Conscious Wealth Creation & anxiety annihilation - for entrepreneurs who are OVER getting in their own way - and ready to show up and shine!

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Hey, I'm Abi.

A Business Coach for Entrepreneurs just like you!

But a business coach with one BIG difference.

You see I have, what you might call, a secret weapon.

It's a way to sweep aside all your doubts, fears and anxieties and completely shift your way of

thinking, feeling and showing up in the world -

so that all of a sudden it's like a weight has been lifted and everything just becomes SO easy.

It's a way to rapidly shift your experience away from stress, struggle and overwork to flow, freedom and fun - and to help you manifest an incredible, abundant new relationship with yourself,

your business and your finances in the process.

My clients often say they feel ready to take on the world and win!

It's my unique, 10 step approach, created from sound neuroscience, psychologyand my

years of experience transforming lives and destinies as a registered hypnotherapist & psychotherapist.


And it's called the Conscious Creation Formula.

"Whilst working with Abi I had my highest income month to date and completely turned my business around to fit around mine and my families needs, working less hours with only dream clients.  


Abi empowered me to make big scary decisions, deal with setbacks along the way and chase my dreams".

A business coach for entrepreneurs with BIG ambitions and busy lives

Let me guess - you're passionate about making the world a better place -

for yourself, your clients and those you love.


You care about expanding your vision and building the most incredible, ludicrously profitable business

you can - and you want to do it with purpose, passion and integrity and ease.


You want to get out there and show the world what you're made of!


Buuuut... instead you're feeling overwhelmed, unfocused and... stuck.


Held back by that little nagging voice of doubt that says:

"You're not good enough.  You're not ready.

You don't know what you're doing, not really.

Don't post that, you'll look like an idiot.

Do this.  No this.  No, this and this and THIS!".


Ugh, enough of that!

A mind full of negativity and uncertainty never got anyone anywhere fast.


I'll help you stop floundering, faffing and feeling trapped - and take solid steps in both your confidence and strategic direction, so you can build a business that brings you freedom ease and joy rather than stress, struggle & sleepless nights.


Together we'll knock Imposter Syndrome out of the equation and have you brimming

with beautiful, quiet confidence.

We'll give anxiety the heave-ho (yes, in your business AND personal life) and totally make over your money 'mindset' - so you can make SO much more money with none of the guilt and all of the grace.


We'll say goodbye to procrastination and get you flying, motivated and more in love

with your business than you've ever been.


More clients, more income - and more time to ENJOY it all.

Because this is meant to bring you joy, right?


You've had it with watching everyone else hit that next level success so... annoyingly easily.

It's time to create the success you truly deserve, step up and OWN your worth and your future.

Together we'll build unshakeable self belief and take solid steps to create the business of your dreams - which more than pays its way and allows you the freedom to live an abundant, authentic life.

Ready to rewrite the mindset and strategic blocks you didn't even know you had?

Let's look at what's really holding you back and how you can start to move forward today.

I want easy DIY ways to improve my mindset in my own time

I need some 1:1 help to seriously uplevel my mind, money and business

I want a LIMITLESS life and business and I want it NOW!

"So, one week in and already worth every penny!  A brilliant way to work with a fabulous person, sort out your inner voice and make it work FOR you"

Not your average

Business Coach and Mentor...

and not just another Mindset Coach


I use my own special blend of hypnotherapy, mindset coaching & business mentoring to help you rewrite your subconscious blocks & barriers - quickly, effectively and permanently - right down to the ones you didn't even know you had!

Our work together is based on my unique method,

The Conscious Creation Formula -

my revolutionary breakthrough strategy for upleveling your

self-worth, money magnetism, clarity and confidence.

Think of it as manifesting the most awesome version of

yourself and creating your most abundant, incredible life -

through the appliance of science.

You see, when you work with your subconscious mind rather than fighting it, everything becomes so much easier!


You just take fully aligned action that feels comfortable, easy and right - and suddenly you find yourself doing things you never dreamed were possible.


I don't believe in feel the fear & do it anyway - I believe in

get rid of the fear and make it enjoyable instead!

We'll build confidence, clarity, ease & resilience - so you can be sure you've got this, whatever comes your way.

You'll find out how to overcome imposter syndrome, smash self-doubt, banish procrastination and feel fired up AF!

And you'll learn sound strategies to attract more money, more clients, more anything - no problem.

I'll help you unlock your true potential, without pushing you to do anything that doesn't feel good.

I want you to feel you can take on the world and win - because you were born for so much more.

Check out my fabulous courses & resources for mindset, marketing & manifesting more money!

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Wow Abi!  You're like a really nice Jedi!

My session with you totally hit the spot.  I've had nothing but great days since.

I'm singing daily, raising my prices and I've already started rebranding and writing a lead magnet.

Thank you so much!

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