do the things you need to do to reach them.  Without procrastinating.  Without questioning yourself at every turn.


And if it was just as easy as reading a few money mindset books, doing a few social media courses and having a few sessions with a business coach - wouldn't we all be smashing it and showing up confidently day in, day out?


Yes knowledge is empowering - but it isn't always the answer. 


The problem lies with one, simple thing.  You're human.  You're intelligent.  You have a highly evolved, complex, logical mind... but you also have subconscious patterns and programs that are deeply ingrained and often hard to overcome, even with all the journaling and limiting belief work in the world.   You basically have a brain that loves to hold you back and stop you living that life you know you want!

Maybe it's time we did something about that.

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right" 

-Henry Ford

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Stop surviving.


It's time to get 6 Figure Confident.

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Abi is amazing.  So understanding and a true wise woman.


Sessions with her helped me relax, reduce stress and sleep well.  It was a brilliant investment to make in a very hectic time in my life.


I'd recommend her to anyone wanting to get the most out of life but feeling overwhelmed with life's juggling act.

Lesley, Bristol    

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